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Today was destined to be a busy day. With Memorial Day weekend behind us, everyone, but us of course, was back to work and the world was resuming its normal course of events. Again, no big rush to get out of here this morning, as the first item on the agenda was to head over to Southern Powersports and see about replacing the rear tire. We pumped up the tire and hit the road at about 8:30 as the dealer was only about 6 miles away. Southern Powersports turned out to be one of the largest Honda dealers in the southeast. They had lots of Goldwings and even do trike conversions on-site. When the service guy arrived at 9:00, I told him the problem and told me he had the tire in stock and would get ... read more
Ruby Falls - The Falls
Ruby Falls - Cave Formations
Incline Railway - Sign at the Top

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga April 10th 2017

Tyler had slept in our living room and appeared to be sleeping as Abcde and I headed to breakfast. Abs made faces with the staff while eating blueberries until Vallery and Joyce came down. I then headed up to grab a shower and get wife moving. Long story short, we got on the road a bit later than I had hoped, more like 11am than the 10am or earlier that everyone but wife seemed to be shooting for. We headed north on a new route, Siri said it would be faster, we assumed that was because we would dodge some road construction. Anyway it took us through Chattanooga and Knoxville on our way back to Lexington. By the time we had reached Chattanooga we had only stopped 3 times for either gas or potty breaks. Late ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga March 23rd 2017

Premièrement il faut descendre au chaud, nous traversons l'état de New-York, Pensylvanie, West Virginia, Virginia et Tennessee. Notre premier camping se trouve en entrant au Tennesse le 'Rocky Top campground' et le suivant est en sortant du Tennesse à Chattanooga,(mais sans internet) et on visitera un peu la ville. A+... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga March 15th 2017

Marion County Park If God can take the seventh day off, I don't see why we can't - so we did! Yesterday was a down day. We turned off the alarm and just slept. Didn't stir until around 9:00. Got up, wrote my post, caught up on Facebook and the news and suddenly it is 11:30. Made a fine bacon and egg breakfast - or more appropriately, brunch - walked the dogs and suddenly... I'm tired again. One of the blessings of getting older - you can take a nap without folks thinking you're lazy. So we took a nap until about 3 when I disappeared for my shower. We were promised that the showers here were really very good, but I guess we shouldn't expect much for $18/day. The bathroom was huge enough, and the ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga June 21st 2016

I made a leisurely departure from River Country Campground in Gadsden AL on June 15, 2016 as the drive to Holiday Travel Park in Chattanooga TN was only about 90 miles and 1 ½ hours. That’s less than I usually target, but these days I prefer less rather than more – “shot six times by a .44, no Les, no more.” That epitaph is on the tombstone of Lester Moore in, where else, Tombstone AZ. I had heard about a hootenanny in Chattanooga and was looking forward to it with mixed emotions. First, the traffic and parking is usually an enormous hassle. Second, they usually are a lot of fun once the walk through the entry gate is accomplished. Over ninety bands were slated for the Chattanooga Riverbend Music Festivalf from Friday, June 10 through Saturday, ... read more
There Are Few Pullouts – I’ll Bet It’s Pretty In The Fall
An Extensive Array Of Civil War-Era Weapons Is On Display
The Kentucky Monument Is One Of The Few Exceptional Monuments I Saw On My Drive Through the Battlefield

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga December 23rd 2015

Geo: 35.0464, -85.3094So what happens when you tell DH that we're going to Chattanooga, Tennessee. You get to hear an off-key version of:"Pardon me, boyIs that the Chattanooga choo choo?Track twenty-nineBoy, you can gimme a shineCan you affordTo board a Chattanooga choo chooI've got my fareAnd just a trifle to spare"…over and over again (although admittedly she only knew the words to the first line and the rest of it sounded like Proud Mary by Tina Turner?). DH may have destroyed the song but the version by Glen Miller was actually the first gold record in the world.Very few cities in the nation can claim as close a tie to the railroad as Chattanooga. It wasn't so much a destination as a connector to some of America's biggest cities. From 1909 to 1970 all trains traveling ... read more
Former Terminal Is Now The Hotel Reception
Entrance To Our Parking Lot
Billy Thunder Parked Outside Our Room

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga July 26th 2015

Bonjour à tous, Hier au soir j'ai pris du temps pour bien préparrer ma route pour aujoud'hui. Tout est bordé, aux petits oignons. Les numéros de route, les points d'intérêts. Ce devrait être une belle journée de montagne dans les Appalaches, ou Appalachian Mountains. Les Appalaches sont une chaîne de montagnes qui s'étendent de Terre Neuve au Canada au nord, jusqu'en Alabama au sud, sur 2400 km, avec le Mont Mitchell pour point culminant, 2037 m, en Caroline du Nord. Au Québec ce sont les Monts Chic-Chocs, en Gaspésie, que j'ai eu l'occasion de parcourir en motoneige. Une grande partie de ces montagnes sont classées en Parc nationaux, aux US comme au Canada. Je quitte Knoxville vers 8h30, un bout d'autoroute, 40 km, pour sortir de la ville et direction Sevierville et Pigeon Forge (drôle de ... read more
tourné l'écran
Clingmars Dome
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North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga September 1st 2013

I me have been somewhat effected by the Moctezuma's revenge, the II Hernando Cortes killed him and Montezuma has now invaded by stomach all is well now for now food is in the sack of my belly and hopefully there it will stay until it is naturally not forcefully expelled I hope:) rain came down this morning as it sounds like it will come down again this afternoon judging by the thunder and the darkened sky lots of rain in Chatty but the garden is and has done well due to its above ground location beds beds keep me warm and comfortable at night and there I can sleep away the revenge with occasional bouts of un-comfortableness as I travel to the bathroom and there it goes down the tube to where? to the processing plant ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga August 31st 2013

somewhere out there beneath the skies so blue there is a place where angels rest waiting for the noon crow to sing and wake them from their slumber to go and do good deeds helping those who need it somewhere out there beneath the rains of pain there lies a man dwelling with a roof over his head where none have none as the story goes, he is unaffected by the rains of pain on account of the roof who built the roof? he did. and when he emerges from the roof he has an umbrella and the pain just runs down the sides and all around him and he sees it but remains unaffected. lucky guy. Syria is in the news Assad, I hear, is a pathological liar who likes to kill or give the ... read more

North America » United States » Tennessee » Chattanooga June 16th 2013

on signal mountain water falls downward of course to the rocky bottom below 110 feet over the sandstone edge and beyond the gray brown red cliffs atoped with green trees and people passing through and some relaxing in hammocks enjoying the view and some walking with dogs down the road looking out over the ridge to the dried sea below now green with tree and brush and interspersed with town and road signal mountain paradise cool nights and warm days flowers and houses big signal mountain trails and Cumberland stores and pools and drive ups and downs to town signal mountain signaling what? troops long gone troops of old now troops of day lilies and rich land and people with pools! thank you troops old and new thank you for the quiet and the majestic trees ... read more

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