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We left for Delaware early the next morning and drove the car to see our niece in her new retirement community. It was a pleasant drive across the Potomac near Dalhgren and then north on 301 to Annapolis. We drove through delightful farmland to just south of Dover and found Lynn in her beautiful retirement bungalow. As always, it was tastefully and artfully decorated and she explained that rather than 3 bedrooms, she had the builder eliminate one of them in favor of a larger dining/living area. Great idea! The patio had been enclosed and made into a screened in porch usable easily in 3 seasons. Nephew Rob and his wife Linda arrived with daughter Erika and we had a rollicking good family reunion and dinner. The laughter and stories reminded us of brother Jack who ... read more
Inside C-47
In a C-147
Dover, Delaware

We left the kids and headed to Parris Island to spend a few days on the Marine Base and visiting friends. Well, we wanted to leave, but as Trish was putting away the coffee pot in the drawer, it pulled out and would not go back in. I tried to fix it and found I had to pull out both drawers in the bedroom to be able to reach the underside of the kitchen drawer. Once I got the bedroom drawers out, and fixed the kitchen drawer, I discovered the bedroom drawer slide had broken and needed replaced, else it would not go back in. (It must have "shaken" loose as part of the shake down.) So, off to the local RV store (fortunately very close to Josh) and I purchased a set of slide holders ... read more
Beaufort, SC
Standing at attention for colors
8 Platoons on Parade Deck

Posted by: Onaxthiel: Near Beaufort, SC stand the remains of Old Sheldon Church, founded by early South Carolinians, burned by the British for serving as a powder magazine, rebuilt and burned again by the Federals during the civil war. These days the remaining brick walls and pillars are surrounded by a beautiful landscape of trees, vines and bushes. Tomb stones dating to before the revolution and strangely walled up trees complete a pervasive sense of serenity and the usual in the morning mists that enshroud this place. The trunks of the trees all seem to lean in towards the ruins, giving an impression that they are bowing to the grave of John Bull, a founder of South Carolina and Savannah. He now lies interred in front of what remains of Old Sheldon's altar. According to the ... read more
An odd, walled up tree
All the trees bow to the church
Inside of the church

My wonderful husband bought me that pretty camera and that pretty new computer so I could keep my travel journal up to date, and what do I do? Completely space and decide that I'm too lazy and busy to blog on myspace or my travel journal. And in truth, I've been sleeping for the past week. It hasn't been pretty at all. Graduation went fine, our nephew is a Marine! He matriculated to VMI last weekend, and we'll probably go visit him soon. We're planning on going to one of the football games shortly. We spent the rest of Friday lounging around the hotel, eating and being lazy. It's on of those things you can only do on vacation, because if you try and be that lazy at home, something will inevitably come up. Saturday we ... read more
View of the low country
Forrest Gump tree
Deer on Hunting Island

We drove to Parris Island today, and spent time with our nephew for family day. Being there, amongst all those recruits, it was surreal. There's no other way to describe it. Batallions drilling, soon to be graduates walking proud and tall, moms fussing, girlfriends completely starry eyed. And tomorrow will be even more fun, as my husband is showing up in his Class A's. There will be pictures of my gorgeous man when I blog, I promise. Yum. I have tons to say, but I'm in the process of editing it at the moment. I am slightly afraid of offending a few people I respect and hold dear, and I'm making sure what I write won't do that. However, it will eventually get said in time. Hm. Jerry kicks ass, I want you all to know ... read more

After visiting Jacksonville again on our way up the East coast, and spending a day at the beach with one of Danielle's friends from college who's now a pilot in the Navy, we left for Beaufort, South Carolina. We stopped on the way in Savannah, which we had planned on walking around in, to admire the beauty and charm of the city. However, even though it was about 5 pm once we reached the city, it was still too hot to comfortably leave the animals in the camper for long. So, we parked, walked around for half an hour, and continued on our way. Definitely one of may places we'd love to come back to later and explore more in depth. In Beaufort we visited John (who had driven down to visit us in Jacksonville). ... read more
Echo and Brady
Echo and Brady

Dec 14, 2006 *City official name :Parris Island *Founded date : *Location :South Carolina State *Elavation :? ft (? m) *Area :Approximately ? square miles (? km²). *Facts :Parris Island is a census-designated place (CDP) in Beaufort County, South Carolina, United States. The population was 4,841 at the 2000 census. As defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, Parris Island is included within the Beaufort Urban Cluster and the larger Hilton Head Island-Beaufort Micropolitan Area. It is perhaps best known for its U.S. Marine Corps training facility Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, where about 16,000 Marines pass through boot camp every year. A town named Santa Elena was founded here by Spanish Conquistador Pedro Menéndez de Avilés. It wa... read more
Parris Island
Parris Island
Parris Island

Beaufort (pronounced Byu-fert) is located at the heart of the Low Country of South Carolina. Just like the typical southern town, Beaufort is filled with Spanish Moss hanging off from any visible brances in any trees, old and new. As we were driving around the town to see annabellum houses across a lake and historical structures, we noticed that strong influence of Marine Corps was evident throughout the town. Parris Island (the Marine Corps Recruitment Depot) is only miles away. Parris Island is one of two locations, apart from MCRD San Diego California, where the recruit Marines go to bootcamp. Every recruits from east of the Mississippi River and all women have to fulfil their bootcamp in this island. After passing through the full inspection routine at the entrance of the island by a young Marine, ... read more

I've always heard that Atlanta rush hour traffic is one of the worst in the nation, but not until we were trapped in it, I realized how lucky I am, not to have to commute to work everyday like millions in Atlanta. Jason, Ryan and I were leaving for Savannah, Georgia right after work on Friday, and the traffic out from Atlanta was bad. How did driving through the 'Spaghetti Junction' sound like? Four hours later, we finally arrived in Savannah. Ryan has reserved a hotel in a somewhat sketchy area, and the accomodation is not something I can brag about here. Savannah is like a box of chocolate, or at least this is what I can conclude about the charming town after watching my favorite 'Forrest Gump'. In the movie, Forrest was sitting on a ... read more
Westin of Savanna, GA
Spanish Moss

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