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North America » United States » Oregon » Cannon Beach August 6th 2014

Off to the beach today. First stop Astoria, on the mouth of the Columbia river. It's one of those small American towns stuck in a time warp - ca 1950s. Lots of films were shot here - Kindergarten Cop and Free Willy were the ones we remember. There is a long waterfront, with jetties sticking out into the sea, canneries and maritime suppliers smelling of salt water and fish and small streets with old fashioned shops stuck in a bygone era, including the worlds's smallest JC Penney. We wander around and agree on an early clam chowder lunch, which is made freshly for us and takes us back to long forgotten family holidays in Massachusetts. We sit over lunch and look around for the guy on the witness protection program, as this must be the sort ... read more
Cannon Beach
David has always hated to go barefoot on the beach
David looks less than fully at ease on the beach

North America » United States » Oregon August 5th 2014

We are driving along the Columbia River Gorge to the town of Hood River. There are hikes to waterfalls everywhere.... read more
Bridal Veil falls
No,  I'm not photoshopping these pics .
Multnomah Falls

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 5th 2014

By the time we reach Portland we are tired and stressed from our battle to get the damaged tire repaired. The satnav is a saving grace to get us safely to our next airbnb house, which is a turn of the century wooden house in a street full of similarly bohemian homes. Every garden (and every stretch of what would be grass verge in a UK road) is full of mixed flowers and vegetables, and maybe the odd pot plant thrown in for good measure. Portland feels a bit like San Francisco in the 60s, mixed with 2014 eco-consciousness. Sandals, bikes, recycling, organic food, an outdoor lifestyle and a lot of weird people. Our home for the next 5 nights is quirky but homely - bare wooden floors, sash windows that mostly don't open and lots ... read more
James wearing his new purchases
too much choice at Voodoo Donut
donuts for 4

North America » United States » Oregon » Grants Pass August 3rd 2014

Feeling a little funny after last night but still got up at 6; looked around the room and had a slight panic attack - gheez this room hasn't seen a good cleaning in a while. We gathered our things and got out of there, don't think I will ever stay there again. There was ashes all over the bike from the fires and still lots of smoke in the air. Need some breakfast to soak up the alcohol - the only place serving breakfast was the Frontier Cafe which is attached to the bar from last night. The place was tolerable but came with a pretty big price tag for where it is. Decided to take Indian Creek Road out of Happy Camp to Hwy199. The road felt a little eerie to me , no cars ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Grants Pass August 2nd 2014

Was a good thing we left early - it's starting to be a real hot and smoky ride. Literally - smoke everywhere from all the fires. Finally in Yreka after 4 hours on I5. Time to find a bar and have a drink, the Log Cabin on Main Street is open for business. There was 3 people sitting at the bar when we walked in, no one was talking. to liven up the conversation I was trying to throw out different topics but no takers. then Alan brought up someone hitting a bridge and all the sudden they livened up, they all remembered that incident. one even got up and looked in the phone book, yes phone book not cell phone book, too find the trucking company that caused the problem. The Bloody Mary's where great, ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland August 2nd 2014

Day 26- Hiked a few miles on the south west side of Crater Lake. The view was amazing, the water so blue and clear. Drove a few hours to Portland and crashed with some of Sven's mt biking buddies from Chico, Kevin and Cory. Day 27- Cleared out our cooler and made some breakfast for our hosts. We headed downtown to meet up with one of my nutrition girls, Megan. She introduced us to a few other Chico State alum. and we all went to Deschutes brewery for lunch. After, we parted ways with that fun bunch, I dragged the boys to the Nordstrom Rack... For some internship clothes. Duh ;) We were so exhausted from exploring and having some beers in the heat of the day, that we headed back to ... read more
Oregon roadside
Crater Lake

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 25th 2014

We took the Amtrak Coast Starlight train from Seattle to Portland, OR today. This train goes from Vancouver, B.C. to California which includes bi-level coaches and sleeping cars if you are making the journey to CA. Travel speeds are slow compared to the Northeast Corridor. The scenery along the coast was beautiful and we crossed over the Columbia River along the way. Both Union Stations were quite pretty and very clean as compared to what we are used to on the East Coast. We've not been to Portland before and we were pleasantly surprised at the vibrance of the town. We took one of those hop on hop off trolleys for a 2 hour tour of the town, the expansive parks, and the waterfront area where there was a Brewfest event. On the way back to ... read more
Union Station Seattle
Pioneer Courthouse
Statue of Sacagawea

North America » United States » Oregon July 3rd 2014

Ruth and I were amazed by the variety of landscapes...seaside, river valleys, mountain tops, grasslands, desert. The variety of wildflowers was just amazing, so I've put most of them in a separate blog.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland July 1st 2014

Today we head for Portland. I got up early to go for a walk down by the river. Interestingly, the river was calm with no wind, not at all like yesterday. Many of the locals get their morning exercise by paddle boarding. Back at the B&B, we continued our conversation from the night before, with another couple about windsurfing and kite boarding. We really enjoy B&Bs because of the people you meet. They had become amateur meteorologists, and assured us that 30 minutes down the road, Rooster Rock would have great windsurfing conditions. Unfortunately, we took too much time hiking, etc and missed seeing them windsurfing at Rooster Rock. It's only an hour away by interstate, but there are any number of waterfalls and overlooks to visit. Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls is a very popular ... read more
Paddle boarding on Columbia River
Benson Bridge at Multnomah Falls

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 30th 2014

Portland – The ‘Foodie’ City We leave at 8am from Spokane as we have a long drive to Portland (350 + miles). As we head through Washington State the landscape is quite gentle, not so hilly and mainly grasslands – large ranches and not many settlements. Once we hit Oregon, we are following the Columbia River (the State Line between Oregon & Washington runs down the middle of it) and we see the biggest wind farms we’ve seen in the US to date – mostly on the Oregon side but also some on the Washington side. As we get closer to Portland, vineyards start to appear together with lots of fruit orchards and we also get sight of a snow covered Mount Hood in the distance – it looks a bit like Mt Fuji in Japan. ... read more
Famous Mo's for Clam Chowder
Food Trucks - Portland
Overlooking Yaquina Bay - Newport

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