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September 12th 2008
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The City of Brotherly Love :)The City of Brotherly Love :)The City of Brotherly Love :)

It was rainy and dark but I made it to the LOVE statue!
I made it! Here I am in Philly, at my hotel with free internet! BONUS!
Flight from Toronto was great - on time, got my luggage right away, and found the hotel shuttle, which came within 5 minutes. Then... drama ensued.

As I went to check in at the front desk of the hotel, I noticed two other people with Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) letters like mine. The receptionist was dealing with someone on the phone and they all looked confused. I spoke up, saying I was with NCL too and then found out that they had us in reservation a few weeks ago but then were told to cancel it, as we'd be put up in the Holiday Inn. They called there and they didn't have us either. Lucky for me, this was already something they'd been dealing with (from the time the 1st guy arrived) for 2 hours, however progress didn't seem to be getting made. Until one of the men got on the phone. He said he was the captain and demanded answers and service. THE CAPTAIN! So short of it, he was on the phone for awhile, telling important people that it was unacceptable and we
Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly!Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly!Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly!

It was SOOOOO freaking good!
finally were allowed to check in. He apologized to me for this being my first impression of the experience and I assured him Honduras trained me to be patient and expect nothing. So, I met the captain and he calls me by name. Nice guy too! Thank goodness he was here. I wouldn't have known what to do!

Next, I called Donray. I was SOOOOO excited to see him. Donray and I were teachers together in Honduras. He and Alisa are still dating. I saw Alisa last December but hadn't seen Donray since we left Hondo! It was SOOOOO great to see him!

He picked me up at the hotel and drove me around, showing me a few highlights of the city. Unfortunately it was rainy, foggy, and dark but that didn't stop us. It was like we were picking up where we left off... like I had just seen him yesterday.

We went for Philly Cheesesteaks, walked around a few places, had a couple drinks in a bar that played latin music, and even danced some merengue. We reminisced about Honduras and talked about how amazing it would be to all go back together to teach

Dizzle enjoying his ;)
again - how carefree and stress-less life was down there for us. I miss it. I've missed him. It was amazing to see him.

Time for me to head to bed, as I don't have many hours left before I go!

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City HallCity Hall
City Hall

With Alisa's favourite creepy Mr. William Penn on top. He cursed the city. There was a rule that no building was to be higher than City Hall. However, building got tall. Philly hasn't won any sports championship since!
Together AgainTogether Again
Together Again

Good Friends. Good Fun.

16th September 2008

Good Luck
Good to see that everything is working out. Hope you have a GREAT time. Keep in touch. Try to get in some SCUBA diving, I'm sure the diving will be excellent. Love you and talk to you later.
16th September 2008

You mean Alisa's favorite creepy Mr. Penn. You added that "u" as always. hehehe. I love that building at night. So eeeeery.
8th February 2010

Hi, i used to work as a french teacher at EBH ; could you please give me Donray's contact? Thanks !

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