Still in Myrtle Beach @ 28*F last night

Published: March 4th 2014
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So yes, we are still taking advantage of Larry and Vicki's hospitality as winter will not give up on the eastern seaboard.

Lovely day yesterday, drive south of home along the mud flats; pool and hot tub in the afternoon and lovely dinner at the Texas Roadhouse with Connie the waitress. There are 5 pools in this buildings: 2 very HOT tubs, one very warm tub, a lovely tepid pool and Terry's favorite, the lazy river. Picture Terry lying on 2 floating tires going slowly around an extended o shape pool with slow current, going around and around, then having fallen asleep, he kept going aound and around! Until a couple hit him gently and he went a.. over teakettle into 2 1/2 feet of water! A good laugh was had by all.

Overcast and raining here, so car museum this morning for the guys, I will desperately try to find something better for the ladies.


Ps at this rate, when Larry throws us out, we will move in with Ken And Cheryl who are also here.

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