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As a native, maybe I’m a little biased when I say this, but Harrisburg is a pretty fun place to live. It may not have the same allure as Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, but this capital city has its own special charm. One of my fondest memories of it is a simple one, sitting along the river front with my family on the Fourth of July, waiting for the sun to set and the fireworks to start. Once you delve into it, you’ll find that Harrisburg is anything but simple. Between the thriving Midtown district and plentiful cultural centers, I think it’s almost impossible to be bored with Harrisburg. At least, I never am. Here are my three favorite things to do in Harrisburg: Spend an Afternoon at Midtown Scholar I’ll often whittle away hours in the ... read more

On sunday we were back to Harrisburg and explored the city island. City Island is a mile-long island in the Susquehanna Riverbetween Harrisburg and Wormleysburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. It is used mainly for leisure and sports activities. Its previous names have included Turkey Island, Maclay's Island,Forster's Island and Hargast Island.(courtesy:wiki)... read more

The Next day was a beatutiful warm sunny day and we started the day with city tour by sheldon Munn who kew so much about Harrisburg that we were just bombaredered from all directions. i also found out that there were 14 bridges acrross Susquehanna Riverin harrisburg. Then we went to the Broad Street Market Harrisburg, the book gallery and the grandeur State Capitol. Having taken a course in Art History during my undergrad where i learnt art by Picasso, Van Gogh, Bernini, Michael Angelo, etc i was just excited to check out the beautiful architecture and the clever piece of craftsmanship. Owing to the fact that Pennsylvania is strategically situated between north and south it has lot of significance. The interior of state capitol consists of House Chamber, Senate Chamber and Supreme Court Chamber. This ... read more

Next day we kicked off the day with a visit to Harrisburg Area Community College where we had some amazing lectures on the birth of America and Quakers & religion in America by Nancy Summers , city tour of Harrisburg by Sheldon Munn, amazing insights into the U.S. civil war by Rob Malick. Also i really liked the central campus in Harrisburg which is apprx 200 acres. We were excited to click some beautiful pictures of the blossoming garden. Also since the weather was warmer than Toronto, the campus was a nice place to hang out. Then we went to the National civil war museum which had some amazing exhibits from the civil war. Having taken a couple of elective courses in history during my undergrad i was able to related to this museum way better. ... read more

My first trip to Pennsylvania, USA started as a bus ride from George Brown College, St James campus and our group had 7 members: Kanika, Alvina, Doris, Jun, munkhnast, Joao and myself. As we drove towards the US from Toronto we drove past the buildings that the American burnt down during the battle of York. The Battle of York was fought on Tuesday, 27 April 1813, in present-day Toronto in Canada, between American forces and the British defenders of York during the War of 1812. As the bus arrived at beautiful Niagara falls, we got the visas and passports ready for customs at the border. Surprisingly, there was not a long queue so we were able to pass the screening pretty quickly. As we entered the beautiful country of USA we drove past the amazing country ... read more
New York Country Side
New York Country Side
Pennsylvania Welcome Center

Geo: 40.2598, -76.8822Weather 77 and glorious again! Today we traveled from MD to Harrisburg. We were warned that Hershey gets really crowded and there was no way to get there in a reasonable time being that it was an hour and a half away. We decided that Friday morning would be easier. Instead, we detoured through Lancaster, PA to see some Amish country. We stopped at the visitor center to find out how to go about seeing how the Amish live. It is rather strange to be pointing out people just because of their beliefs and how they dress and do things. It interests me. I watch some of the Amish shows on tv and find it interesting that they are trying to keep their beliefs and lifestyle going amidst the "English" culture that is truly ... read more
Amish house, One Room School
Horse and Carriage

I love to plan things, so I have started to plan a road trip. I plan to begin this road trip the Spring after I retire. Retirement date could be as early as October, 2015, but I am not committed to that month or year. Planning is eighty percent of the fun of traveling. The path will begin in Central Pennsylvania. From there I will travel to West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio and return to Pennsylvania. Since my husband and I will be retired when we begin this trip, we will have no set time period to travel. We will see the USA until we are tired of it, then we will come home. When we become restless, ... read more

I’m still recovering a little from my impromptu but wonderful trip to America a few weeks ago. It was wonderful to visit home and see family and friends, and although I’m happy to be back in Italy, I’m really missing everyone very much. Here’s a brief rundown of my trip: basically, the program director was in the States visiting colleges but unfortunately got pretty severely ill and couldn’t finish, so the program flew me over to finish the last week of her visits. I flew into Washington D.C. and had a very tearful reunion with Mom and Dad (I heard a woman standing near us watching say to her friend ‘I want to hug them too!’). We must have looked pretty happy. I had an excellent first dinner consisting of an enormous bison cheeseburger, French fries, ... read more

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Just checking to see if this is working. In the packing stages at this point. Leaving for Marburg on Sat form Philly!... read more

Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy Shit!!!!! I'm finally finally finaaaaaaaally going to LONDON!!!!!!!!! This is kind of strange. For years I've wanted to go to London. So many of my favorite things hail from the UK, Shakespeare, the Beatles, etc. I can't wait to go there, to see where they must've walked. It'll be fun, weird, crazy and rainy, but I'm totally ready. Tomorrow my parents are driving me to Chatham, New Jersey, where I'm staying with my friend, Caitlin. Then on Monday, Caitlin's parents are taking the two of us to the Newark airport. From there, we get to sit in a little room with the other Ithaca students, eat food and wait for three ridiculous hours until we can get on the plane. We'll arrive in ... read more

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