Delayed flight

Published: May 16th 2012EDIT THIS ENTRY

I am currently outside Philadelphia airport.... Why am I here? I turned up at the airport at 8am for my 9.30am connection flight to Newark for New Orleans. Then the flight was delayed first by 30 minutes, then by 45 minutes.... So I approached the front desk to ensure I would be able to catch my connecting flight. They assured me I would be flying within the hour.... Then the flight was delayed by an hour..... Then suddenly the flight was delayed by three hours, which then led to a queue as long as the passengers on the plane. As everybody has different connective flights. Then all the machines went down with the printers, it was then I knew this was not going to be my day... I was not surprised then when the words canceled flashed on the screen. After queuing for a further hour, I finally spoke to someone who get me to new Orleans in 5 flights.... Arriving at 2am..... Are you kidding me?????

So I now fly tomorrow, direct from Newark. This is what I get for buying cheap airfare. I was one of the lucky ones, one of the passengers I made friends with is off to Germany and is now flying off across America only to go back on themselves... The idiocy of plane travel.

What have I learnt today... Airlines are wankers. Let's not forgets the 20 questions aimed at me, in checks because I have the oddity of a British passport using an internal American flight. One officer was even berating a woman for smiling while going through the detectors, I felt like I had somehow appeared in some strange Orwellian style novel. But no, Just the American view of security. The passport checker seemed to want my life history as well as asking me where to go in england as he is vacationing there in September with his wife of 15 years.

So I am outside waiting for Kayla and Aliem to come pick me up.... So I can repeat all this rigmarole tomorrow, and they wonder why the airlines are going bust.


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