A Crazy Day

Published: September 15th 2009EDIT THIS ENTRY

Monday, September 14, 2009

Well, yesterday we stayed put at the Hart Ranch because of bad weather, the need to wash a few duds and the bidness meeting.

We showed up at the appointed time of 10 a.m. at the Ranch Lodge, but nobody told the sales guy that he had a meeting with us. So we told the lady at the front desk, “What’s going on here anyway?”

Well, that got things stirred up, but not much. The presentation was low key; kinda like pulling teeth. We learned that we could buy sort of a time-share like interest in Hart RV campground for only $2525, but we still don’t know what that means, except there are also annual dues of $250 and a daily staying on the site rate of $2.50.

“Boy howdy,” I exclaimed. I thought that was a good deal, but the sales guy figured he had lost me. So he sweetened the pot.

The sweetener was the “plus” membership that includes participation in (i) RPI Preferred Gold and (ii) Coast to Coast, for only $2525. The annual fee for Coast to Coast is $79, and for RPI Preferred, $109. We can stay at these affiliated parks for $10 a night, but we are not sure what the restrictions and advance reservation requirements are.

So, I’ve got to get an Excel spreadsheet going to see if I am going to live long enough to wear away all this up front money at $10 a night. Figuring that saves $20 a night on the average, how many nights do I have to reserve in order to break even?

Well, anyway. We pulled out of Hart Ranch this morning and in hardly an hour on the road, we pulled into Custer’s Gulch RV Park, just a few miles east of Custer in a gulch. Its woodsy; no tv, wifi at the clubhouse. We like it. We will be here three nights.

So, we set up in a shaded spot and set forth for Crazy Horse Monument. Several folk have recommended CHM to us, and we are glad they did. It was a fascinating experience about Indian history, lore and such. And it may be fitting that descendants of Europeans and the like are still getting a little scalped $10 a head at the gate, with a grin.

So, we are enjoying toddy time in Custer’s Gulch. We grabbed a foot long Subway tuna sandwich on the way back, and some wine to wash it down. It is a good day, all in all.

You can see where we are staying at Custer's Gulch RV Park on Google Maps at:

Custer's Gulch RV Park

Tomorry, we vist Custer State Park. More to come.


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Custers Gulch RV Park 01Custers Gulch RV Park 01
Custers Gulch RV Park 01

Nan and Shad relaxing outside Uncle Joe; toddy time.

15th September 2009

Now that's how I pictured toddy time with the beast, Nancy and Shadow and Uncle Joe in the shade, round 4 o'clock rested and relaxed!! Cheers from Ada
15th September 2009

Have fun
15th September 2009

Sounds Like Fun!!
Paddy, Sounds like things are going great. I love the picture of Nan and Shaddy under the shade. Glad it going well. The country looks very interesting. Things are well here. Work and working to play. You'll be home before we know it. Travel safe! Ricky Ray
15th September 2009

Hi to you three Just want to say that I'm delighted your trip is going well, you are dodging the rattlesnakes and life is good. I read your vinettes during my lunch, knowing I'm supposed to be hard at work, but what the heck, I'm the boss here. Happy Trails Jon

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