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This is the first motel I stayed in that had a hot tub. I sat in the hot tub instead of writing my blog. Will update when I get a chance.... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Crossvillle April 13th 2011

I-40 Pigeon River Gorge Today I drove into Tennessee. It involved mountains. Lots and lots of mountains. The first part was the scariest drive I have ever had on an interstate, url= River Gorge. The Pigeon River cut the gorge through the Blue Ridge. It’s the most convenient crossing for hundreds of miles. Settlers pushed through a wagon road in the 1800s, which became a real road, which became Interstate 40. Convenient does not mean that the crossing is easy. The road features narrow lanes, sharp curves, and constant hills. In a few spots, dirt roads merge directly onto the highway. Now, imagine driving this with a concrete barrier three feet to the left and a convoy of large tr... read more
Trailhead parking
Gorge Trail
Pine tree on gorge wall

North America » United States » Tennessee » Crossvillle July 12th 2009

You’d think he’d done this a time or two before. But he had the same experience on a wakeboard that I did on a cello. Tim, whose prodigious house Zack helped build, had taken him out on his speedboat around Lake Holiday. It was Phillip’s moment and he knew it. The excitement he could hardly contain had him begging for the OK from Tim to jump off the boat and grab the line. The advantage to having Tim around is his instructive and soft pitch. “Now, you’ve been snowboarding, right?” He made an immediate connection with Phillip, and put him at ease. The novice was comfortable enough to tell his master when and how hard to thrust the engines to pull him up. It was he giving the orders, not receiving them. He bobbed up and ... read more
Current Davidson Project
Up on the First Try!

“Hey, Rich, wanna a Beerita?” A what? I deduced what Felicia had asked me, but I asked her about its contents anyway. Zack’s newly married twenty-two-year-old daughter put the transparent plastic pitcher down and rattled off the primitive recipe, perfectly suited for a tank-top-and-swimming-trunks crowd on a Fourth of July weekend. In order to count, her eyes shot up into the upper right of her sockets and she recalled, “Let’s see…three beers,” all out of a can and unquestionably awful, “one can of concentrate,” whatever that is, “and one can of tequila.” Wait, tequila comes in a can? After a pause, “Oh, and some limes, of course.” She poured me a dose of the concoction. As I took a look around, Phillip was already splashing feet first into the lake, having fallen in love with the ... read more
Floating Apartment
My Recollection

Unmistakable indicators abound in the South to remind the outsider that “You’re not from around here.” “Good Morning!” I greeted her no differently than I would anyone else or anywhere else except a bit more enthusiastically now that I am away from the daily grind of work. Neither she nor her co-workers are too busy behind the deli counter; no ticket dispenser is set up on top of the counter in case of a mad rush. The middle-aged woman in a black apron and ultra thin elastic white cap associated with food servers returns my salutation with a smile. “Hi there!” Her Southern drawl dribbled from her lips. “Can I please have two pounds of the Genoa salami?” Phillip and I were doing some shopping to stock our hosts’ refrigerator in fear we will both eat ... read more
Future Photgrapher?
Watch Out!
Casting Away

North America » United States » Tennessee » Crossvillle April 27th 2009

We left from Virginia after I got home from work on Wednesday. Like last year, we hoped to get away early, but didn’t. Add to that some strong winds that were gusty and we did not travel as far as we hoped. But one of the biggest drawbacks was our reliance on technology. For Christmas, I bought Trish the Microsoft Streets and Map software for the laptop. We had used the software a long time ago to plan trips, but this updated version had GPS built in. I had worked hard the previous trip to Gordonsville to master the software, and after reading directions and creating a cheat sheet on “how to” felt under control. To get to Tennessee, the program sent us down I-95 to Richmond and west on I-64. Not the best way. I ... read more
Spring Lake-2
Dick mowing lawn
Dick and Pat

North America » United States » Tennessee » Crossvillle February 22nd 2009

Interstate 81 and I go back to my earliest memories of elementary school. It and I would join at Scranton, the corridor that splits the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains, a 324-mile straight-shot gutter ball asphalt groove connecting Winchester and Bristol, Virginia. The highway and I have a somnambular relationship. My aunt would zip across the commonwealth from the West Virginia border and out I would go sometimes as far as two-thirds of the way. The running joke for years is that I would travel through Virginia and seldom see any of it. We rarely took on the much more intimidating states west of the Mississippi. Not of driving age, I accepted my sleeping spells as an effective technique to shorten the time in a state that I considered to be endless. “Keep on going, Aunt ... read more
The Old A-Frame
What Used To Be
The Kitchen?

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