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North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville May 15th 2013

there is a sacredness in this a wind-down time expressing thoughts and a time to breathe deep relax hope this finds you well friends and what is it you are doing I am doing? breathing deep letting go hope I had an effect don't you know you certainly had an effect on me and I thank thee personally from the heart sleep well thank you:) your hair sweet smell soft touch on white skin and the smile can I see more of that please? may all beings be free of ... may all beings be .... all beings free in a land of golden angels the earth golden angels in form walking not knowing may all KNOW in each moment arises new awareness and it continually unfolds may it unfold with ease and joy the self, ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville May 14th 2013

hello Knoxville and friends and whomever wishes to read this! are you finding your footing? in a strange new world? are you paying attention or are you all up in your thoughts? still letting the past go? making the present more difficult perhaps... emotions swirl attachments attach to you you which is an experience a piece of god some may say that is experiencing this existence funny how you just run into people and then they smile and you are together for a moment and then it is gone but that togetherness was good so you want to hold on what is the best of all possible worlds? what is it? free of attachment but in a great wonderful place where we are supported in our needs so take a retreat get out there enjoi the ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville May 12th 2013

knoxville, knoxville, knoxville simpsons and jack renfro apocalypto vestival spewing forth mayor and hula hoops and friendly chatts girls crying over balloons and dancing almost 2 am and can't sleep what a day a night a year unflitered perhaps what does one do when they cant sleep? read write poetry? is this poetry or just stream of thought is there a differrence? keys slow me down need to get faster or maybe it is best i go slower carefully creating each line each thought in a contrived manner is life contrived? is it make believe what can i make you believe nothing believe it your self i wish to tell you tell me same difference what goes up must come down all these spinnin round cant stop the time from keep on rollin on and on ... read more

good moring friends, all is well. nice and overcast and cool here in the great state of tennessee, city of knoxvegas (knoxville). whats else? green tea and .... when you wake up make your bed, put your clothes away be practical an orderly life is a good life, no? keeps the mind organized? creating good ritual is good, no? make , create healthy rituals in your life i would say and love and change is on the way what more can i say movies and food and couches and... hurt baby birds who need a nice send off to the next world ice cream and senses touch taste sound smell sight i am filtering, holding back why? scared already afraid to let go don't be afraid all is well! but each moment is a gathering then ... read more

sometimes i get the feeling i am wasting time but this feeling is not mine sometimes i get the feeling of anxiety but this feeling fades, not mine feelings are awash, they come they go they come and go watch them what do i want to say? do? blues skies and trails all around you investing in something, someone. committed to you. all those oranges had to come from somewhere silly picture from Vision board We created when one speaks it is but a voice of the whole group present, listening. how good is the voice? is it clear, is it unafraid? is it... just a voice. swear up a storm, they are just words right? this was my thought from earlier something i was thinking if words are just words then stop speaking for the ... read more

we'll this computer in nice but funky i lost my last entry so here goes again ty david for a house and home clean clothes, full belly ty Alex for Batteria Appalachia, a brazillian-inspired drum group thank you Amanda and Andrew for a great weekend of art and rain and walking and friends thank you UT Art program for a lovely undergrad/grad/professor art showing some good stuff! i like the good stuff i like the rain i like the coolness let it come again i like many things i like chess i like friends what is not to like about them ? i like keyboards and good food good food is nutritious may all have nutritious food in the sacs (bellies) i follow memories, like my friend Oda Boru who liked to fill up his sac ... read more

thank you family and friends for taking an interest in this blog. it has been helpful to me to write out my thoughts and denote (is that the right word?) my adventures. perhaps portray my adventures works better! it is challenging but fun couchsurfing, as they say. fortunately I have enough friends to go around to offer me a place, shower, food, etc... making new ones and reaffirming old ones all the time. I am working on the job thing. also I am relearning Knoxville in a way. I stayed at a friends at Sequoia Hills (hard one to spell) and what a lovely place there. the Knoxville hostel for me has been hard to get in to. no one answers their phone or returns my calls (perhaps for the best.) it would be nice perhaps ... read more

hi friends. i am a bit tired. i decided to walk down Kingston Pike and I stayed up late last night. I did notice on my walk a place called Autism Open Door Project. Something to check out. I have never walked that far down this busy road. You notice new things when you are not driving. I think I will take a bus back to my car. milkshakes from Long's fountain Laura serving and smiling busy drivers driving home sun lit skies forecasts of rain tomorrow everyone says and on the weekend i hear them say in there head time is ending on the computer have a great one see you soon.... read more

interesting walking around Knoxville near homeless. grateful to have friends who will put me up and to be able to take a shower! thank you Eric. eric is a friend who writes. he has written a book called Between Sleep and Awake. you can find it on a amazon as a self publshed book and download. here is the link: url= knoxville has a different feeling to me. i have have changed. it has changed, whatever. the universe is constantly moving, in change. and so it goes. i wrote a poem this morning for no reason:) (or because i... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville April 30th 2013

humanity is at a crucial moment... to continue to embrace each other in all its differences or to deny what and who we really are. who are we? are we peace or are we vision? are we love or are we seperation? are we together or are we apart? this poem is called the American Hot Dog the american hotdog the american dream all of us together or so it seems embrace the world with all of its variety discrace the world in all of its division the American Hotdog taste so sweet can we all sit down and have a treat can we all sit down on common ground and embrace our differences in the wake of transformation can we agree not to agree and sit and hug and we sit still for a moment ... read more

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