Stupid Question Of The Week

Published: July 21st 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

(On the phone)...

Me: "Ma'am, we did find the purse you left in the room last week. Unfortunately, we don't have it - it has been turned over to the police."

Lady: "The police? How come?"

Me: "Well, in congruence with our policy, we opened the purse to look for a form of identification so we could make every effort possible to get in touch with you. We soon realized that the purse had a great deal of illegal contraband, so again in congruence with our policy, we turned it over to the police."

Lady: "What the f*** dude. How old are you?"

Me: "Ma'am I don't see what difference that makes."

Lady: "You sound young! Why didn't you just keep it and use it instead of turning it over to the f***ing police?! God what is wrong with your generation?!"

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