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October 25th 2018
Published: October 26th 2018
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Departure Day is here, folks. We have made our list and checked it twice.....🎼going to find out who’s naughty or nice🎼(sorry, got a little ahead of myself) ....the excitement got the better of me. It was an easy load up minus the mud. Made several trips to get the last minute stuff in the RV. Our yard is so muddy from all the rain. We were like plugging along in the Everglades swamp. Lulu is glad she doesn’t have any legs at this point.

Lulu took her prime seat to greet you all. The majority of you were here right on time as requested. However, we did have a few stragglers that slowed us up a know who you are...I’m not naming names. The excuse that your driveway washed away due to last night’s rain isn’t going to play in our book. Hint: it didn’t even rain! No window seat for you! Cory and I do our routine walk around the RV & car check.....everything looks good. Lulu peers out the window from the driver’s seat. Cory and Lulu move our bus out onto the road in front of our house at 9:36 AM. And we are off......Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Certainly, nothing like last year. Oh, that was a doozy, wasn’t it? If you missed that horrific blog experience, you can actually go back through the previous ones (click on previous arrow) and make your way back to December 26, 2017. And just another suggestion: IF you are ever bored and want some reading material, you can always go all the way back to our very first blog written on 7/31/2012. I have written 455 blogs (including this one). It’s been like a marathon of blogging. I have bought finger cots to try and save my typing finger. All of my fingerprints on the “Captain“ finger are worn off.....smooth as a baby’s bottom. And you, yes, all of you, who have struggled to get through all of these blogs. It’s a miracle our eyes still function. Of course, I did have to have my cataracts done last April....’member?

Our travel day is a perfect day. No rain, no snow, no ice...some wind but that just helps to keep our big rig rolling. Altogether now - 🎼🎼The Wheels On The Bus Go Round & Round🎼🎼Nice, very nice. Of course, I’m one of the few that are completely out of tune...but I’m loud! Lulu is yodeling at the top of her lungs. She is ecstatic with joy.

The viewing landscape is a little drab....most of the pretty colored leaves are gone. That’s okay. We still see some green trees along with the usual brown sticks. The rock slides are slick with water.....but NO ice like we usually witness when we travel at the end of December. There is a chill in the air so my winter garb feels good. We don’t have our RV furnace on so it’s cool as we roll along. I can hear some of you fussing, too. Don’t worry....we are heading south. That means warmer weather ahead. Hooray. Lulu and Little Lulu snuggle together under the blanket to keep each other warm. They are so cute together. Remember, Little Lulu comes out when Big Head Lulu is just too heavy and awkward to take into some places, ei: a cruise, a church, a nightclub.

Lulu noted the wind had picked up so jumped over (best she legs) to Cory to lend him a _____. She limited as to how she can give some assistance. Cory said he was fine and didn’t need her help. Oooooh. Said if she didn’t get back on her perch, he was going to throw her out the window! WHAaaat! WHAaaat did you say? You better be kidding. Oh, Lulu is whimpering. She slithers sadly back to me. I reassure her that he didn’t mean it. She’s not convinced. Finally, he apologizes to her and give her a reassuring wink of his eye. Whew....she’s better now. She won’t be so eager to help him out again though. She’ll just sit back and watch him struggle. Karma!

The sun has come out and the skies are a brilliant blue. Lulu put on her sunglasses and burst into song: 🎼Blue Skies smiling at me, nothing but Blue Skies do I see🎼. When I was very young girl and taking tap dancing lessons, we had to sing this song at our recital. I know it all by heart. I just try to forget the recital though. My mother made my tiny tutu dance costume. Half way through the program, the back zipper came down and my outfit almost fell off. Thank heavens for intermission! And a sewing kit!

Cory’s plan for today was to stop at our infamous Sleep Inn
A nip in the airA nip in the airA nip in the air

We were prepared
in Carlisle, PA. Granted it was only 3:00 PM......but we could hear some of you moaning and groaning and figured this would work out for the better. We aren’t in a rush....we just take it nice and slow and easy. Trying to make our way to Florida as safe as possible. We are carrying an enormous, valuable load......all of you plus Lulu.

Now you are wondering why are we staying in a motel when we have our house right around us. Cory....that’s why. He is such a swell and sweet guy. I am so lucky. He wanted to make sure that we get the proper TV reception so I can watch my favorite 2 TV shows: The Big Bang Theory and Young Sheldon. I love them both. I’m so addicted to them. It used to be only TBBT but now that Young Sheldon came out, I love it just as much. No decision making needed. I always watch both. So Lulu and I had our dream come true....both shows in HD! Oh, thank you, are the best!

