Francis Biedler Forest

Published: January 5th 2011
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blue heron 2blue heron 2blue heron 2

blue heron
I am slightly behind on these postings as we were minus an internet connection at the first campground and still are for that matter but thank heavens for McDonalds. The trip down was delayed a day due to the blizzard and was uneventful with the exception of having to stay overnight in a wally world parking lot with no heat or electicity thankfully we had the generator to get our slideouts in. We arrived at Jolly Acres campground December 29th too late to do anything. The next morning after a morning of organization we went to nearby Francis Biedler Forest/swamp area. Definately an interesting place and a little spooky at first walking through it as vegetation in January is to say the least limited. We did learn a few things however including the fact that SC has alligators although we didn't see one today. We are posting a few pictures. The strange knobbly things in the swamp around the trees are called cypress knees and they have no idea what they are for although they theorize that they are either used to help root the shallow rooted trees, or store nutrients or help them breathe. I have also posted a picture
chris in treechris in treechris in tree

Chris in tree
of a blue heron which was the only wildlife other than a squirrel that we saw....Chris was disappointed as he had the opportunity to take a freally close picture but couldn't get his cell phone out of his pocket quickly enough. I will post more later but forgot the car charger to the computer.

Additional photos below
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Photo 4Photo 4
Photo 4

cypress knees
Photo 5Photo 5
Photo 5

when is a swamp a swamp
Photo 6Photo 6
Photo 6

Photo 7Photo 7
Photo 7

casper in gator
Photo 8Photo 8
Photo 8

another swamp photo

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