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September 12th 2005
Published: July 27th 2006
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On the last weekend, I have travelled to south Texas. First stop was Austin where I have spent the night. Austin has great night life, nice pubs, etc. In one of the pubs, I watched a bluz performance which was really nice. A couple from Forth Worth "adopted" me. They were very much impressed that I have travelled on my own, a piece of cake for me. They were quite drunk and made me drunk as well by buying me more drinks. The lady kept using the sentence: "Oh, this is so hot" (hot = cool) on about everything. "I am from Israel" - "Oh, this is so hot". Or, "I work in computers" - "Oh, this is so hot", etc.
Once they left to another pub, I escaped from them.
On Saturday, waking up with an hangover, my plan to continue to the Sea World in San Antonio seemd to be difficult to fulfill but after the Starbucks morning coffee I felt much better.
The Sea World is America in its best. Great shows (whales, sea lions, dolphins), a great 4-D movie, where the 4th dimension is water that are spread at you as part of the movie.
It is indeed "tzaar baalei haim" but still, great. The shows were actually the main thing for me. A coral reef I have seen before, same for the falmingos, the water park, etc.
When I saw the name of the coffee shop: "Cafe Ole", I had a little hope that they might have a real Cafe Ole. But of course, they did not, only the disgusting regular coffee.
On Sunday, I went to explore San Antonio river walk. In the middle of city they have a canals net with sidewalks, restaurants, gift shops. Very touristic, but very nice and very well maintained.
The most improtant historical point in the city is the Alamo. You may say that 'The Alamo' is the American Messada. It was a famous battle in the American-Mexican war in the 19th century where the Americans sort of commited souicide beacue the balance of power was in favor of the Mexicans. Although the Americans knew that they will loose, they did not surrender and did not escape. About 200 hundrands Americans were killed in this battle. The few other that remained alive were executed. The Alamo battle is named on a fort and this fort is the visit point in San Antonio. Today, there is a muesum and of course, a gift shop.

Bye, Sharon

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13th September 2005

As usual it is fun to read your mails
Hi dear, When reading your notes, on can feel as if he is also there. Keep having fun and don't mingle with the wrong crowd : 0 ) O and yes... it is so hot!
2nd January 2007

what about the wales
what does the whales feel about all the training and all the shows?

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