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April 11th 2009
Published: April 11th 2009
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Teddy and Me (and random girl)Teddy and Me (and random girl)Teddy and Me (and random girl)

The first Bookface recorded meeting of Teddy and I. We met in real life 2 years before this picture.
Edit: Had to repost this cuz Travelblog screwed up the photos and deleted them all from the server...

Check out this entry. It’s written by my friend Teddy (who’s mentioned all over this blog) and his style is a lot more refined than the in-your-fucking-face style I employ.

The entry aptly describes my boring summer in Texas while also putting some closure on the Chiaki situation (the “Minami” character he alludes to is Chiaki). I’ve never mentioned this story because it was more his story to tell.

Check out his entire blog while you’re at it…unlike 98%!o(MISSING)f the blogs on this site, it’s well written and it’s uproariously funny because it’s humorously self aware. Since most of my stories from Japan and Canada include him as my partner in crime, you can also see events I’ve blogged about from a completely different perspective.

Right now I’m in the midst of finals season…which means no entries for a while. Not because I don’t have time to write, but because I don’t have time to get into trouble to write about. After my double against Cristal Champagne, I’ve become a good Asian boy by burying my head in books and not thinking of girls except for the arranged marriage bride my parents have procured for me.

But I assure you, the following months will be crazy…


15th April 2009

It better be...
Yo, May should be epic... we should hit some shit up! Also, I need my BBQ back. Call me when you're not studying and I'll come 'round and pick it up.
21st April 2009

we'll definitely get it popping in may
nice seeing you again. time to do it in epic fashion!

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