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North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi July 7th 2015

Bonjour à tous, Ce matin je me lève en pleine forme, l'après midi de repos m'a fait grand bien. Prêt pour me rendre à Corpus Christi. Comme pour arriver, je vais quitter Houston par l'autoroute, 140 km jusqu'à Ganado. De temps à autre il m'arrive de mettre la radio, si non c'est ma clé usb avec 400 morceaux. La radio, c'est comme la tv ici 70% de pub. Mais ce matin pour changer un peu!!!je crois que je ne suis plus très loin du Mexique, presque toutes les stations sont en Espagnol et de la musique Mariachi, un peu ça va, après ça saoul. Sur cette autoroute je me revois un an en arrière en Saskatchewan ou au Manitoba, exactement pareil de grandes plaines à n'en plus finir, les cultures pdt, maïs, les fameux haricots et ... read more
ces couleurs !!!!
original dans un jardin !!
ho une pplaque du Québec

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi October 19th 2013

Geo: 27.7963, -97.4035We had an ambitious plan for today, but we completed it, saw a lot of Texas, and managed to check into our hotel by wine hour…and shouldn't that be the goal of every day? I am sitting here sipping from a Red Solo Cup half filled with a chilled Pinot Grigio. Ahhhhhh. We left Beaumont, TX at 8:15 AM and 61 degrees and pointed the car west on I-10. After driving past our first rice paddy since we were in northern California, we came upon the Goodyear Chemical Plant which produces synthetic rubber. It is a massive facility with incredibly complex towers and pipes and tanks covering acres and acres of land. Check out the photo and multiply what you see by 10 in 2 directions. There have to be lots of jobs available ... read more
Houston Skyling from the East
Minute Maid Stadium in Houston
Oil Rig Museum in Galveston

Day 28……28/04/2012 We are now in Louisiana, state number fifteen, and today we will ride into the City of New Orleans. The temperature this morning is around 75 degrees and the humidity quite high. This makes getting togged up for the bikes a little uncomfortable, but I know from experience that these conditions are pretty mild compared to what we will face later in the trip, so this will be a good way to acclimatise. It was around thirty miles into the City as we had been forewarned that this weekend there was be a huge jazz festival and that there would not be a room to be had anywhere. The satnav took us directly to the Louis Armstrong Park, and a safe covered parking lot to leave the bike. We spoke to an ... read more
New Orleans
Sugar Plantation
Hurricane house

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi April 10th 2012

Before setting out on our drive to the San Antonio Airport, we strolled along the boardwalk for a final goodbye to the beach. When we reached the end of the boardwalk, we chose to go down and comb the water's edge for more critters instead of staying on the boardwalk. The day before, Andrew and Gene had found live sand dollars on the beach, and I wanted to see them for myself. Unfortunately, the only ones we found today were dead. It was still interesting to see the creatures in all of their teal fuzziness instead of just the skeletons. The Sargassum seaweed still littered the beach. Carol told me that bulldozers come occasionally to push it all back into the dunes. I didn't find the seaweed to be a nuisance. Actually, I liked it because ... read more
A Sea Gull
Live Sand Dollar
A Small, Dead Sand Dollar

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi April 9th 2012

After we put the kids to bed for the night, we gave Andrew's parents the sound monitor and ducked out to get some ice cream together. Our destination: Scoopy's. From North Padre Island, we headed to the causeway towards Corpus Christi. Just before going up on the bridge over the bay, there was an exit to the right. It was a little frontage road, unlit, that wound past some docks and under the bridge. There was ocean to the right of us and puddles of ocean to the left of us, giving it a swampy feel. As we drove under the causeway, we saw a restaurant with its name, Snoopy's, on the roof top. We pulled up and discovered that the restaurant was literally on the ocean. We walked next door to their sister restaurant--an ice ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi April 9th 2012

Today's plans took us to the Texas State Aquarium. We drove back over the causeway from North Padre Island and into the heart of Corpus Christi. There were numerous souvenier shops and discount motels painted in bright colors. It reminded me of Mexico. Just off the shore of the bay was the USS Lexington, an aircraft carrier from World War II that now remains afloat as a museum. Not minutes from the USS Lexington is the aquarium. To enter, we walked underneath a waterfall raining down onto a glass archway. Our first stop at the aquarium was the sea turtle exhibit. The turtles swam up to us! It was tempting to try to reach in and feel the turtles, but the signs warned that the turtles bite. Andrew told me they could easily severe a finger, ... read more
Up Close with Sea Turtles
Sea Turtle
Stingray Tank

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi April 8th 2012

After much anticipation on Oliver's part, we finally set out for Whitecap Beach this morning. Whitecap Beach is technically part of Corpus Christi, although it's over the causeway on North Padre Island, where we're staying. From the condo we rented (in the same complex as Andrew's aunt & uncle's beach condo), it's about a block and a half to the shore. When we reached the sand, I was surprised to discover vehicles parked up and down the beach. Many were parked within twenty or thirty feet of the water's edge. We had to hold Oliver's hand until we were right on top of the water because cars cruised by. I wasn't sure how I felt about the cars on the beach. On the one hand, Andrew's cousin was able to drive right up to the shore ... read more
Open Beach
Strolling the Beach
Oliver and Me at Whitecap Beach

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi April 8th 2012

After a dinner that included some delicous cheesy grits (they were actually quite good!), I stayed behind with Joanna while Oliver dyed Easter eggs outside. He dyed a dozen and a half eggs, and then they let him throw confetti eggs. Confetti eggs are real eggs that have their ends chopped off. The eggs are blown out of the shell, and the shell is filled with confetti and sealed with tissue paper. The whole thing is dyed in bright colors, and confetti explodes from them when they're thrown or (as it was described to me) cracked over people's heads. I asked if confetti eggs were a Southern thing. I was told they're more of a Hispanic thing. Colorado has a pretty large Hispanic population, but I've never seen confetti eggs. I'm not sure if I've just ... read more
Oliver and the Confetti Eggs
Walking on the Jetty
Carol Strolls on the Granite for a Closer Look

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi March 12th 2012

March 12 - Monday - After overnighting on the beach at Port Aransas for the night I took the free ferry from Port Aransas to the mainland at Aransas pass. At the HEB at the intersection of loop 90 and Hwy 361 I went straight on Loop 90 to Business 35 (Wheeler St) and went south on Business 35 to the MacDonalds on Business 35 to have a couple of Senior Coffees (60 cents with free refills) and catch up on things on the Internet as well as send out a few emails. Then I went south on Business 35 ( FYI -The SuperWalmart is at the intersection of Business 35 and Hwy 1069, also the Walgreens, Loews, Pizza Hut, etc.) to Corpus Christi. It is about a 28 mile drive from the beach at Port ... read more
Corpus Christi Beach and aircraft carrier
Corpus Christi Beach and the Aircraft carrier lexington

North America » United States » Texas » Corpus Christi March 11th 2012

March 11 Sunday – Corpus Christi – Port Aransas - Kind of a mixed bag today. Started out exploring more of Padre Island and Corpus Christi and then decided to go look at the Aquarium today and the Aircraft Carrier tomorrow. Should have done it the other way around. Forgot that on Sunday all the “family’s “would be out with their kids. Still it wasn’t too crowded after taking that into consideration. And the day started out dreary but then it warmed and cleared up and it ended up being a t-shirt day, very nice. A good day to lay around and take in the sun and enjoy the cool breeze...I finally had some good weather here in Corpus. It was t-shirt weather today. I went back to Port Aransas for the night as I like ... read more
Aircraft carrier Lexington
Corpus Christi Beach from Aquarium
Corpus Christi from aquarium

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