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Published: April 29th 2018
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All’s well on our home front...knock on wood! Knock, Knock, Knock (Sheldon always knocks 3 times). I’m going through a little blog withdrawal so decided to take you on our tour of Winchester, Virginia that we did last evening. You’ll like it....we did and Lulu loved it. Any new adventure for her is like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top....the best!

We checked into Candy Hill Campground. Located at the end of a residential neighbor! As I mentioned on my Facebook posting, it was filled up because Winchester was having some big Spring Apple Festival. From the way everyone talked, it’s big doings. Cory had to unhook our car and back our rig into our site. There was a guy helping him but I was also out there. It looked like Cory was going to back into a tree so I had him stop the RV with my sweet, melodious call. The man who was guiding him yelled at me and said it was HIS job to park him! Baloney....I told him he was getting too close to the tree....the mean man said “not close enough!” Welcome to our campground! Hah! When checking in, the reception guy
Lulu also helped guide us into our siteLulu also helped guide us into our siteLulu also helped guide us into our site

Candy Hill Campground..Winchester, VA.
wasn’t any better. He gave Cory the site map but told him “Don’t look at it now! The man (mean) will take you there, park you and then you can look at the map!!” Cory wanted to peek at it but was nervous after the dictatorial instructions. Geez....Then the other receptionist was on the phone with an incoming camper who wanted to come in late this evening to their site....NO!...was her cherry response! “You can only come in tomorrow per your reservations...that’s it!” Slam! The other guy asked what that was about and how long they would be staying....she said 30 Days! OMG! And they couldn’t accommodate these people! Geeez. We’re glad we are just an over-nighter!

They did have a big trolley driving around the grounds...I love trolleys, ‘member? I asked about a ride. Hah! It was done for the day....of course. So much for the trolley ride. Lulu was so disappointed. All she could do was lick her wounds.

In the meantime, Cory was hooking up everything. He had to share the TV cable connector with the camper next to us. Nothing was coming in! Finally, he got it working. Our satellite didn’t work cause there were trees around us.....not going to get mean man to help with any realignment. Boo....to mean man!

We were starved. Only a left over biscuit from Cracker Barrel for our meal of the day. We checked out the area via my IPad and their brochures. Looked like a street named Loudoun was the place to go for eateries.....only a couple miles away. We entered into the Old Historic Winchester. Huge, gorgeous homes....massive old buildings...all immaculately kept. We found a place to park. Walked past monster mounds of folded cardboard boxes and hundreds of other boxes with empty wine bottles in them....ready for garbage pickup. Too bad crafters weren’t there to snap them up. We went past the festival dealers all taking done their wares and tents. What memories reflected in our minds. Been there, done that a million times! Quickly arrived on Loudoun St. It was closed off to vehicles and very active as the leftover attendees to the festival were still out and about....as well as the clean up crew. Should we go South or should we go North? Decisions, Decisions. We went South and saw a few of the restaurants we had seen advertised.....you want the ones with a lot of customers, though. We turned and headed North....going to check out a place called Brewbakers. Yikes! What’s going on?? Hold onto your ears! Sirens....the loudest ever....are screeching in the distance. Two fire trucks are now trying to make their way up this closed and crowded street. Make way everyone! I’m now deaf as the horrendous racket passes us by within inches. Wonder where they are going and where’s the fire? We ambled along behind these flashing, squealing trucks. On-lookers are taking pictures....including me. Whoa, boy! You have to be kidding. The fire is in Brewbakers....the restaurant we want to try. Wouldn’t you just know it! How inconvenient! The firemen fight their way through the unmoving crowd.....evacuating all the patrons inside. At least we had not been seated and served. I couldn’t see the fire...must have been back in the kitchen. The fire trucks were there a long time...even after we left the area. We turned around and headed south again. Passed a small walk up window store that said they were the “Home of the Original Sliders”. A nice little tidbit for your book of knowledge. We stopped at a massive building (could have been an old hotel at one time, me thinks) with many floors. We checked on the wait time...30-45 minutes. Left our name but continued walking. Came to Roma Old Town Wood Fired Pizzeria. They had other food besides pizza so we went in. 30 minute wait unless we took a high-top...then immediate. High top it was. It was a fun place....Lulu loved it. She immediately bellyed up to the bar, boys......and one of the boys took an instant liking to hear. Who wouldn’t? Without hesitation, he and his girlfriend posed with Lulu. She is such a pickup...Lulu! One loose lady! We were in our gloryland with our meals. I got my favorite: calamari (this wasn’t the Earl with a tuna melt) and Cory got a Colossal meatball......he loves meatballs and boy, did he get the biggest meatball of all times. Eat up, Bucky! Plus, he was swishing his mouth with his favorite drink: a Manhattan on the rocks. Drink up, Guy! We even left some food behind because there was so much.....too much of a good thing can kill you, you know!

