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blog 03-10-19 Jeep Tour Sunday morning and the first day of the time change and the jeep tour starts at 9 am requiring me to be there at 8:45, oh, the pressure! I got up at 4:30 to see if I could photograph the milky way but it was cloudy in the east. I didn't have to get up because it was an hour earlier. I'm so confused.. The tour took off on time with a family of 3 included and our trusty guide Dean. We were going on private land that adjoins the national park but as it turned out it was much dryer than the park was. No wonder they didn't include it in the bounties. It turns out that Dean is quite knowledgeable about the plants and geology and he told us so ... read more
strange light in the clouds
different colors
Dean explaining about this bush

blog 03-09-19 Exploring Terlingue I just love Terlingue. It is a little town on the west side of Big Bend and has several outfitters to go hiking, boating and jeep touring. Whatever you want to do they will make it happen. It even has it's own ghost town just up the hill from my campground and my first stop was the grave yard. Yes, I have weird tastes, but I've always been attracted to graveyards. Pictures. On Nov 2 they have a celebration to commemorate the Day of the Dead. There is a ceremony at the graveyard where they have a bon fire and celebrate their deceased loved ones. I went on a drive to the Big Bend Ranch State Park on the west side of the national park with a drive along the Rio Grande ... read more
grave of three

blog 03-07-19 Catching Up I have been too tired at night to write a detailed blog so I am trying to catch up here for the last few days. I have had a terrific time exploring the park, photographing the many flowers and cactus that are here and finding out more about the park. It was formed from volcanic activity and the mountains show the evidence. I went on the scenic tour, a road that leads to Saint Elena Canyon where the Rio Grande cut through the mountain. The paved road stops at the canyon and a dirt road will take you to the west side of the park but it is not suitable for your regular car. So I went back the same way I came and enjoyed the view in the other direction. 03-08-19 ... read more
delicate flowers growing from the rocks
more colors

blog 03-05-19 Road Runner Watson has been such a wonderful, patient and tolerant dog it was time for a treat for him. Before my 2nd cup of coffee I went out and set up his pen in the "yard" behind the camper. It's not as big because it doesn't have the section along the camper but it sure was good enough. He went around and smelled the perimeter and proceeded to christen it, it will do. The weather was warming up a little, about 52 by now, so I set up my chair for coffee #2. Peace in the house. After our walk I went to the ranger station near here and talked about options for me. Is this dirt road ok, is this hike very long, is it safe to cross the border, what kind ... read more
his kingdom
desert sunflower
different cactus

blog 03-04-19 Chesos Basin Settling in for the night was not an easy task. Last night the wind Howled and actually shook the camper til I wondered if the trees across the street were going to come down. The temperature kept dropping outside as well as in and I added an extra blanket. The temp was 32 outside and 57 inside, these campers are not built for such wind. We did survive and both Watson and I were quite cozy. Morning was foggy and cold but the wind had diminished some so if you bundled up you could survive a short walk. Watson was loving it, his coat is made for weather like this. After breakfast I loaded the car with all sorts of necessary sight-seeing things like binoculars, camera bag, extra blanket, water, computer and ... read more
how can it thrive
more yuccas

blog 03-03-19 The Desert Is Blooming! After taking a few pictures I left the campground and headed into the town of Sanderson. It used to be a thriving metropolis with a population over 2 thousand, now they are down to about 200, the railroad left town. Life is hard enough here with the heat, wind and dry conditions, it takes a special kind of person to stay. Kind of rough when there is no work. I stopped at a store in town just too different to pass it by. Picture. I walked out with a horn lizard. He is made of metal and has such an attitude, I love it. On the road again, gased up and headed west on 90 then south on 385. There isn't anything around for over 100 miles, what do the ... read more
campground ranch house
budding yucca

I want to say right up front the pictures don't do justice to the view; the park is breathtaking in size, distance, and unique beauty. Words and pictures can't begin to describe it! The park is a little like driving along the bottom of the grand canyon, at the canyon we saw the river and surrounding land from high above. In this park, we are at the river level and looking up at the mountain ranges surrounding us. One of the first things we noticed when entering the park is what is not there...fences. Since leaving the San Antonio area, we have not seen a single stretch of land without a fence and private property sign. Some of these ranches cover many miles along the road and as far off as the horizon. I don't think ... read more
Big Bend Main Vistors Center
Visitors Center
Typical Side of the Road Scene

Alive and well, we have made it across Texas in only two days. The short time of travel is anyhow an illusion as we drove for about 2000 km through the vast and flat landscape that is the Lone-star State. In other words, we have decided that we want to see as much as we can from the window of a car and mostly spend the evening and mornings only in the stopovers we have chosen. In other words again, we drove from Italy to Denmark and back while still being in Texas. Our trip started off in Houston, my closest hub of transportation. There we got our rental car which is a white Chevrolet Malibu, number plate of Kentucky - unbridled spirit (which every time I look at it makes me want to get some ... read more
Big Bend
Big Bend
Big Bend

TEXAS It’s like a whole other country The native Texans are not kidding when they call their state “a whole other country”. This enormous state has ocean front property, mountains, deserts, cotton fields, oil wells galore, a city dedicated to growing the biggest and most beautiful roses, cowboy towns, sophisticated cities, national league football, baseball and basketball teams and the list goes on and on. Because of the size and diversity of this state I have decided to truly do justice to Texas I have to divide it into seven regions – kind of like eating an elephant – one bite at a time. I am still doing “my thing” – highways and town by town with past and current history, what there is to see and do plus where to eat and sleep. This going ... read more

High Island and Winnie to El Paso, Texas April 18 to 24th Starting mileage at 23085. Lots of wildflowers blooming now along side of the roadways and in the median. Mostly, in oranges and yellows. Real pretty white prickly poppy was also seen. Sadly, it is too late for the blue bonnets, but winecups and many cactus are blooming. Sure perks up the grey desert land, especially, a low growing cactus that is bright, bright fuchsia. Unfortunately, many, many plants in mile after mile of driving were dead or dying--- due to the drought, we think. We drove straight through Houston and its ‘burbs and then continued our drive west on Interstate 10 and spent the night at Palmetto State Park near Ottine. Nice tree shaded campground built in the 30’s by the CCC, so had ... read more
412-38 Turkey at Guadaloupe River SP
412-39 Fort Stockton welcome sign
412-40 Interstate 10 stretching from Fort Stockton to El Paso

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