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Thursday was our day to visit Shilo and after a restful night, we got up early, and started out. The GPS in the car routed us a back road to the battlefield. I don’t mean a state route instead of an interstate; no, it took us on back gravel roads that looked like Gen. Johnston could have travelled on 150 years ago! Interesting ride past sod farms, dirt paths to the river, and swamps with roads barely above the water. I have been reading a lot on the Civil War. We’ve visited most of the major battlefields in the East. Shilo was the first BIG battle in the west. In 1862 Grant started south and after defeating the Confederates at Forts Donelson and Henry, brought his armies up the Tennessee to Pittsburgh Landing, just 20 miles ... read more
Southern cannon firing into the Hornet's Nest
Shilo Church
Unknown dead

Every spring we unwinterize the RV and after putting in some clothes, load it up with food and take off for a weekend or longer but near home to ensure we haven’t forgotten anything and we will be ready to take off for longer trips. This “shakedown” is always a fun time, a bit fretful lest we forgot something or worse, forget how to do something. That’s why we stay close to home, so we aren’t caught out far away cursing our ignorance. This year we got the coach ready and had water on board, hot water heater primed (don’t want to burn the tank out by not having water in it!) and checked the tires professionally for air and condition. We loaded the staples, put in a few clothes, and added a new electric heater. ... read more
Ancestor's in the wall
Fitting the wall to the landscape
Obstacles on the way home

As you drive northward from Corinth MS, you pass through rolling, low-lying hills, through lanes and roads of mostly neat lawns and gardens surrounding small nondescript houses or mobile homes. The landscape is dotted with small churches with names like Mt. Moriah and Bethel and Calgary. But it was another church we sought, a small wooden meeting house with the name of Shiloh, which incongruously means "place of peace". We came because this small church has lent its name to the site of a Civil War battle and battlefield that shocked America, and still stands as one of the most gruesome chapters in America's history, a battle that was the most hard-fought in the western theater of the Civil War and set a new standard for carnage. Today, the battlefield drowses in the early autumn afternoon, ... read more
Cannon at Shiloh
Shiloh Church
The Sunken Road fronting the Hornet's Nest

Geo: 35.9605, -83.9208This turned out to be another travel day. We are now posed for a second try at seeing Smoky Mountain National Park tomorrow (our last visit was a total fog out) then we are heading to Raleigh for a few days with Michelle and her family, before we return to Florida. We left Ft. Wayne, Indiana at 8:15 and 72 degrees and headed south for Knoxville, TN. And what was the weather like? Yep. Overcast skies. To the east, the sky was a now familiar gray, and to the west it was dark threatening clouds…and we met them head on. We were rained on pretty hard for about an hour before it cleared a bit. We did see a little blue sky around noon time, I guess to be sure we didn't forget what ... read more
Ohio River
Ohio River 2
Where did Daddy go???

DAY ELEVEN: MAY 2, 2013 I had to drive about fifty miles east from Oakland, TN on Hwy 64 this morning before I found an eating place for breakfast. It was called Joe’s Restaurant. Do not go there. The country ham was so salty it left a bad taste in my mouth for two hours. The red eye gravy was just salty pan drippings with no thickening and no red eye. The eggs, potatoes and biscuits were okay though. This evening after a drive of 184.4 miles I have pulled up at Lawrenceburg, TN. Already I have solved tomorrow’s breakfast problem. I had Pizza Whut for supper and have enough left over for a fine cold pizza breakfast. Adamsville Sheriff Buford Pusser lived here. He was the badge-heavy redneck sheriff of McNairy ... read more

Geo: 35.9605, -83.92085/31/12 – It was a dark and dreary day in St. Louis this morning. It was sprinkling rain and overcast when we left at 8:15, 61 degrees. But it promised to improve as we moved eastward, and it did. We pointed the car toward Knoxville, TN for a long day of driving.Almost immediately, we drove through the city of St. Louis and I took a few photos of the arch, though they are less than spectacular, given the weather and that I took them from a moving car. We chose not to stop, since we had both climbed to the top of that arch on previous visits to the city. And we crossed the muddy Mississippi River on the Martin Luther King, Jr. bridge. The river was bustling with activity, as it was in ... read more
Crossing the Mississippi on St. Louis
Nashville, TN
Nashville, TN 2

Travel and change of place impart new vigor to the mind. - Seneca WEB SITES click on the blue letters tp learn more Fort Donelson National Battlefield Shiloh National Military Park Fort Donelson National Battlefield. Tennessee November 1, 2009, Sunday Just a bit of history…“The morning of February 14, 1862 dawned cold and quiet. Early in the afternoon a furious roar broke the stillness, and the earth began to shake. Andrew H. Foote's Union gunboat fleet, consisting of the ironclads St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Louisville, and Corondolet, and the timberclads Conestoga and Tyler, had arrived from Fort Henry via the Tennessee and Ohio Rivers and were exchanging "iron valentines" with the ele... read more
Bob ready to load the cannon
Southern Memorial

Blogger: Katie Location: EBF, TN, potentially near Dickson. Or Shiloh Welcome to central time. We just pulled off to get some more gas, use the bathroom and eat. DJ and I have been on a weird eating schedule today, I think that might be why I felt weird. We stopped at this really nice on/off Horizon gas station with a Backyard Burgers place. At the food place I discovered my new favorite drink: Sobe Lean cranberry grapefruit drink. At first I said that sounds weird, but now I love it. DJ got talking to this guy who saw our license plate and asked him about it because his insurance company is called Fortis. That's kinda interesting. It is always interesting to hear DJ talk to people because he adopts their accents really quickly. I think ... read more

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. --Augustine (354-430) February 16,2005 Wednesday This will probably be our last day of sightseeing. We were up early and the first stop was Mt. Woodall, the highest point in Mississippi, 806 feet. It is located at the northeast corner of MS. It was a drive up point, so no hiking was necessary. After breakfast we were on our way to Shiloh, a National Monument Park, in southwest Tennessee. At the Visitor’s center we watched a video describing the bloody battle that took place here during the Civil War. The surrounding National Cemetery holds the remains of the union soldiers that lost their lives here. The monument of Meriwether Lewis was our last stop. Lewis ended his own life, he bravely ... read more
High point
High point marker

Geo: 35.9605, -83.9208I flew out of Pocatello, Idaho. It was so windy, we were trapped on the tarmac in our small plane for almost two hours, waiting for the wind shear to stop. In the meantime, I won the contest: we had to guess the collective years of experience of the crew. The prize was a bottle of wine -- perfect for my weekend alone.Eventually, we took off, and I was still able to make my connection to Knoxville. Strangely, I wasn't the only person flying between Pocatello, Idaho and Knoxville, Tennessee that day. Seems highly unlikely ... can we calculate the odds?... read more

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