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August 30th 2013
Published: August 30th 2013
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Ken set the alarm for 6 am. After my second snooze (he was outside -doing last minute things), I hear Ken talking to someone outside. The next thing I know, there is a chocolate lab puppy in my bed! The puppy belongs to Eddie, a worker at the park. 'Lil' is 8 weeks old. She is so cute. When she gets older Lil will mate with 'Kyle' a white lab with yellow spots and Eddie is going to call us when the pups are born. Maybe we'll be ready for a puppy. We forgot to take a picture!

We showered, made our coffee 'to go' and left Stone Mountain. We hit morning rush hour traffic on the 285 loop out of Atlanta. At least it's not raining. We listened to some news on Sirius as long as we could stand it then switched to my music. Got a text from Pati asking if we need her to bring anything. She is joining us at General Butler State Park in Kentucky. For those of you who don't know Pati- her and I have been best friends since the 6th grade. I had just moved to the neighborhood, so I was the new girl at school and she quickly became my best friend. We lived about 3 blocks from each other. I had my first kiss on her front porch. She did too but when we talk about it, she doesn't remember it. We had been to a football game with Mike Mullins and her guy (don't remember his name). I remember after the kiss, the guys left and I ran in to her kitchen and quickly drank some milk to get rid of the 'kiss'. I wasn't impressed.

Anyway, we have a great weekend planned. We are staying in the RV tonight and Saturday night. Sunday we will go to Pati's for the WEBN fireworks, a Red's game on Monday. Of course there will be Skyline and Graeter's.

Driving through Tennessee towards Kentucky. It's so pretty.


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