Back to the Roots 2004

Published: October 18th 2006
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This is a picture/back log of a trip my family and I took to South Carolina in August 2004. We went to Myrtle Beach and Charleston, South Carolina. It was great, except I got a terrible, terrible sunburn (I had blisters! Ew!). It was so terrible I had to spend a day on a couch in the horizontal direction and could hardly move. By time we got down to Charleston, I could move (it was still painful) but I was so red that when I was in the Market, a little girl actually pointed at me and laughed. I looked like a lobster, I guess.

Laughter aside, it was a great trip. Had a lot of great seafood and got to visit the place where my dad's side of the family is from. My dad was the photographer, so the picture credits go to him...

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View from our hotel in Myrtle BeachView from our hotel in Myrtle Beach
View from our hotel in Myrtle Beach

I love beach front hotels overlooking the Atlantic Ocean :)
Family in Myrtle BeachFamily in Myrtle Beach
Family in Myrtle Beach

I'm all the way to the right--look how sunburnt I got!
In hell, my own little infernoIn hell, my own little inferno
In hell, my own little inferno

I had such a bad sunburn, I couldn't move from this couch

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