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June 15th 2010
Published: June 15th 2010
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Steven took a picture of me while I wasn't paying attention, but with my shoulders all hunched forward, it makes my bones stick out, and I look super skinny! AWESOME!
I leave Thursday for my Bahamas trip (seeing Savannah and Orlando first) and I'm a little irked about flying regulations. It costs $25 to check your luggage, so we're doing carry ons (after all, we pretty much just need bathing suits) and I hate that you can only take one 1-quart bag of 3 ounce liquids! I have shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, lotion, sunblock, toothpaste and things I'm not remembering to stick in there! I can take a quarter size dollop of each... Anyway- I've just been hanging out by the pool lately (I've got a super awesome tan going on!), going places with Stefani, reading, and watching re-runs of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on my computer. Oh yea- Damon left Sunday, and he's usually who I can count on to hang out with when I'm bored. So thank goodness I have tons of vacations lined up until school starts or I might end up sulking! I am bummed that my best friend now lives 6 1/2 hours away. I realized I've had a lot of my good friends move away or what not, and I never bothered getting new ones- so I'm on a mission to replace them this fall with people I can hang out with! Oh! And I get to baby sit my sweet little nephew Connor the next couple days. But here's a few pictures of the past week- nothing amazing, but Yo said a pool pic would suffice.

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A butterfly landed on my sunglasses while they were on my face and it just hung out with us the rest of the day
Our new shades Our new shades
Our new shades

Ok- Aaron and Eric are wearing my and Stefani's glasses...

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