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January 1st 2020
Published: January 1st 2020
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Oh the Bunion!!! To be honest I wasn’t too thrilled about my husband’s excitement to hike the New Found Gap up to Charlies Bunion. Let’s face it I’m not exactly fit to be doing that sort of thing. We wasn’t but about a quarter of the way in and I had to lose the Jacket. Maybe about a mile in, the gloves had to go. I remember my husband telling me it’s ok if you want to turn around and go back. I think those words helped me go further. I remember having a meltdown not to long after that thinking who am I kidding, I can’t do this. My body was feeling every bit of the pain you feel when you don’t exercise. Burn baby burn!!! Josh said Toni, we are turning back you are more important than this trail. I didn’t think you would make it this far and you’re making it. When you get up whatever direction you start I’m right here with you. “Oh brother!!! Why are you going this way, he gave you a chance to turn back? Oh girl you are crazy.” Crazy I was, crazy for him and his love for this darn hiking thing. I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me. Philippians 4:13. We saw our first couple coming back down the trail as we were going up. I thought to myself ok people are starting their climb down we don’t have that much more to go. I asked are we almost there, I didn’t like the response they gave.So we continued up, I stopped and Josh was like I think the summit is right up here babe and it will start leveling out. I sure hope so but I need some water and something to eat. I need fuel!!! I am in love with Clif Bars with oatmeal raisin and walnut. So we started back up the trail. BTW we didn’t see that summit right away although he reassured me several time, I think we are close to the summit babe. Our Pastor always tells us you got to talk to the Lord like he is a friend beside you. So I said Lord, you know the footprints in the sand where you carry us, well do you do that in the mountains too? These are your feet Lord you gave them to me please help me keep going. Believe me I took plenty of breaks on the trail. I think so much that Josh said if we are not there by noon then we have to start back down. “Oh no I am too invested to turn back and not see this bunion pick up the pace Toni.” I think Josh must have said I think it’s right around the corner babe a 100 times. My crazy mind had the Media with a gun meme saying “if you say right around the corner one more time!!!” Not to long after that we saw the summit yes the summit, thank you Lord. “I’m walking on sunshine, Oh walking on sunshine and don’t it feel good” It didn’t seem that long after we were seeing signs and eventually we saw the sign Boulevard Trail pointing toward another trail. “Oh Happy Day, oh Happy day, Oh Happy Day…” And just like they said it wasn’t too far from there. The Bunions view was breath taking well so was the hike on my breath that is…lol but in all seriousness pictures didn’t do justice. The Lords handy work all around us. Beyond words. “Thank you Lord for helping me up this mountain to see this. In aww of your glory not worthy of your love but you give it freely and daily.” Happy tears fell as my fearless husband climbed up on the bunion rock formation to check out even more. Accomplishment, something that doesn’t happen often. Life’s let downs, setbacks and struggles all seemed to have a way of keeping you down. The last day of 2019 was an eye opener, a life check, a close on a decade not looking back. Pressing on to 2020, with God all things are possible.


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