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We were pleasantly surprised at the beauty of the Black Hills. National forests, granite mountains, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and the stunningly beautiful Custer State Park are found along with the usual tacky tourist attractions, motels, campgrounds, and gift shops. Everyone’s seen photos of Mt. Rushmore, but it’s quite a treat to visit in person and learn the story of how this national memorial came to be. The Crazy Horse monument was slightly more interesting, in our opinion. The project was begun in 1948 after Chief Standing Bear wrote to sculptor Korczak Ziolkowski and asked him to carve a monument honoring Native American heroes. He worked on it alone for many years. After his death in 1982, his widow and children continued the project. The head was finally unveiled in 1998, but there is no official ... read more
On the road to Mount Rushmore
Tunnel View
A profile of George

Hello! Welcome to our first official entry. First 3 days were driving in the rain. We didn't pick up any hitchhikers so there isn't much to type about. We arrived in South Dakota the end of the 3rd day. Day 4 (the 14th) we stopped in the 1880 town. Apparently it's a shrine to Dances with Wolves and there were a lot of movie props/references that we didn't get. Then we stopped in Badlands N.P. The scenery was unbelievable. Rather than describe it, just check the photos. There were herds of buffalo there too but you couldn't get close enough for a good picture. We ate in the town of Wall. The billboards advertising Wall started 322 miles away and we saw them repeatedly about every 10 miles. There wasn't much to see there. One of ... read more
Kim Offroading
Kim the Conductor
Nick the Hobo

Today we went through the Badlands National Park and hiked many really cool paths around rattle snake country looking for animals and great views. I brought along the Flip Video camera and edited a short movie. Check it out! After the Badlands we headed for world famous Wall Drug. Yes, we got the free ice water and checked out all the wonderful eats and souvenir stores, but I didn't buy anything there in Wall. We checked into our hotel in Rapid City and found a great brewery down on Main Street called the Firehouse Brewing Company. I had a rancher's pie for lunch with a couple of their own brews including my favorite the smoke jumper's stout. The rancher's pie was mashed potatoes and carrots topped with corned beef and gravy. It was very good! After ... read more
Crazy Horse Memorial
Crazy Horse Now and Future
The New Mt. Rushmore

We started off the day with horseback riding at the Rafter J Ranch (thanks again to the Grimes for recommending this is great!). Emma, Rachel and I went...they didn't have enough horses for Shawn to go so he stayed back. Rachel didn't want to wear a helmet because it would mess up her hair. However, I kept having visions of Christopher Reeve, so I made her wear it. It was a nice way to see part of the National Forrest and we enjoyed it. After horseback riding, we headed to Mt. Rushmore. It was very impressive. We took the walking tour, which gave us lots of different views of the monument. It also included the sculptor's workshop, with a presentation from a ranger about how the work was completed. Emma voluntered to demonstrate how they ... read more
Starkey's at Mt. Rushmore
Emma getting her head measured by the Ranger at Mt. Rushmore (it was off the scale!)
Crazy Horse

We left Devils Tower and drove to the Black Hills of SD. We tayed at the beautiful Rafter J ranch. We went to Mt. Rushmore, Custer National Park, Wind Cave National Park and drove the Needles Highway. For the kids we went to Reptil garden and rode the 1880's train from Hill City to Keystone. ... read more
Laurel and the Gator
Needles Highway
RafterJ Ranch

Whilst heading into the Black Hills of Dakota, we decided to visit Mount Rushmore, The Crazy Horse Memorial, Bedrock and Four Mile Town. Black Hills National Forest The Black Hills area has a rich, diverse cultural heritage. Archaeological evidence suggests the earliest known use of the area occurred about 10,000 years ago. Later Native Americans, such as the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Kiowa, and Lakota, came to the Black Hills to seek visions and to purify themselves. The Black Hills was also a sanctuary where tribes at war could meet in peace. (Sky-piercing granite peaks and forested mountains dominate the skyline of western South Dakota. America's oldest mountains rose above the surrounding flatlands 60 million years ago, at about the time the dinosaurs disappeared. Even after eons of erosion their granite peaks still soar as high... read more
Mount Rushmore National Memorial ..
Faces in stone...
Mount Rushmore is a project of colossal proportion,.

Some photos I took of the very beautiful Custer State Park. Located south of Mount Rushmore and home to Lake Sylvan, Cathedral Spires and the Needle's Eye.... read more
Mount Rushmore
Lake Sylvan
Needle's Eye

We stayed at the 15th largest campground in the world, played a few rounds of mini-golf, made tie-dye shirts and never walked the whole thing. We should have rented a golf cart.... read more

Here are some photos from the Mt. Rushmore Area.... read more
George Washington
Our Family

We took a beautiful old highway (44 west) through the Badlands and Buffalo Prairie on our way to Mt. Rushmore.... read more

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