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Carla: This week we visited Yellowstone National Park for a three night stop from Thursday to Sunday morning. The wildlife highlight turned out to be on our first drive through the park on our way to find our campground. We came from Montana and drove east through the herds of wild bison either side of the road; we were very impressed at their size and scariness. Suddenly we turned a corner and a chaotic scene confronted us. Cars and RVs were parked up on either side of the road, not caring whether there was a parking space there or not, some were just stopped in the middle of the road. People were out of their cars climbing up clumps of grass and peering through binoculars and camera lenses. We looked in the direction of their gaze ... read more
Grand View Yellowstone Canyon (7)
Bison (1)
Continental Divide

Sadly we were in Cody for one night, so we loaded up and moved on again, this time with the music in my hands for the day, which I seemed to master, with several commenting how good the choices were. Anyway our destination was Deadwood. This town is the actual place where the HBO series is filmed, as well as the town where 'Wild Bill' Hickok was shot in the back whilst playing poker. It's where the name 'Dead Man's hand' came from, as Wild Bill final hand consisted of the two aces and two eights of the black suits. The town was a National Landmark and re-enacts the shooting, capturing and trial of Jack McCall daily. We headed into the Deadwood Theatre to tak... read more

Too tired to write these are big states that take FOREVER to drive through.... Yesterday, Summerfest in Milwaukee, Miller Brewery Tour, Milwaukee Brewers game (they lost) and random flip cup game. Today, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota. We checked out the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horses pronounced nose and the Black Hills. You check out our pics. Must sleep now, headed to Yellowstone in the morning....... read more
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I'm sure my traveling companions have already apologized for the lack of entries, so I won't. We've just been having a bit too much fun with too few hotspots available. It falls upon me to discuss with you the Black Hills as a region, a religious idea, and a national forest, as well as its underground adornment, Wind Cave. I had previously read about the Black Hills of course; they are sacred to the Sioux tribe, the natives got screwed over, they're now vacationland for rich whities, etc. I was somewhat skeptical, as I am wont to be on occasion. However, the impact those lands had upon me was formidable. There really are certain areas of this world that humans can sense; they are not just turf to grind our hooves into, forests to burn for ... read more
Prairie Dog
"Boxwork" formations
Alec tries to walk softly

Ron was right -the fun did start in South Dakota! The drive from Michigan is very long! One of the best parts is on highway 90 right at the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. It is all hills and valleys where the small rivers feed into the Mississippi. There are stretches of S. Dakota that have acres and acres of corn and sunflowers. We are in Custer State Park which is on the western edge of the state about 70 miles from Wyoming. This park is enormous, 71,000 acres in the Black Hills. We are in the Blue Bell campground; there are 7 others. On the way to the campsite we saw one buffalo along the road and one in a campground, big horn sheep were coming down the side of a hill, also a deer ... read more

If it’s September, we must be on the road! We’re headed to Rexford, Kansas, by the way of Mt. Rushmore. We spent several days in Rapid City, where we haven’t been since our girls were in junior high. Two things come to mind: things have really changed in Rapid City, and we must be getting old. Both of those thoughts are ok with me! The weather was windy and rainy (is this the summer for that???) so we didn’t do a lot of looking around, but we did spend most of a day at Mt Rushmore. They have developed it quite a lot in the past 20 years~~they have better walkways, and the museum of Borglum’s studio is much nicer. They have a program and lighting ceremony every evening, but we didn’t have sit-outside-and-watch-anything weather, ... read more
These are the original models
This was Borglum's original plan
The mountain was carved with

Hallo vrienden allemaal, Eerst even een aanpassing aan de klok. Rond het middaguur, plaatselijke tijd, zijn we terechtgekomen in een andere tijdzone. Deze keer in ons voordeel. Wij werden weer een uurtje jonger en daardoor bevinden wij ons nu in een tijdzone die 8 uur vroeger is dan in België. En dan nog dit : onze communicatieve capaciteiten worden hier beknot dat het niet mooi is om te beschrijven ... Met andere woorden : NERGENS hebben wij hier bereik met onze GSM. Volgende dagen zullen wij ons moeten beperken tot e-mail en Facebook, Netlog, Twitter en ... Overigens hebben wij de afgelopen dag een kleine race tegen de tijd en de weergoden moeten houden ... Het plaatselijk weerbericht waarschuwde ons reeds omtrent hevige stormen met "oversize hail" (overmatig grote hagelbollen). Wij kregen berichten van veel stormschade ... read more
Crazy Horse
Wounded Knee

Day 4: Tuesday, July 28, 2009: Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and Devils Tower Leaving Wall, Sophie (etc.) and I sauntered our way through the Black Hills National Forests, largely filled with sweet-smelling pine trees. The goal for the day is to visit all three National Monuments, beginning with Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills National Forest, then 17 miles to the Crazy Horse Memorial, and finally, approx. 150 miles to Devils Tower, forever linked to the image of Richard Dryfess in Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The site is in Wyoming. Ranking the three monuments from “favorite” down: Devils Tower, Rushmore, and Crazy Horse. Mr. Rushmore, obviously an iconic tribute to four U.S. Presidents: Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln (and, hopefully, they left room for Obama after he works his magic). The site does not ... read more
Sophie in tent
Rushmore from trail
Moth on tent

Lobelia picked up Podo at 8:40 am. We drove down I-35 and turned West at I-90. We stopped in Blue Earth for old times sake, having attended the Norwegian Fjord Horse show there in the past. The horses had already gone home, so we didn't see any. Shane attempted the clutch, but it didn't go well. We will try again tomorrow. We are listening to the Lord of the Rings trilogy on CD. Curiosities seen on the way: Guy on a motorcycle with a hockey stick. Why does one need a hockey stick in July? Jolly Green Giant statue. It never ceases to interest me. Big green dinosaur. Sign said "Scenic Overlook". We couldn't figure out what was scenic about a big flat treeless plain. Minnesotans don't get this. We need to see lakes, cliffs, mountains, ... read more
Mom at DQ
Hockey Stick guy
Jolly Green Giant

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