Published: May 24th 2008EDIT THIS ENTRY

This could only happen to me (Lisa).
Vacation has officially started, as have the mishaps. Sitting next to the ever entertaining Anna, a mere one hour into our trip, she spilled (oh no she didn't) her glass of apple juice. It landed all over me, my shoes, my bag....quite refreshing! And being the prepared parent that I try to be, I packed extra clothes in our carry-on for the girls, thinking that I would be fine until we arrive in Barcelona 12+ hours from now. I knew I would get to shop on this trip, just didn't think it would be at Gap in the Philly airport.


24th May 2008

Well, it sounds as though the month-long festivities are off to a flying start! Hope everyone enjoys the trip!
24th May 2008

hows the cruise so far????
25th May 2008

well we havent even started the cruise yet, we check in @ noon 2day. i think its like 4 in the morning in nashville rite now, but its 10:45ish here!

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