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Wake up at the campground after sleeping in the car, white truck pulls up and dude starts shouting. Too early, what does he want. Ticket? Hanging on the mirror, plain sight, is this really necessary? Wrong campground, eh? Seemed like a good idea last night. This spot is for overflow only, noted good sir, carry on. I'm leaving soon anyway. Lay back on the seat, listen to the birds chatter. Five birds, same calls over and over. Does it have different meaning based on timing, or volume or something else my untrained ears are missing? Maybe they're just very adamant about the one thing they have to say. "Good food here. Good food here." Maybe "Ladies, check out my set up." Driving through Charleston, been in the car too long, need to stop and stretch the ... read more
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BruceWyatt email: Revised Entry: On this early Friday morning, 23 December, Elliott got up on his day off to take me to the airport. I'm happy he also walked in with me to see me off. It was so warm in Charleston, South Carolina; it didn't feel like Christmas. I'm sure it will be warmer when I land in Manila, Philippines at almost midnight on Christmas Eve. I couldn't sleep well last night, so on the flight to Chicago I napped a little. It was a smooth flight; we arrived 20 minutes early and had to wait for a gate to be free. A gorgeous, sunny Chicago morning, but the temperature is a cool 25F. I'll be hanging out for a few hours waiting on my flight to Hong Kong on Cathay Pacific. I hear ... read more
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BruceWyatt email: Hello from Bruce Wyatt. With just one month to go, I'm making final preparations for my Dec-Jan Asia trip. It will be a Christmas Eve landing in Manila, Philippines, five minutes before midnight on 24 December 2011. Looking forward to this second trip to the Philippines (the first one was in January and February 2007). From the Christmas weekend in Manila, to a journey along the northwest Luzon coast, to Sinulog in Cebu, to a very relaxing time among friends who live in the remote town of Anda, Bohol, I am sure this will be an awesome journey. It will be nice to see the Austria family and Surat family again in San Juan, La Union province, plus Precy Janiola and her family in Cebu and Bohol. I'm looking forward to ending my ... read more

We decided to spend an extra day in the Charleston area as there I wanted to see an interpretive center that I had read about and I still hadn't had time to see Fort Sumter's visitor center ( we didn't have time for the boat ride out to the fort this time around and it was a little too chilly in January anyway ) Caw Caw Interpretive center was smaller than I had thought but still interesting. Displayed were facts about wildlife in the area and also about rice production done by slaves as the center stands on part of an old rice plantation. They talked about the dangers to slaves that worked on the rice plantation, from malaria to alligators and also about the tools used to produce rice and the process of flooding the ... read more
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