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December 21st 2015
Published: June 25th 2017
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Geo: 35.7886, -83.5559Before she hooked up with the life of fantasy and leisure that I offered her, the Princess was actually quite the hard worker, particularly in her teens, often holding down multiple jobs at the same time. Granted, these job blitzes were usually intended to fund booze-fueled escapades in sunnier southern climates but there was no denying the effort. One of these employment exp... Read Full Entry

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Museum Of AppalachiaMuseum Of Appalachia
Museum Of Appalachia

Who knew that there was a State of Franklin in existence for 4 years.
Local Boy- Sergeant YorkLocal Boy- Sergeant York
Local Boy- Sergeant York

Sergeant York was one of the most decorated soldiers of the United States Army in World War I. He received the Medal of Honor for leading an attack on a German machine gun nest, taking 32 machine guns, killing 20 German soldiers, and capturing 132 others.
Brother Harrison MayesBrother Harrison Mayes
Brother Harrison Mayes

Appalachia had a roadsign painter for God by the name of Henry Harrison Mayes (1898-1986). Mayes, a Kentucky coal miner, began his roadside mission in 1917. Feeling that his life had been spared after a mining accident, he decided to serve God by sharing the Good News with passing motorists.
Brother Harrison Mayes Brother Harrison Mayes
Brother Harrison Mayes

His signs are reported to be in 46 states and 45 countries (2000 in all). He made 2 ton signs for every state, many countries, the Moon, Jupiter, etc.
Hatfield & McCoy ShowHatfield & McCoy Show
Hatfield & McCoy Show

The Hatfield & McCoy Feud had nothing to do with Tennessee.
Pigeon Forge TitanicPigeon Forge Titanic
Pigeon Forge Titanic

Pigeon Forge also had nothing to do with the Titanic.

6th January 2016

Oh Vic and DH how I wish that I was with you. So many great memories resurfacing! Keep travelling.
6th January 2016

Did not know that the Colonel did breakfasts...I believe we only got the KFC!
6th January 2016

Hilarious! In reality, the Colonel would only be a hero to the private sector, for profit Health Care industry in America. Heart surgeons, gastroenterologists, proctologists...A shamefully self-promotional advertisement masquerading as a co
mic book. God Bless America!
6th January 2016

Was DH's firing a result of her revealing some of the "secret" ingredients of the secret 11 herbs and spices of the KFC recipe.
6th January 2016

The taste may have lasted longer with a serving of biscuits and gravy!V
6th January 2016

You got that right...waaay too greasy.
6th January 2016

You may recall that the word "fried" was "removed" from Canadian KFC franchises because the word did not denote a healthy eating choice, hence KFC.
6th January 2016

Deb and Vic, in cleaning out a junk drawer at the house, I stumbled upon a circa 1970s map of Ontario, published by the KFC Corporation. It wasn't a true representation of the province, as only towns/cities with KFCs actually appeared on th
e map. And were drawn to-scale, depending on the number of KFCs were there. Most of the province was terra-incognita, and a few cities like Brantford were disproportionately huge, relative their population, as there were 2 KFC's in town back then. Mississauga was tiny by comparison, despite having ten-times the population. A finger-lickin' good memory. All thanks to the Colonel!
6th January 2016

Hi Deb& Vic, Happy New Year at least you 're a bit close to home that 's nice!That chicken made hungry . You both look well all the best for 2016.Take care.Diana
6th January 2016

Hope you didn't pay full retail.
6th January 2016

Between these treats and Kentucky Fried, small wonder there's an over weight issue.
6th January 2016

OK, OK, I've just managed to compose myself after 10 minutes of uncontrollable laughter. Only in America! (Or perhaps the CNE -deep frying this sounds pretty good you know?!)
6th January 2016

so the concept of healthy eating has not made its way down there
15th January 2016

That's too bad, I love cinnamon buns but they can't be dry!
15th January 2016

I don't think the concept of healthy eating as made it to the USA at all!
27th January 2016

Isn't it easier to forget and ignore all of the amazing and wonderful concepts that have come from America, which have benefited so many people around the world than it is to excoriate America for what is considered bad? Time to give us a

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