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September 13th 2009
Published: December 19th 2009
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Photo of Nan surveying the kingdom.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

It rained through the night last night, right after I finished grilling some chicken thighs on the portable Weber propane grill. Timing is everything, or at least close to it.

This morning, it was cool enough to warrant a touch of heat in Uncle Joe. Since we are plugged into a 50 amp pedestal, the electric area heater received the nod over propane heat.

“What’s is that burning smell” some one inquired from the dark bedroom up front?

“Why, its just me sweetie; I’m trying out our new area heater.”

“I’m up,” came the reply.

So there was the start of the day, on a noisome note. An area heater is different from a space heater, in that it is designed to slowly heat a large area, where a space heater is designed to heat up a smaller space.

Well, anyway. We completed the “burn-in” of the new area heater this morning, and everything in the aft of the rig became a little warmer and cozier.

But that’s beside the rest of the story. To go, or not to go, was the question of the morning. So we decided to chance it and go; go on a day trip to the Badlands.

It is exhilarating to drive through a rain storm at 75 miles per hour. Everbody else was. Since we were not pulling Uncle Joe on this day trip, we ran with the herd. Talk about a muscle truck; The Beast was sturdy and steady.

Most of our Badlands experience was in drizzle, whipped by a nagging wind. Oh, our goodness; the scarred earth exposed. What a delight to see this in person! The organic history of terra firma; exposed in layers and such.

The Badlands are near Wall, SD. That really means Wall Drugs. Yep, we stopped by. We ate burgers, walked around a bit gawking, and left.

Tonight we are back dry and safe at Hart Ranch RV Park. Tomorry morning, we have our sales pitch to attend. I have an open mind about it all.

More to come,


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