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Well we inended to get up early and go to Mt Rushmore right away but we were behind schedule as we discovered the campground did in fact have showers down by the beach, sw we took advantage of them. So, we decided to run into Rapid City first to pick up somethings we needed and then get to Mt Rushmore in the afternoon. Rapid city and the tourist sprawl toward Mt Rushmore is incredible compared to the last time Patti & I were there about 15 years ago. It took me a while to get used to those curvey mtn roads and those narrow tunnels, but the views are worth it. The plan to visit Rushmore later in the afternoon was a good one as there was no line for parking...and the $10. parking fee is ... read more
N&K with framed Mt Rushmore
Katie at the binoculars
sheridan lake

Day 5 July 13th The Black Hills,Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Monument, SD & Devils Tower,WY What a day! We woke up in Keystone,SD and drove thru the Black Hills and the wild life loop in Custer State Park. We saw antelope, fed the begging burros, found a prairie dog town, saw some Buffalo, and went thru some hair raising tunnels and twisting and turning steep roads. Phil is doing awesome driving! We then headed to the Crazy Horse National Monument. We learned so much about Crazy Horse and the indian tribes in the area. It is a work in progress still today. It is impressive but will be unbelievable when it's done. It is so huge that the 4 Presidents on Mount Rushmore would fit behind his ear! We entered Wyoming and saw some unbelievable ... read more
South Dakota and Wyoming July 12 & 13 045
South Dakota and Wyoming July 12 & 13 049
South Dakota and Wyoming July 12 & 13 053

On Wednesday July 8, we woke up in Gillette WY, and saw the "Devils Tower" National Monument , which is more properly called the Bear Lodge National Monument. All the Indian nations called it something like Bears Lodge, and the caucasian explorer just came up with his own name, but claimed Devils Tower was the Indian name. Devils Tower was the backdrop for the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, so we had to see it. Cray earned his fourth Junior Ranger badge there, after we heard a great talk from a Lakotan (Sioux) Indian woman about the Indian tradition there. We then ate lunch in Strawberry Hill National Forest in SD before going to Mount Rushmore in the afternoon. WOW...... I really thought we had so much fun in Grand Canyon that the other ... read more
Chuck Wagon  2
Chuck Wagon 3
Chuck Wagon 4

We have been here since Sunday. We stayed at the Rafter J Bar Campground. Sunday, we arrived in South Dakota from the last campground in Minesota. We just hung out at our campground the rest of the night; we gotten there at night and we were tired. Monday, we moved to our planned campsite, we had arrived a day early. Once moved, Zach and I went to the campgrounds to swim. Soon enough, Mom came also and Zach went to get his swimtrunks, as he wore his fashion shorts. He came back with his microfiber towel. We swam some, I made a friend, and Dad came with his swim trunks and we swum. And some more. Soon it was time to head back for lunch. After lunch, we got our comfort clothes on and we went ... read more

Well, we have seen a lot today! We got up this morning, and we headed toward Keystone, SD. Along the way, we decided to stop at the city of Deadwood. The whole city is a historic landmark. It's the town where Wild Bill Hickok was killed in Saloon 10. Today, I did something I never thought I'd hear myself say. I took my kids to a bar!! It's not QUITE as bad as it sounds, but it's close! They do a reenactment of Wild Bill's murder in the back of Saloon 10, so we had to go in to watch it. It was really cool. I never knew where Keith and Tom got the name of their band, Aces and 8's, but now I know that was what Wild Bill was holding, and it's called a ... read more
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Photo 3
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WEEK SIX: CHOTEAU , MT TO CUSTER , SD Tuesday, June 30 We took our time leaving Choteau lingering over long expanses of soft green prairies and buttes and memories Jen’s hospitality,. Civilization seems an ugly interruption of this lovely land. The Ulm Pishkun State Park, ten miles out of Great Falls is the historic Buffalo Jump of the First Peoples. For hundreds of years the Great Plains Indian Tribes hunted buffalo by driving them over these and many other cliffs. To get to the edge of these impressive cliffs you must walk through a prairie dog town on top of the butte. It was fun to listen to the chirping animals send their warnings to their colonies and then dive into their burrows as we approached. We tried to imagine a thundering herd of buffalo ... read more
Chico Hot Springs
Montana Byways
Prairie Dog watches Antelope on a ridge

The adventures of today started in the middle of the night when Levi woke up with a fever. He was up twice and was hot and irritable. Luckily he was a pretty good sport all day and we were able to force some medicine into him as needed. He really wishes he could get normal naps in his bed. He never naps very well or very long in the stroller or the car. Poor kid! Despite our many efforts to get an earlier start to our day, it was still 10:15 before we had the car re-packed and everyone loaded up. We started out by heading to a Denver suburb North of town to visit at mall with a Hanna Andersson store. This store is one of Sarah's favorites for kids clothes (and occasionally matching mom ... read more
Schoolwork team!
A much needed stretch break!

Our journey to South Dakota began from Texas. We drove through Oklahoma, along route 66 for a while, stopping off at Pops Petrol Station - which is a road side attraction of a huge soda bottle and in the store they have loads of soda in different bottles. We also stopped off at the Round Barn before we mapped our new course through Kansas and onto Nebraska. While in Nebraska we visited the small town of Alliance and visited Carhenge. We rested a while at the rest stop and kept on driving to Jailhouse and Courthouse Rock, they are two of the most famous landmarks of the mid 1800's westward migration. Nearby is the Oregon-California Trail, the Mormon Trail, the Pony Express Trail and the Sidney-Deadwood Trail. The rocks were vanguards of the unforgettable scenic wonders ... read more
Us at Carhenge

Day 7 - We took a tour of the Black Hills today with Golden Circle Tours so that someone else could do the driving for a change. The fellow was very knowledgeable, and made the trip even more interesting. There were 7 of us in total in a van, so not a big group, which was nice. Day 8 - We toured Jewel Cave in the Black Hills. Then, because I didn't see a bear in Yellowstone, we drove through Bear Country, USA, just south of Rapid City, SD. It was a good park, with lots of wildlife in natural habitat areas. And yes, lots of bears. We headed out late for home, and drove as far as Williston where we stopped to sleep before continuing home on Sunday. It was a great trip, and as ... read more
Us at Crazy Horse
Jewel Cave Tour
Grizzly Bear

Well, we have a 9 hour drive ahead today, so we get an early start. Another grey day, but perfect for travelling. I try to cover up the tired bags under my eyes with makeup, and Steve jokes "I'll just eat my muffin while you're coloring." I call him a bad name. The park had big forest fires in the 1980's. Lodgepole pine makes up 80 percent of the trees here - they are the ones that have the cones that only burst open to release their seeds in the heat caused by fire. As the charred wood decomposes, it releases much needed carbon into the poor soil. You can see some tall older dead trees poking up through the carpet of thick new growth all through the park, which illustrates the natural reforestation process. Close ... read more
Newly Burned Forest by Norris
Rocky Formations in Shoshone Forest
Broken-backed Barn

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