Journey Home

Published: June 21st 2009
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So were on our way home, we did our crossing from the bahamas. 30 hour trip from great sail cay to the st. lucie inlet. we got boarded by the coast guard in the middle of the stream. they thought we could fit more people on our boat then just us 2. they thought we were smuggleing people into the states. then they came on the boat and realized that would be a joke! during the crossing we had a fish jump into our boat. is was so calm we were watching movies in the cockpit. a fish came and hit me, i was like what the hell was that then we saw the little fish flappin around our feet! after we got boarded we put out a fishin line, to try and catch another mahi mahi before we got to the states and just 30 miles off the coast we heard the reel just screamin, thats when you know you caught something, we reeled it in and what do you know a nice little 20 lb mahi! cleaned it up and we had a good last meal before we finished out 30 hour cross. when we got in brendan had to go and call customs to let them know we are in the country. they gave us 24hrs to get up the coast to ft. pierce. then we had to walk to the airport to check in. 4 miles later we made it. they checked all our paper work, had us waiting for about an hour when 3 special agents walked in. they took us to seperate rooms. interigated us for hours. they couldnt believe that 2 young guys could actually do somthing like this without smuggleing drugs or people into the country. then after another hour of them talking the special agents came and talked to us just like we were at a bbq having som


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