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July 15-16 On day two in the Badlands, laundry almost done, we left the dog’s and drove to the Badlands park visitors center. We enjoyed the archeological bones exhibit. We picked up our magnet. We have 60+ now on the refrigerator from all our trips. Just seven so far this trip. We headed out toward the loop road which explores the western half of the park. There were some beautiful vistas with lush green grass separating the sedimentary formations. The farther north the color of the formations changed and began exhibiting streaks of yellow and reddish hues among the common grey formations. It certainly beautiful in its foreboding desolation. We wondered how did Indians and pioneers survive this area? We saw remnants of sod huts from those days. This area was once inhabited by a large ... read more
Change of colors in the Badlands!
Mountain Goats IN the road!
Cattle on the road!

July 15 We were up and at it early this morning. We’d needed to hookup and before leaving the campground dump the sewer. It was already really warm. David was sweat out by the time we were on the road. Thankfully, It was only 153 miles to the Badlands KOA, just outside the national park. As we drove we could feel the shimmy in the truck. We think we are going to have to have it aligned. We’ve got a front truck tire wearing on the outside as well. We know there is nothing in the badlands area where we can get work done so it will have to wait until our next stop near Rapid City SD. We turned off I-90 south and found we were actually driving through the east portion of the park. ... read more
Badlands formations
Storm Brewing 2!
Storm Brewing 4!

Saturday, 26 August, 2017 It was a fairly short drive to Badlands National Park and we arrived around 11 am. We cooled our heels in the Visitor Center until time to check into the campground. Once the camper was set up, we headed for the west end of the park because Kerry wanted to drive to the Prairie Dog Village there. Unfortunately, it was about 5 miles down a washboard gravel road and Kerry had had enough of that after ½ mile. It was hot, hot, with temps up in the low 90's, and no shade in the campground, so we left the windows open on the camper. We've experienced bad weather in the Badlands before, with storms blowing up with little notice, so we kept our eyes on the skies as we enjoyed the beauty ... read more
Sunflower field
Badlands Campground

blog 08-24-17 Tourist Day This is what this trip is all about touring, so today we got to do just that. Yesterday was SO hot but during the night the temp dropped to about 58 degrees. The wind settled a little but it was nice to have the windows open and the cool breeze refreshing us all night. I wanted to get up for sunrise and I did see it rise but there was a cloud cover so the light was not spactacular. We all got up about 7 and Ginnie and I were on the road about 8:30 to see the sights in the Badlands. First we headed to the visitor center for our much sought after stamp for our Nat'l Park book. On down the road we got some gas in the car, we ... read more
Linus, Ginnie and Alfy
my favorite mt
the group

blog 08-23-17 Badlands, SD We were a little slow getting started this morning because we didn't have as far to travel, or so we thought. The morning was beautiful with clear skies and high 60s temp so the dogs were eager to get out and smell the new smells. We met 2 fellows from Harrisburg who had been in CO for the eclipse so we had to talk about our experiences and share our excitement and hear about theirs. What an event to share so many miles apart. We filled the camper storage tank with water because the next campground had no water hookup. Dumped the waste storage tanks, unhooked the electric and finally headed west about 10:30. There was a stop at Walmart and gas fillup and we were finally really on our way. We ... read more
bison robe with the Fetterman story
children's moccasins
woman's dress, buckskin and fine bead work

When I first set out to plan our road trip, I knew we needed to nail down our plans for Fourth of July weekend. Everything else could probably wait to be booked, but not our stays for the long weekend! And, so, it was early February when I booked a tent site for the Cedar Pass Campground at Badlands National Park. I was able to snag one of the only sites with a tree, which was important to me because I need shade! Unfortunately, that decision was actually a mistake, as I'll explain shortly. We pulled into the Badlands in the early evening, after a long day of visiting national monuments. We really just wanted to set up our tent, cook some dinner, and head to bed. Unfortunately, because of the burn restrictions, we weren't able ... read more
Short Hike at Badlands National Park
Badlands National Park, South Dakota
The Cliff Shelf Nature Trail

Nous passons 3 jours dans le Parc National des Badlands. Coup de Foudre !! C'est beau, il fait chaud (35°C), il fait soleil et le camping sans eau/électricité est gratuit pour 14 nuits ! Les paysages sont à couper le souffle; des immenses rochers en dents de scie, des collines avec des grandes herbes couleur blé qui se balancent dans le vent, des hauts plateaux suivis de falaises impressionnantes, des pics rochers, etc... On y voit des mouflons (seulement des femelles aux petites cornes) et plusieurs bisons (tous avec des cornes pointus!). Ces derniers sont TOUS étendus sur la route ou grignote l'herbe en bordure de la route ! On monte sur le haut d'une montagne regarder le coucher de soleil et on s'endort sous un ciel plus qu'étoilé. Chant des coyotes à multiples reprises au ... read more

Geo: 43.715, -102.571It was like déjà vu all over again. 45 years ago, my family did an amazing trip across country from Maryland to Wyoming. On the way, we stopped in South Dakota at Custer State Park, Mount Rushmore, and the Badlands National Park. Sheila and I hit those places again today.We saw bison and antelope at Custer State Park; George, Thomas, Teddy and Abe at Mount Rushmore; and some crazy moonscapes at the Badlands. We also went by the Crazy Horse Mountain where the Native Americans are competing with Mt. Rushmore with a mountain sculpture of Crazy Horse. Apparently they have been working on it for about 30 years and all they have is the face.....step it up.Heading east, we went to the Badlands National Park. I remembered the Badlands so vividly from 45 years ... read more
Custer State Park
Bison in Custer State Park
Wild mules

On the road again! Sept. 4ththrough Sept. 22. We have been planning a road to South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming for several months. It's a well-known fact that you have to leave a country before seeing some of its finest sights. And we are no different. The first destination is San Francisco, for the America's Cup and an opportunity to see Team New Zealand in action against Oracle. We're spending five nights with friends, Bob and Dale, in Orinda. Team NZ starts the series well and is 8-1 up, but we all know the final outcome: it's a win to Oracle..... Now, how did that happen? San Francisco is one of the world's beautiful cities and always a pleasure to visit. It's four days of seeing sights and dining with friends. A French Bistro at the ... read more
Wild Bill
At Caroline's Cousin's Dude Ranch
Caroline and John

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