Of course, this very same Sleep Inn has some bad memories for us. Remember the time we were here and Cory started to move our motor home to a different parking space....per my “suggestion”. The turn wasn’t wide enough and our RV basement compartment door and our towing hitch got hung up on a huge boulder that was covered with you remember that? Today, Lulu found that very same boulder but it has been moved and an even worse mega rock is where this treacherous boulder stood. She posed on the original demon.

Well, this visit has proved to be almost as difficult as before but not injurious. First, I made Cory get off the wrong exit. One was label “A” and the other was “B”. I was sure the sign said “B”. WRONG!! Cory promptly expressed his dissatisfaction. I had to cover Lulu’s ears. She’s so fragile. He had to go find a Walmart to turn around in.....which was not truck or RV friendly. Eventually, we were back on course. Our turn for the motel had road work going on but Cory squeezed past it. We headed onward to the well known parking lot surrounded by boulders. Wait! What’s going on here? As Cory pulled in, we found ourselves in our parking lot packed with construction trucks,

And Blue Skies
etc. Rats! We were stuck! And not by the dangerous boulder. What to do now? Lulu was shaking. She was so nervous and upset. Cory got out and unhooked our NEW car and parked it elsewhere. Then he backed our RV into a parking space next to one of the worker’s trucks. Whew....crisis is over. Whew!

They had a room for us. Good. They are remodeling the inside of this motel. Kind of dinghy looking now in the hallways. Once in our room, we quickly found out the toilet didn’t work. Rats! We moved to another room. The flush flushed this time.

We have decided never to stop at this Sleep Inn again! All agree?

We “used” to like this place because it’s right next door to a Cracker Barrel. Handy. After getting settled in our room and making sure the TV had the right channels, we headed out for a walk. Only place to check out before going to Cracker Barrel was Home Depot. We walked the aisles. What a find!! All their Halloween decorations were half- price! Hallelujah! Lulu posed with several of her favorites. She even found a Santa Claus and gave him an early request. We finally bought a wonderful, scary hanging pumpkin. Lulu is thrilled! A new friend! Another name on her dance card. She got so excited she soiled herself. Fortunately they had a nice bathtub/shower unit in the store so she jumped into it and cleaned herself. By the time we were done looking around in this store, Lulu felt like a superwoman.......and she kind of looked like one. She’s one in a million.....don’t you think?

As we wandered back to the Cracker Barrel, Lulu tried out some of her swinging exercises. A low hanging tree branch gave her the right opportunity to hang from it like a monkey. What a talented gal. I think she’s coming back out of her shell and we are starting to see the real Lulu again Good for you sweetie. You can do this.

Flowers are still blooming here in Carlisle. Temperature was 52 degrees. Lulu loves to pose with the posies. A beauty amongst beauties. Then she spied the big Checkers game. She thought she could be a pawn but realized she was in the wrong game. She and Cory decided to play one game before we went inside. So much
Watching The Big Bang TheoryWatching The Big Bang TheoryWatching The Big Bang Theory

Followed by Young Sheldon
fun to shop in their gift shop. I was so good and bought nothing. Just content within my hanging pumpkin. Supper was good as always. My usual is grilled catfish, green beans and dumplings.....yummmmmy. We asked for extra biscuits and the waitress brought us a total of TEN! No way could we eat that many so decided to bring them back to all of you. Enjoy. Maddie, the waitres, got a big tip. Lulu always wanted to be a waitress but her limitations held her back. No way to carry the food let alone write done the customer’s order.

Time to get some shut eye. We’ll probably travel a little longer tomorrow so get your rest now. The moaning makes us nervous when we are cruising along. Lulu gets fretful. Good night and sweet dreams.

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Making adjustments in the parking lotMaking adjustments in the parking lot
Making adjustments in the parking lot

Construction vehicles all over the place
In the witches brew potIn the witches brew pot
In the witches brew pot

Resting on a werewolf
Superwoman Superwoman

Whispering to Santa
Warmed up in Carlisle Warmed up in Carlisle
Warmed up in Carlisle

Lulu loves pansy posies
Not a pawn Not a pawn
Not a pawn

Playing checkers with Cory

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