We headed home (our RV.....our house on wheels) after thoroughly enjoying our visit in Historic Winchester. Glad we stopped at Candy Hill or we wouldn’t have had this adventure....minus, the mean man.

This morning, we left Winchester at 8:00 AM. That’s early for us. Stopped at a Flying J for gas ($3.03 in VA.)......didn’t get much from the broken pump at Pilot Gas the day before. Once in Pennsylvania, another Flying J had it for $3.69. Friends still traveling north, plan your gas stop accordingly.

As I write this blog, we are heading to Lewisburg, PA. There is a big Federal Prison in Lewisburg. Jimmy Hoffa stayed there. Anyone you want us to say “hi” there for you? Can you see Lulu checking it out? Before you know it, she would be checked in! Not much with strip searching on her! She does have some positive attributes.

Maybe another 3 1/2 - 4 hours, we’ll hit home....good old terra firma of Shongo, NY. Wait a minute! Maybe longer now cause we have stopped at a McDonald’s in Lewisburg. It was a gorgeous place! Looked like a Victorian library. I told the manager how nice it was....he agreed but said they are tearing it down and replacing it with the new modern style with the kiosk. Too bad! A shame! Also, for any of you traveling this way, there is mega road construction going on in this area but it doesn’t hold you up. They are making a new, huge bypass around Sunbury and Lewisburg....leaving all that stop and go slow driving to the locals. It will be great when it is done. Not for the businesses on the current stretch but definitely for the moving travelers.

Since leaving this morning at 37 degrees, we are in winter clothes with warming blankets over our laps plus mittens on. Got the idea? The trees are now the brown sticks we are used to so we know we are getting close to home. Cory has been fighting the wind most of our whole trip. He’s arms have been twisting back and forth like he’s using an exerciser machine. But, now I can visualize Sam & Sandy and Walt & Diane and Ray & Sarah and Linda & Joe in their little shorts, cranking up their air conditioning., wiping their brows from sweat, searching for cold liquids. Except for Sam.....he likes to bundle up no matter how hot it gets and he loves his warm water out of his favorite, plastic bottle with the big cap. That’s Sam! It is amazing how the weather changes from the South to the North !! Amazing!

One more thing.....take a look at my arm! Cory! You have to stop pounding on me!! Actually, it happened yesterday at a rest stop. I was leaving the restroom and hit my arm on something....don’t know what. It hurt and I yelled “ouch”. Now look at it! Feel sorry for me? I hope so!

So, faithful followers, we are pretty close to ending our journey together. We hope you had as much fun as we did. Lulu is distraught.....she hates leaving all of you. You are her fan club and she loves each one of you dearly. What a sweet doll baby, she is! We wish you all the best of everything with each day coming. Stay in touch and watch for the occasional blog that might pop up once in awhile. So long for now. We’ll miss you a whole bunch!

One more reminder....you’ve been to this rodeo before...24 photos....scroll and change page to see them all. I left messages for you at the end of them. 😎❤️

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Brewbakers....place on fireBrewbakers....place on fire
Brewbakers....place on fire

Rats...we were going to eat there
Macado’s...? Old hotel? Macado’s...? Old hotel?
Macado’s...? Old hotel?

Left our names but that was it..too crowded
Lulu at the bar and Lulu at the bar and
Lulu at the bar and

With new bar friends
Another old buildingAnother old building
Another old building

Lulu gets shot out of the cannon

29th April 2018
Amen! Hey, do I hear hoorays?

Winchester is beautiful.... sorry about your dinner.....Glad your almost home... It has been great reading your blogs..... hopefully we will make connections this summer...
29th April 2018
Amen! Hey, do I hear hoorays?

I would like that very much!! Let’s make it happen. 😎
29th April 2018

wandering winchester
Welcome home!!!! Sounds like you are enjoying every last bit of travel time-really enjoyed your blogs and glad you made it safely!!!
29th April 2018

Thanks, DeAnne.
Great to be home. Looks good with only a few branches on the ground. Priority: get the TV up and working. 😎
29th April 2018

Glad you made it home
I will let you know when I will be up. Not sure this summer or fall. Would love to see you. Will miss your blog. Highlight of my day. That sounds really sad. Hugs to all
29th April 2018

Please, yes
Wonderful.....we would love seeing you! Now that Paul won’t talk me cause I voted for Trump....you are the only cousin I have to share old and make new memories !! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
29th April 2018

Candy Hill
We have stayed there several times on our travels south. We have met said mean man every time, as well as the rest of the “accommodating” staff. Convenient campground, but crummy hospitality. Probably will bypass from now on.
29th April 2018

Not alone
Glad to hear it wasn’t just us...but sad to know their customer service needs to be revitalized into a more positive approach. It was handy and we really liked the historic part of Winchester but we won’t stay there again, either.
29th April 2018

Have enjoyed your blogs so much. I feel like I have memories to share. Glad your both home safe. Karen
29th April 2018

Thank you
Hope we can get to see you this summer.....our schedule will be so much lighter than last year....hooray

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