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Springtime in PennsylvaniaSpringtime in PennsylvaniaSpringtime in Pennsylvania

Scene in southeastern part of the state, just outside Pennsylvania Dutch country. I always like to drive from Philly to Harrisburg, my home town, on the smallest country roads I can find.
So I flew back from Athens to Philadelphia on the news of the ill health of Gilda, formerly married to my late father Norman. Spent time with family and friends while awaiting news from the health front, which terminated unfortunately with loss of life, a funeral, and family togetherness.

Evi flew from Athens to Basel, spent time with her parents and friends, awaiting news from the western hemisphere while making some side trips of her own, to Zurich and to Italy, with Rob and Pascal to their home along the Lake of Lugano. (If Evi had a digital camera you would see some of her picture below.)

During this time I walked the historical and modern streets of Philadelphia and collected some photos which I share with you now.

Evi and I will fly home this coming week, and look forward to joining our SF Bay area friends and neighbors after 6.5 months on the road. We had a great trip, visited 12 countries, witnessed amazing sights and met interesting people of varied cultures. Not having to deal with life's daily minutiae was an added plus!

I will assembly my favorite photos for an upcoming travelblog, in
William Penn, founder of PennsylvaniaWilliam Penn, founder of PennsylvaniaWilliam Penn, founder of Pennsylvania

His statue stands atop City Hall, the largest municipal building in the United States. At 37 feet (11 meters) tall, the statue of William Penn is said to be the largest single piece of sculpture on any building in the world.
coming days. All the best,

Howie and Evi

Additional photos below
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Museum visitorMuseum visitor
Museum visitor

Pennsylvania Dutch visitor snaps Ben Franklin
Liberty Bell, still CrackedLiberty Bell, still Cracked
Liberty Bell, still Cracked

Located near Independence Hall, where America's early leaders riskily composed and signed a declaration of independence from Britain, leading to bloody war...
Stephanie and CarloStephanie and Carlo
Stephanie and Carlo

At their new home - your grandma Gilda was proud of her grandchildren...
Read Between the LinesRead Between the Lines
Read Between the Lines

View through the glass ceiling of the Kimmel Theater of the Arts, in center city Philadelphia
Frolicking in the SunshineFrolicking in the Sunshine
Frolicking in the Sunshine

College students take advantage of the beutiful spring weather and the scenic beauty of Philadelphia (which looks best from a distance).
Horse and BuggyHorse and Buggy
Horse and Buggy

The Amish are still living the old fashioned way, with little or no electricity or modern conveniences, speaking Pennsylvania Dutch language, which sounds Swiss German to me...
Fertile CountrysideFertile Countryside
Fertile Countryside

Pennsylvania is full of farms and forests..
Steam TrainSteam Train
Steam Train

Strasburg Railway in Lancaster County...
Harrisburg SkylineHarrisburg Skyline
Harrisburg Skyline

Pennsylvania's capital city is located on the Susquehanna River which flows from Cooperstown, New York to the Chesapeake Bay.

These travelblogs are dedicated to my beautiful family, Evi, Melanie, and Gadiel. I just found this photo, taken in Leysin, Switzerland, in the late 80's...

6th May 2006

Howie loves his family, howie loves his family....
Awesome pictures, pops. As always. I like the composition of the flower blossoms below the Penn Tower in "Springtime in the city". A very realistic viewpoint. That family picture is a classic, if there were a category for most classic family pictures, that one would be in the running. Nice pants too, I enjoy your '80s style. But remember, its no longer the 80s. Except for when this new cold war comes around, then it will be the 80s. Cheers
6th May 2006

Thank you for all your blogs you sent us up to now. I wish you happy landing in SF and wish you a good time in San Rafael. I was allways happy to get your blogs !
11th May 2006

Great to read these journals
Howard and Evi, how lovely to visit these countries through your eyes and words. And to read Gadi's - Melanie tells me you will be in CA soon, for G's grad. What a fantastic journey!

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