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North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg January 1st 2020

Oh the Bunion!!! To be honest I wasn’t too thrilled about my husband’s excitement to hike the New Found Gap up to Charlies Bunion. Let’s face it I’m not exactly fit to be doing that sort of thing. We wasn’t but about a quarter of the way in and I had to lose the Jacket. Maybe about a mile in, the gloves had to go. I remember my husband telling me it’s ok if you want to turn around and go back. I think those words helped me go further. I remember having a meltdown not to long after that thinking who am I kidding, I can’t do this. My body was feeling every bit of the pain you feel when you don’t exercise. Burn baby burn!!! Josh said Toni, we are turning back you are ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 6th 2019

We'd been waking up at 5am Central each morning (6am local Eastern time). We assumed we'd get up at the same hour today, and our plan was to head to Gatlinburg to do some laundry and get breakfast. We thought we'd swing by and do the SkyLift Park there and be back before lunch. Instead, we slept in. It was 8am Eastern when I woke up. I gathered up clothes for everyone to change into, gathered up the dirty laundry, and then we set out for a laundromat. We used Super Suds because it was the closest, and that worked out fine. From there, we drove back into town to get breakfast at Crockett's. We drove by there yesterday, and I wanted to check it out. We thought it was named after Davy Crockett. Once we ... read more
SkyLift up to SkyBridge
Crossing the SkyBridge

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg March 17th 2019

Hello TravelBlog community! This is my first blog on this site, and I figured I would kick it off with something close to home- My weekend trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee! Gatlinburg, Tennessee: Spring 2019 Growing up in Tennessee, as early as I can remember, my family and I has spent at least one week out of every year vacationing in Gatlinburg. It was always my favorite week out of the year! Now that I am older, the family tradition has died down, but every now and then, my wife and I will still carry it on and snag a weekend getaway at a cabin. Every time we have been to Gatlinburg, we have fallen for the tourist traps and never strayed away from the familiar, however, this year we decided to shake things up a little ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 25th 2018

It was nice to wake up and no that we were not hitting the road again. This was our first three night stop so time to relax a little bit more. The room here is really nice it has been recently renovated with hardwood floors and a brand new bathroom with a shower that is not inside a bathtub which is cool. The balcony outside is really nice to get some fresh air. It was a pretty wet start to the day and we were glad we did Dollywood yesterday. I looked at the radar on Accuweather website which has been really accurate at predicting the storms we have seen lately and it looked like we might have a few windows where the weather was going to be OK but it was going to be on ... read more
Shops in Gatlinburg # 1
Cabin in the woods. Where are those pesky little bears !
Roaring Fork Nature Trail # 1

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 24th 2018

Today started with a check of the weather to see what was likely to happen. Actually that’s not true I started the day by checking the score of State Of Origin # 2 and was pleased to see the mighty NSW Blues had won the game and the series (shame I missed watching it after putting up with the last decade of getting beaten up by those pesky Queenslanders !). We have two full days here in Gatlinburg and there is so many options of what to do. We had played a game of Putt Putt last night after dinner which was heaps of fun. The course was set up with lots of historical facts about how Gatlinburg was formed and was pretty new. The highlight was on hole number 3 where you putted into a ... read more
Hey I'm at Dollywood !
Am I reallly going to do this ?
Girls on the Sky Rider

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg June 23rd 2018

Breakfast in the hotel restaurant was great but pretty expensive for what we had. Kerry & I had a granola yoghurt and Elise had a lovely omelette. We all had really good sleeps here, the beds were huge and you almost needed a ladder to climb up into bed ! Antique and period fittings made it cool and the room had the most comfortable sittings chairs I have ever seen. Anyway we hit the road for what was always going to be the longest day of our road trip. I decided against backtracking on Interstate 64 and instead decided to drive down Highway 219 and this route would take us past some countryside and small towns. We came across this town called Union which had some amazing old homes. It has a population of about 500 ... read more
Old House in Union, West Virginia # 1
Heading into the East River Mountain tunnel from West Virginia side.
Welcome to Tennessee

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg October 17th 2017

We really enjoyed the Great Smoky Mountains National Park...Maggie Valley looks like a cool mountain town and it was a beautiful ride on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Lots of trails for hiking and amazing views. Good cardio workout up to Clingmans Dome. Did a little hike on the Appalachian Trail...on the way to Gatlinburg TN came across our first wildlife - 2 wild turkeys 🦃🦃 Told them to run and get out of the road...not Thanksgiving yet 😜 Gatlinburg, TN - wow! Great cool town...main drag had all kinds of people, shops, restaurants, etc. Moonshine tasting 🤠 Lots of fun things to do...we need to plan a trip sometime to check it all out. Greenbrier Campground on the River - we arrived ~5:30pm. Karen decided to pick a private campground as our first to ease us ... read more
Karen - Snug Haven 🤗
Little Pigeon River

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg July 20th 2017

Our original plans had called for visiting a couple of caves in the Gatlinburg area, but we quickly realized that we were in Gatlinburg, and it would be senseless to pass up an opportunity to explore the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in order to see some more caves! When we checked with the Park Ranger last night, he suggested 3 hikes: 1.3 miles to Laurel Falls, 1.3 miles to Grotto Falls, and 0.5 miles to Clingman's Dome. He suggested we do Clingman's Dome in the afternoon so that the heat of the day would burn off the fog and make the visibility better. So after a quick breakfast at the hotel, that is what we set out to do. The weather report called for temperatures in the upper 80's to low 90's, so we would ... read more
Smoky Mountains - Rick at Entrance
Laurel Falls - Jody On The Trail
Laurel Falls - Rick At Upper Falls

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg July 19th 2017

Today we bid a sad farewell to Asheville, NC. We both really liked this area and enjoyed our stay. We will probably need to come back sometime soon. Today is a motorcycle riding adventure day. While we could take the short route from Asheville, NC to Gatlinburg, TN, we decided to take the more circuitous and more adventurous route. So we had a quick breakfast at the hotel, and hit the road at about 8:15, thinking we would get a jump on the day. We had a little problem packing this morning as it seems we bought a little more in Asheville than we thought, and while everything fit on the bike, if we were going to buy anything else, we had better find a post office quick. We planned on figuring out the post office ... read more
Blue Ridge - Scenic Overlook
Blue Ridge - Jody At Graveyard Fields Path
Blue Ridge - Graveyard Fields Lower Falls

North America » United States » Tennessee » Gatlinburg May 22nd 2017

Cade's Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee Cade's Cove is yet another section of the park, located in the northwestern corner. To get there from our campground required a ninety minute drive up and over Newfound Gap Road, to Sugarland Visitor Center and then west on the Laurel Canyon Road up and over some other mountains until we arrived at a small information center. At this point, the road becomes a one-way, 11 mile loop. The road is barely wide enough for a single car and the speed limit is just 10 mph. Along the loop are restored examples of homes, barns, churches and other buildings as they existed more than a century ago. This part of the park attempts to tell the story of how the Appalachian mountains were settled and farmed in the ... read more

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