Hunting Island Lighthouse

Published: June 8th 2009
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Hunting Island Lighthouse

Roger and Janice drove us to Hunting Island today to visit the lighthouse, one of only two build of cast iron plates. The lighthouse had to be moved in 1888 as it was threatened by beach erosion and would have been moved again if the state had not pumped tons and tons of sand to rebuild the beach. The lighthouse is in a beautiful setting, surrounded by trees. The foundations of lighthouse keeper's house as well as that of his assistant are still there. The duplex burned some years ago leaving only the foundations.

The Lighthouse

We climbed the 275 steps to the top where we were greeted with a beautiful view of the ocean and the surrounding island. While still a functioning lighthouse, 50 pounds of oil were carried up the steps in a bucket to the top to feed the light with its frenzel lens. We walked around the top of the lighthouse. There is a narrow circular walkway on the outside of the structure and thank goodness there is a good rail. Even at that some people get weak knees as they step through the door onto the platform.

People were

swimming in the ocean. We all thought it was a bit chilly and when we asked two teenagers how the water was their response was an emphatic "Cold." I, for one, believed them.

There is a small gift shop, and Bill was able to buy a travel pin to add to his collection. As we walked to the gift shop from the beach we found a ring of keys left on one of the picnic tables. We turned in the keys at the gift shop. The clerk tossed them into a "lost and found" box behind the counter. My guess is this a common event.

Since the two of us really enjoy lighthouses and visit any that are near our vacation travel route, this was really a delightful side trip for us. Thanks Roger and Janice!

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