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Well all of you will be pleased to know that our temperature was a few degrees warmer here than it is there...up to 92 degrees at one point. We do, however, continue to have lower humidity which is very nice. We were definitely in more of less slow mode today. We were up early to a very comfortable temperature so the decision was made to cut John’s hair before it got too warm outside. I set him up on the side of Mufasa hoping we would draw no attention. Of course, we ARE in a campground, and anything going on is open to discussion to anyone passing by. I got a couple of offers to let me cut hair, and we got a joke or two about the process! By the time we had finished, the ... read more

Yesterday evening we took a two mile walk on the George S. Mickelson Trail which lies directly behind our campground. It was named in honor of a former governor of South Dakota who really pushed for this trail before he died in a plane crash in 1993. It runs through the Black Hills and connects Deadwood with Edgemont. “The crushed stone pathway incorporates nearly 100 converted railroad bridges and 4 tunnels, and much of it traverses national forest; however, some segments pass through private lands and users are asked to respect landowner rights.” “In many places the trail is notched into the mountains—pressed up against granite walls to one side and dropping off steeply on the other. The granite gives way to slabs of slate stacked haphazardly like tall, thin texts on a bookshelf. Since the ... read more
A healthier lunch today!
Our musicians again +1
Pat enjoying the music

Those of you who are not generous of nature will be glad to know that this morning was a cloudy one with the temperature at 56 degrees first thing. However, the humidity is still quite low at 44%. Not too shabby! If we could, we would send some of this back to you. Since we can’t...we will just continue to enjoy! We had a very light breakfast today because of our plans to walk back downtown and have lunch at the Alpine Inn, which we have been told is the best restaurant in town. We would certainly not argue with anyone on that particular issue. We got there about 12:30 and had a short wait before being seated in one of the several dining rooms. The place was packed, and after we had our delicious meal ... read more
This is our life theory!!!
Front of 1885 Historic Building
Info on 1885 Historic Building

We can explain...well, really, no we can’t... Yesterday afternoon we left you with the information that we were going to walk downtown and if anything happened, we would report on it today. really is a sad tale, and it is all Lora C’s fault. She wanted a picture of a bakery. Well, we walked to the end of town and started back up when we spied Turtle Town Candy Shop. We walked inside and I took a picture of their candy display. It is lovely as I am sure you will agree. Even though it looked delicious, we bravely left Turtle Town and continued our walk up Main Street towards our campground at the other end of town. As luck would have it, we passed Hill City Cafe and Bakery. We walked inside but didn‘t ... read more
Pat in front of Fossil Museum
Turtle Town Candy Shop
It still looks just like this...

What can I say—another beautiful morning. I would say that it is getting boring...but it isn’t! Since it was such a pretty day John came up with the idea to call a local company, Ken’s Hill City Tours and Taxi, to see if it was possible to get a driving tour of the Needles Highway. It was a wonderful drive the other day even in the rain, but we thought that since we were here and don’t know when or if ever we will be back it would be nice to see that area in bright sunshine. As luck would have it, we got Ken himself (the owner of the company) on the phone and he said that he had a couple of hours open today. That sounded great to us, so we made an appointment ... read more
Iron Creek Tunnel
Rock Formations on the Needles Highway
Rock Formations on the Needles Highway

Our intention today was to have a very slow one...and that was more or less what we did...kinda, sorta! We were up fairly early but that was because we were in bed last night fairly early. We took our time getting cleaned up and then having a late breakfast. Our morning was spectacular with cool temps (44 at 5:45 this morning) and a brilliant sun in crystal clear blue sky—just the way we like it. Of course, the humidity is very low here and the sun did warm us up quickly. Since we are so close to town—actually we are on the outside edge of Hill City—we decided to walk down the “rails to trails” path that goes right through our camp ground. We had intended to make a 2 mile or so walk into town ... read more
Metal Horse sclupture in Hill City 2
Sign of the Day!
Just HAD to take it!!

Well here I am rested up and ready to tackle catching everyone up on our marvelous day yesterday, as well as what has gone on today. It is amazing what a good night’s sleep will do. By the way Brently—here is the weather report for you...when we got up this morning it was 56 degrees outside and 60 degrees inside. You can shudder now... YESTERDAY Picking up at Custer State Park just after we left our gentlemen with the well pedigreed Ford truck at the Blue Bell Lodge: Wildlife Loop Road We continued on our road trip up the Wildlife Loop Road. It is a 18 mile road that takes visitors through open grasslands and pine-speckled hills that much of the park’s wildlife call home. On this drive we saw Prairie Dogs, deer (and one precious ... read more
Rhonda—this is the one I told you about...
Buffalo on the hillside
Custer State Park Visitor Center

As we prepared to leave emotions ran high as I have hormonal daughters. My 14 year Isabella began to cry while packing. I asked what was wrong she replied, “I am going to miss Patchy.” She was very upset about leaving the cat home, so much reassurance was given that Uncle Matt would make sure her cats were tended to. I was quite moody myself because of nerves as this is only our second-long trip with our kids. I was also nervous about leaving my pets. My pets are 30 + rabbits and 20 + dairy goats, but am reassured that my awesome brother Matt will make sure all the animals are alive when I get home. The day started out very early 3:45 am to be exact. It was hard to drag our beautiful children ... read more
The mighty Missippi
Miles of river
Yikes driving the interstate

Tony and Michelle had an early trail ride this morning to avoid the worst of the heat. Little did we know it was not the heat we needed to avoid today. This morning was taken up with trail rides and massages. Tony and Anne each had a 90 min massage and by the time lunch was finished, Michelle and Tony were ready to go drown some worms. in the pond. They had a great time, lost a lot of worms but didn't catch any fish ... unless they were self releasing fish. The big adventure for the night was a chuckwagon dinner and cowboy show. We rode out to the dinner site in covered wagons pulled by some draft horses. It took about 30 minutes to get to the dinner site. Michelle got to sit up ... read more
Tony on Elk
Michelle on Chubby

Another hot day for us today so we were up and going a little earlier than normal. Our first stop was Mount Rushmore. Tony has wanted to go there and walk the Presidential Trail ever since seeing it on "The Amazing Race". There were many nice views of the monument from all over the park. The comparisons between Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore are inevitable. The scale of Crazy Horse is immense but the work done for Mount Rushmore is awe inspiring as well. Like Crazy Horse the sculptor of Mount Rushmore died before it was completed and due to the start of WWII it was never finished. After spending some time (and eating lunch) at the monument we headed south to Custer State Park. The park has a great scenic drive through it and we ... read more
Contemplation...or just resting?
Pig tail Bridge
tunnel warning

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