Are you planning an Overseas Adventure Travel Vacation? 5 things to keep in mind

Published: March 2nd 2019
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Overseas adventure travel can be the worst or the best experience of your life. It all comes down to planning. However, planning a trip abroad can be a huge task, so it's essential to know what you need. Here is your bird's eye view to plan your adventure trip.

1. Two years or more to come: Get an idea of ​​your budget.

It sounds like a lot of time to plan an adventure abroad, but setting aside enough funds takes time. Unless you are independently rich, you should start saving for your trip a year or two in advance. Depending on the destination and duration of your tip, your expenses are high.

2. A year and a half before: Determine your destination and dates.

Here's where it's fun. You get to plan where you are going and when. Reducing the scope of your trip is now your task. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to see or do? More importantly, when do you want to go? Take a piece of paper, your calendar and start planning. During this phase, you will probably want to do a lot of Internet research on travel agencies, shipping groups, and other adventure travel agencies. These organizations will be in the best position to help you choose and plan your dream trip.

3. One year in advance: book your trip, protect your passport and take your photos.

Once you have made all the decisions concerning your adventure abroad, you will have every interest in understanding everything. In this step, refine your list of favorite agencies, conduct research and contact them to discuss in detail their adventures abroad. It's time to get your hands on what you need, like buying your tickets and booking your trip. If you do not have an American passport, do not delay this important step. Passport processing times are notoriously long. In addition, your shots should not be delayed. Due to the nature of the vaccination, some have an incubation period. Others, however, may remain valid for 6 to 9 months. Check the plans you will need and plan accordingly.

4. Ten months in the future: purchase of equipment.

Unless you start a trip with tennis shoes and shorts only, you will have to prepare yourself. From now on, you have time to explore the outfitters and what is available online for the activities you wish to undertake. Experienced travelers will probably tell you to pack fewer clothes and more money that you think you need. No matter your adventure trip, you will definitely need comfortable walking shoes.

5. Six to six days in advance: check your itinerary, your travel destination, confirm your travel plans and try to be patient.

When your trip is only a few months or days away, you will probably still have a lot of last minute planning to do. Now, you will want to update and refresh your memory on what you have searched for where you are going. Fortunately, most of the work is behind you and the excitement of your overseas adventure trip is coming.


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