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Up and out early today. At breakfast at Wall Drug Café. What a great street and store! Very rustic and a throwback to the old west. Lots of great pictures and souvenirs. Shopped a bit long but had a lot of fun. Drove just under 2 hrs to Mount Rushmore. Everything seems bigger out here. Very vast and open and the landscape is so very interesting. Mount Rushmore was incredible. Once again, just cannot believe the scope of it! You see it in pictures, but cannot imagine how it looks in real life. Spent a little time there and then off to Crazy Horse Memorial. After speaking with a local at breakfast, we decided to add that and Devil’s Tower to the day. Will put us into Cody, WY very late, but thought while we were ... read more
Mount Rushmore
Sculpture of Mt Rushmore
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Up not too early and back to the mall to pick up some souvenirs since the stores were closed last night. Ate at Crackerbarrel, but they were out of the oatmeal that Mike was so looking forward to! Bummer! So, late start for the drive to SD to the Badlands. Luckily, the change in time zones seems to be saving us. It was 100-deg as we passed into SD (although with the prairie winds it definitely wasn’t too bad) and we are just in awe of the landscape – just vast prairies. You can see forever! And then we see the Badlands in the distance – Awesome! You wonder what the pioneers though as they road endlessly across the prairies and then suddenly you see these unbelievable formations! We arrived at the visitor’s center just before ... read more
Open prairie in SD
Badlands, SD
Never seen anything like it!

North America » United States » South Dakota June 26th 2012

We have had a busy couple of days traveling north from Missouri and yesterday driving through the entire state of South Dakota. Miriam did so well! We stopped for a break & lunch for a couple of hours, then drove past many sights (much to my Mom's chagrin!) as M slept. We arrived in Rapid City last night and went to a dinner & show to celebrate Cheryl's birthday, which was fu. Except for what follows. This woman came in to the ticket area saying that there was a car with two dogs in it that needed to be reported to authorities because it was too hot for them. It was in the 80's outside, but it was cloudy & about to rain. She made a big fuss & kept bad-talking us while we waited for ... read more
Tony & Miriam looking at the beautiful South Dakota sunset near Rapid Falls
The fam at Sioux Falls

It really is amazing when you realize that what you learn in class actually does pay off in the real world! I just finished attending an all-staff Student Life meeting where I heard a presentation from the director of Financial Aid as well as from the Dean of Students about the Student Success Center. As I listened about financial aid, I learned why I can't get a subsidized loan for the fall as a grad student as well as that upon graduation, the 6 month grace period is still in place but the federal government will no longer be paying the interest during that time - isn't that just peachy? Next, during the Student Success Center update, they talked about their visit from the consultant and shared his report. As I listened to that update, I ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota June 17th 2012

We are spending two nights - Saturday and Sunday at Rush-No-More camp area. It is near Sturgis, South Dakota. Since we couldn't find a church near us, we had a prayer service and rosary at our picnic table this morning. Beautiful weather - 71. We went to the town of Deadwood today. Very interesting old western town where Wild Bill Hickok was killed. We went to a new museum there. Had very interesting articles from the old west. The most interesting to me were the old wagons, surreys, buckboards, fire department wagons and hearses. All horse drawn. Going to rest the rest of the evening and do laundry (no matter where you are, there is laundry). We have been a little problem with our transmission - hopefully we can remedy that with different shifting. I'm really ... read more
Downtown Deadwiid SD
Horsedrawen Hearses

North America » United States » South Dakota » Deadwood June 17th 2012

Time to recap the past 48 hours or so! On Thursday, I attended a meeting for Green and Gold Days (Orientation/Welcome Week) and agreed to help my supervisor with some projects for that, coming up with new ideas, etc. Then, I attended a "Garden Party" lunch where the campus garden intern and the director of food services talked about the campus garden, plans for that, healthy eating, and new ideas for the fall semester. That afternoon, I helped weed in the campus garden for 2 hours, then I showered and took off for Deadwood to see my cousin! My cousin, Erin, was in Deadwood the past few days for a conference - at the end of the night, I still didn't really understand what type, so I'm just going to say some medical type conference and ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota June 17th 2012

After we got settled in our campsite on Friday, June 15, we had a very enjoyable potluck picnic with lots of goodies. On our travels Friday, we had lots of road construction. On one of these areas, we hit a rough spot and the power sun shade on the driver's side fell down. Friday evening Charlie helped Jim undo the wiring and take it down. Hopefully everthing else will stay attached. We are so lucky to have Carolyn and Jerry as tour guides. They have been in this area and know all the great places to see. On Saturday we went to the Badlands - awesome! Then we stopped at Wall Drug Store - what an adventure. Last evening we went to Mt. Rushmore. Amazing. They had a special program in the evening with a Native ... read more

North America » United States » South Dakota » Mitchell June 16th 2012

That is what today boiled down to. We both passed the mile stone of 5000 miles within the last 12 days. Whether we made it to AK or not, that is still a good mark of endurance. I also passed 15000 miles on the bike since September. That is what the 3 hour delay in the Sturgis area was for; I needed to get a service done on the bike. Great dealership and people. The service manager gave us his personal vehicle to go get lunch while thye worked on the bike. You won’t see that too often. Prior to that though, we left Gillette WY this morning and headed to Devils Tower. First day we hadn't need cold wx gear at the start. From there, down to Deadwood, Sturgis, and then Black Hills HD. Even ... read more
Mike at Devils Tower

North America » United States » South Dakota June 15th 2012

Left Sioux City, Iowa at 8:30 this morning. Headed to South Dakota. Stopped in Mitchell, SD to see the Corn Palace. This is a very large interesting building (sorry, I have pictures but haven't got them on). This building was built in 1892 when the city was just 12 years old. Early settlers displayed their agricultural products on the building's exterior to prove the fertility of the soil and to attract immigrant farmers to settle there. Each fall they had a festival to celebrate their harvest. Each year a new theme is chosen for the outside. The old products are stripped and new corn, rye and oat heads are used in patterns created by local artists. Roughly 275 thousand ears of corn are sawed in half lengthwise and nailed to the building. There are also murals ... read more

Day 6 15 miles This is our last day in Rapid City, SD, part of me is very sad because it is so beautiful here but I miss my fur babies so much I can't wait to see them all. We decided to stay in Rapid City for the day, we were going to go to Deadwood again but since we have a 12 hour ride on Friday we thought we would give our old and tired bodies a rest. Today I rode on the back of Steve's bike for the short rides we took around town. I don't do this much but it was kind of nice because I got to see more things. We ate at the hotel because we did not want to get dressed just to eat out and then come back ... read more
Downtown Rapid
Memorial Park
Memorial Park

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