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hi friends. i am a bit tired. i decided to walk down Kingston Pike and I stayed up late last night. I did notice on my walk a place called Autism Open Door Project. Something to check out. I have never walked that far down this busy road. You notice new things when you are not driving. I think I will take a bus back to my car. milkshakes from Long's fountain Laura serving and smiling busy drivers driving home sun lit skies forecasts of rain tomorrow everyone says and on the weekend i hear them say in there head time is ending on the computer have a great one see you soon.... read more

interesting walking around Knoxville near homeless. grateful to have friends who will put me up and to be able to take a shower! thank you Eric. eric is a friend who writes. he has written a book called Between Sleep and Awake. you can find it on a amazon as a self publshed book and download. here is the link: url= knoxville has a different feeling to me. i have have changed. it has changed, whatever. the universe is constantly moving, in change. and so it goes. i wrote a poem this morning for no reason:) (or because i... read more

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humanity is at a crucial moment... to continue to embrace each other in all its differences or to deny what and who we really are. who are we? are we peace or are we vision? are we love or are we seperation? are we together or are we apart? this poem is called the American Hot Dog the american hotdog the american dream all of us together or so it seems embrace the world with all of its variety discrace the world in all of its division the American Hotdog taste so sweet can we all sit down and have a treat can we all sit down on common ground and embrace our differences in the wake of transformation can we agree not to agree and sit and hug and we sit still for a moment ... read more

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the 29th of April. I left Knoxville the 29th of January. back again. thank you Knoxville for all the reminders (Krutch Park Street sign) and hospitality. thank you Amanda, Andrew, Bailey, Adam, Christine, and all you lovely Knoxvillians (and villans) I have met and shared time with. here at the library researching and getting ready. a new day awaits and the "Suns Ah Shining" outside. and inside of me. and you too, always let it shine. what else? can I say of benefit. met a certain Eric Heath, grappler, wrapping himself around Adam on his rugged floor at 4 am. what a hilarious site to see! it all started at a 4 am hot dog stand alongside an Old City street over Andouille sausage from New Orleans thereabouts (how hunger dictates; and thank you for the ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville April 27th 2013

in knoxville, hokey pokeing it around learning to deal with feelings of uncertainty and change weird. thank you friends for helping me out. raining here today. Morgan Llwelyn has a new book. off to a good start with After Rome. still reading the Albom book. still got stuff in the car. it is a mess! i enjoi smiles and making others smile i enjoi teaching and interacting and listening. spring time flows like a river it being knoxville green grass thick lots of rain all you need is love and love is without agenda i am told i am read what is agenda? merrian webster says it is a list of things to be done or considered. it is also an idealogical plan or program so may lists be dropped things to be done, gone considerations ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville April 26th 2013

what i know is i am working on poetry. i enjoi being karl, most of the time as Bob Dylan might say most of the time you know the song right? what has Karl been doing? thanking my lucky stars to be alive! there were no close calls i made it all in one piece here i am back full circle and the circle keeps growing met friends along the way and making more the day continues to unfold as I read Tuesday's with Morrie Help is on the way planning for future who knows what may i love i miss you all but as it goes time goes we all have our lives living in full someimtes sometimes downward pull in a lull, that's ok gone the next moment another again be present, what are ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville April 4th 2013

Location of the annual AAPA meeting. Gorgeous little town.... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville September 26th 2011

Let's see how this works... Right now I'm packing, I haven't started on my journey yet-- or I guess I'm always on one? I've been saying all of the last goodbyes I can squeeze in today. I'm mainly putting this first blog in place to create a base list so it will automatically send my updates to you guys! (I think) However, let me take this pilot blog as an opportunity to thank to everyone for all of your support. My family and friends, you are truly too good to me. All I can say is the cards, flowers, phone calls, long walks, hospital visits.... and the FOOD displayed your love in a tangible way for me. It was humbling to say the least. Enough with the mushy stuff.... blogs of Peruvian babies to come soon! ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville September 24th 2011

Atlanta; home of the Olympic Games (1996), home of Coca Cola, a huge sprawling city known as the Capital of the South and the home of the incredible and inspirational Martin Luther King Jr;. We were only passing through on our road trip back to Memphis where we had to return the damaged car and face whatever consequences lay ahead. Before arriving at Danielle’s; our next couch-surf host, we stopped off at the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site. This comprised of his birth home, his grave and a museum dedicated to his work - all in the same block as the Ebenezer Baptist Church he used to preach at. Unfortunately we only got just over an hour before the museum shut, but it was still well worth the visit and we wish we could ... read more
MLK Meuseum
MLK Cart

North America » United States » Tennessee » Knoxville August 20th 2010

This will probably be my last entry for the blog (is anyone even checking this anymore?!) and I'm writing from my new office! Classes have officially started. I've met my professors. I've started reading. I've learned my vocabulary is insanely small and I combine words to make up new ones (which the one time came out as a real word with a waaaay different meaning than the made up word I was trying to say). My other best friend, Shaun, is back in town so I'm happy about that (not that I'll see him a whole lot, but it's gotta be more than twice a year, right?!). I've questioned about 100 times if this is really what I want to be doing, and keep telling myself I'm here for a reason, but I'm in all honesty ... read more
Shaun's back!

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