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North America » United States » Texas » Austin October 22nd 2014

Oh Austin Texas. You naughty naughty place. Let's sum up what you made me do in the last 5 days. You made me miss a Megabus ride to San Antonio. You made me miss two Greyhound rides back to College Station. You made me drive home with some random Scottish guys I just met in a local hostel. You made me drink Tequila although it makes me sick. You made me think that Jack in the box is actually good food. You made me play beer pong and swear like a madman in front of super Christian families at a Longhorns tailgate. You made me see and hear things I shall not speak about on this blog. What was planned to be a short friday to sunday weekend trip to the capital of the great state ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin October 15th 2014

Austin turned out to be our favorite city in Texas. There seems to be plenty to see and do here. The State Capitol building was within an easy walk of our hotel and we explored around there on our first afternoon. The building is quite impressive starting with the outside where there are a number of sculptures, including one honoring the Texas Rangers (see photo). The inside is equally impressive and we got to see some of the rooms and chambers, including the Governor's reception area. (Governor Rick Perry was apparently not in on the day we were there, otherwise we undoubtedly would have been admitted to his private office. ) We started the next day at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library which is located on the University of Texas campus. It is located next ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin July 31st 2014

Så har vi varit två dagar i Austin. Igår blev det utgång och idag spanat in stan och shoppat lite. Bott i en liten stuga här på campingen.. rätt skönt att slippa tält några dagar. Fått tag på ett wifi som duger till att ladda upp bilder så blir en liten mix av dom senaste dagarna. Imorgon är det sju timmar i bil som gäller och ska till nått ställe som heter Lafayette. Bara ett ställe att mellanlanda på, så åker vi dan efter det till New Orleans! Då är det Swamp tour och ångbåt som gäller. Ska bli skoj! :D... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin July 29th 2014

Så var man i texas. Sov inatt i Carlsbad och nu påväg till austin där vi blir två nätter. 35 grade just nu vid kl ett på dan. Sju timmars bilfärd idag, så lite less att sitta i bilen. Men läst bok å sett nå serie på laptopen. Lite tankar om USA. Alla är så jäkla trevliga! Det är varmt i amerikanska öknen (no shit). Varannan bil är en pickup. Dom kan inte göra gott kaffe. Sjukt störande att allt i affärerna är prissatt utan skatt. "perfeeekt, en påse doritos kostar två dollar.... Nä just det... Två dollar plus skatt....". Frågar dom om man vill ha small, medium or large, ta alltid small. Tydligen låter "Hubba bubba" och "waboba" roligt om man säger det på "svenska" :D... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin May 7th 2014

Geo: 30.2672, -97.7431We got back from Costa Rica and had less than six weeks to prepare for the longest trip we have ever embarked upon. We leave on May 7th for California where we still spend a few days with Paul possibly helping do some clearing and then head up and down the coast camping from Monterrey to Mendocino. We are heading back to Africa from May 28th until August 15th. Spending time in Kruger National Park in South Africa, Wildlife camp in Zambia and do a little exploring in Malawi on Lake Malawi before hopping on a plane to Paris France.Robert does a great deal of research and planning on our frequent flyer trips. Last year he was able to get us a free stopover in Switzerland and this year it was a free stopover ... read more
nice way to spend your time
live and on stage
one of the many places to hang out

North America » United States » Texas » Austin April 14th 2014

Austin – The Capital of Texas & definitely ‘The Food Truck City’ of the World! We’re up very early as our bus leaves at 6-15am from the Amtrak/Bus station and we've been advised to get there 1 hour ahead as they tend to overbook seats. We share a cab with 2 girls from Switzerland - Nora and Solange, also going to Austin on the same bus. It’s pretty quiet and all the fuss was for nothing. We get on board and leave a few minutes late. We have some drama on the road as there is an incident and the main highway blocked by police and we are delayed to the mid-way. Slight concern as we only have a ½ hr window to transit at Houston. No need to worry the driver makes up ... read more
Austin - Congress Avenue
Barton Springs Food Picnic Area, Austin
Best BBQ ever, Black's - Lockhart

North America » United States » Texas » Austin March 28th 2014

I gotta say, I can't say I LOVED the city of Austin. It mostly was going against my grain. Coming out of Ouachita Forest, getting in touch with nature, and raising my vibration in the Aquarian age did not vibe with the nasty city life. The main activity for the partiers was to party and I'm over here trying to take it easy on the partying. Pulling into the city with the address of the botanical gardens, I walked paths to see flowers as well as a Faerie Exhibition. That was my favorite part, seeing work done by kids where they created homes for faeries to live in - super cute! After making my way and settling into the hostel, I did some exploring around the city. I went into a Russian restaurant, which felt rooting ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin March 16th 2014

Austin, wow what can I say. Such an enjoyable and mellow city. I went February 20th-23rd for my cousins Aaron bachelor party. I have never gone to Texas before and had heard so many amazing things about Austin especially. The food, bars on sixth street and the laid back atmosphere. Nothing could prepare me for what I would experience going down there. I went to JFK airport to meet my cousin and a few of his friends. I waited on the security line. I got to the front of the line and was told to wait by one of the security. I waited for about 5-10 minutes with a huge line building behind me. Finally another security guard came over and said why are you waiting and you should have moved already. I sat there confused ... read more

North America » United States » Texas » Austin February 17th 2014

Geo: 30.2676, -97.743As mentioned in previous story, we covered a lot of ground in the twenty-six days. We got to go out and view the eagles in their nest twice while we were there. The first time was on Rick's birthday and we could see one of the young eagles poking his head up out of the nest and were treated to a spectacular aerial display by one of the adults. The second time was with Paul, KJ and Lisa and it looked as though one of the young ones was going to actually fly off! He would perch on the edge of the nest, flap his wings and lift off about 15 feet before coming back down on the nest.We also did get in some kayaking as well as a couple of trips to the ... read more
Sunny Day in Austin
Sunny Day in Austin
Sunny Day in Austin

North America » United States » Texas » Austin January 17th 2014

We had to stay at my folks' house in Bella Vista, AR, for a few extra days as there was a Cocktail Convention in San Antonio and rooms were either way too expensive or non-existent from Jan. 16-19. It turned out to be a good thing because I was able to make my mom happy and get a flu shot. She was very upset that I had not gotten one yet so I went to a Harps grocery store (Walgreens was all out) and got the shot. It turned out the pharmacist who gave me the shot knew my mother and had worked with her several years ago - who knew? Anyway, I made her happy and got myself some extra protection at the same time. NB Andrew and Tim, sometimes you just have to bite ... read more
Ouachita National Forest
Baby Acapulco Restaurant in Austin

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