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August 11th 2017
Published: September 13th 2017
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I know, I'm serious late on blogging, our little visit to Memphis is actually a full month late! You are going to laugh, we have already left the States, I've seen whales underwater on scuba diving this week-end, and I'm writing this between two meetings in Congo! It's a small world, one in which I'm really busy lately!

We did the long five hours drive from New Orleans to Memphis. This implied for us crossing the all length of Mississippi from South to North. We stay mainly on the Interstate, beside a short stop to lunch in the middle. Well, I can say that from this short experience, Mississippi has a lot of trees! This is mainly what we saw on the road.

You come to Memphis for Elvis or for Martin Luther King. I know, you are going to let me know that the big Tennessee city has a lot more to offer in terms of music than Elvis. But here it is, I'm European, and neither Elvis or country music are my things. I'd rather learn a lot more about the domestic history of the United States.

Being European in my early forties, we don't learn much at school about the Civil rights, or either the Civil War which ended in 1865....both are really linked, but both are not part of history books in Europe. It's actually interesting that Tanya learn more about it at school. Guess why, this was the Soviet time, and struggle for Civil Rights doesn't bear very well with Soviet Communism....I found this truly interesting point to note! Education system at the end of the day can or most of the time be nothing else than a political tool to shape the future generations.

The Lorraine Motel is hosting today the Civil Right Museum. You can take a full day here, we spent over two hours and were rushed to do it due to closing time of the museum. Thanks to the American cinema industry, we European can be more aware of people like Rosa Parks today. Bear in mind, few days after our visit, the incident with the KKK happened in Charlotesville. The United States are truly far away to have been able to deal with their own history, with their own errors and atrocities of the past. Their past that their leaders and people created, and who some are ready to re-designed or forget at will. One more time, I'm European, and the Old continent has had to deal with their won issues over the last century.

Visiting the Civil Right Museum is a humble experience. Yes this is a political museum, but yes too, I appreciate the way it it introduced to the people.

After the visit, we drove to Beale Street. Famous or infamous Beale Street, I can tell you, this is not a place for Tanya and I to stop for a glass of wine. So we saw, and we left.

Memphis is all about Elvis. You can visit Graceland, but be ready for the financial shock of the experience. This trip is over 6 weeks, so I have too to make choices. Elvis is not at all on my wish list. He may be American history, for I'm not ready to spend close to 100usd to see his house and few costumes for two of us. So we drove by. You cannot see much from the road...and it is difficult to stop due to the amount of tourists around. So sorry, no pictures from Elvis, neither his home!

Next, we are driving East again. We slept only one night in Memphis is a very none interesting Four Points by Sheraton. We actually reach the hotel pretty late, easy dinner...early in bed. Tomorrow, more about the US Civil War history...and some gorgeous houses...

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