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September 7th 2009
Published: September 8th 2009
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I have indeed kept busy this summer from my southeast Texas home base.

Since returning from the Yucatan of Mexico mid July I have been having a lovely time with friends in many different locations.

I've visited and engaged in lively conversations, lain by pools enjoying the weather, hidden from thunderstorms, given a friend a tour of our local out of the way sites, dined with many friends, enjoyed friends in their environments of Pearland, Houston, Friendswood and, most recently, gone dove hunting in Uvalde strictly as an observer on my part with friends.

Taking pictures hasn't been high on my priorities simply because I get to enjoying myself so much that I forget to! I'm always sorry that I didn't and kicking myself about it or rather the lack of.

George was in from EG in August. I was able to spend some time with him in Pearland, Texas and then the two of us met with Susie in Houston to eat and experience the West Alabama Ice House in Houston. I stayed in Houston with Susie and met one of her friends and we relaxed at the pool in the night hours. What fun!

Friend Phyllis and I spent the weekend at Delta Downs in Vinton, Louisiana. No, I don't gamble much, often or well. I lost my normal twenty to thirty dollars without winning a dollar then quit. When I do go, I can make a twenty last two hours and have fun! After that it's not fun to me. I work too hard for my money to throw it away. Personal opinion.

Friends Steve and Paula in Friendswood entertained me for a weekend. Steve has a couple of classic cars and took us to a CC show. I did manage to snap some photos there.

I rode shotgun with Friend Jerry to Uvalde this last weekend to the B-Hunting Ranch for dove hunting. My friend Bob Kight (aka Robert) has the lease and it was wonderful to visit with him!! I simply observed the hunting because I no longer enjoy bird hunting and I had a great time!

Next planned adventures include a concealed handgun class if I can find an opening, the Gator Fest, birthday parties, a sock hop and a retirement party or two if Turner decides to have his too! Two brothers leaving the same big employer after thirty plus years each.

Enjoy the few pictures that I have placed here.

If anyone wants to investigate hunting in Uvalde, Texas please check out

For those whose companies may be seeking behavior safety or other solutions, please contact Steve Williams at

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Robert Kight, ProprietorRobert Kight, Proprietor
Robert Kight, Proprietor

Well, I've always called him Bob

8th September 2009

Patt, are you officially retired? I see that you are having all this fun, which is good, but what about work? I am working on a capital project job at the ExxonMobil Refinery in Joliet, Illinois. I am the ExxonMobil Safety Manager on this job. When this job ends in April 2011, I am going to retire for the last time. I hope to make a trip to Beaumont then and see several people including you. Take care. Jeff
15th October 2009

Cool hot rods
VERY cool hot rods, and I didn't know Texas had such good hunting. I plan to visit there soon -- I travel a lot and like to book at It's probably my favorite website. Anyways, definately planning to visit TX soon. Thanx for the post -- gets me thinking about what I want to do on my trip.
15th October 2009

Come on to Texas!
Be aware that we have hot weather, lots of humidity and mosquitoes as big as your fist and abundant! And some of us (me!) hate cold weather!! It's such a large state that any type of terrain, culture or events can be found. Guess I'm partial to the southeast Texas coast since I keep coming back here.

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