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November 17th 2009
Published: November 18th 2009
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Charleston S.C. 32.46.505 79.56.928
When we left Bock Marine, repairs completed we moved down to Town Creek Marina anchorage in Beaufort to sit out the predicted bad weather Ida was sending our way. Was it wet!! and windy. Lots of book reading, scrabble games and the like for a couple of days. There were numerous vessels waiting out the weather, all like us getting a significant fresh water rinse. It was a good place to anchor, handy to the services of the town, easy access to shore. Although you could imagine my surprise when on the third day, I woke up looked out the ports and realized we were in a new place. YIKES! this was quite a surprise given we had already been sitting rock steady for two days. We had been using a fender as a float on our trip line, it seems the extra high tides had submerged it and allowed it to lift the anchor, which did catch again, but was too close to another boat. We re-anchored successfully with no more difficulty.
On the morning of the 15th we raised anchor, headed for an outside run to Cape Fear. What actually happened was a run of an extra day to Charleston South total about 50 hours for us.
We had light and variable winds the first day, by the time Cape Fear came into view (about 6 am) we decided to keep going under winds from a favourable direction.
We were not alone in our sailing, on the morning of the 16th a red winged black bird landed, investigated every nook and cranny on deck, even made a foray below. The little fellow seemed a bit tired, stayed with us for roughly 8 hours, enjoying crumbs, fresh water that had collected in our cart wheels, picking bugs from various lines. He became very friendly sitting on our feet and or hands.
Large numbers of dolphins came regularily to play in the bow wave of the boat each morning and afternoon, sometimes at night as well. What a treat to watch them at play, streaking across the bow, jumping in the waves and surfacing right beside the boat, sometimes close enough one could have reached out and touched them.
We were happy to reach Charleston, with more varieties of palm trees in evidence and to get in an afternoon nap since we were both under slept. Oh I took advantage of the best showers I have seen since before leaving home, what pleasure after a passage in the Atlantic.


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