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North America » United States » Oregon October 1st 2014

I've changed my wallpaper to some lovely view from a ruined castle high atop a hillside in Portugal. And it occurs to me: what would Eugene look like if it had been settle by aggressive castle-building folks in the 1500's? Can you just see Spencer's Butte all crenellated, full of precipitous stone-fenced walkways? Mt Pisgah would surely boast at least a minor castle, perhaps even well-preserved.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon September 30th 2014

It's 193 days until my Portuguese adventure. Is it possible, possivel, to sustain such excitement for 193 days? So far the answer is yes. Trying to learn rudimentary Portuguese. Obsessively travel planning. Start up a travel blog. Yes. And in the meantime, plan a trip to California! It's 54 days until my California adventure. Hmmm.... doesn't have quite the same ring to my ears. Gotta work on that.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Florence September 24th 2014

Wir sind positiv überrascht: die Küste Oregons ist nicht einfach nur schön, sie ist geradezu dramatisch. Der Charakter der Küste lässt sich daher viel besser in Filmen als in statischen Fotos festhalten, und wir haben mit den Fotokameras auch einige Filmchen gemacht. Aber ihr müsst leider erst mal mit Fotos vorlieb nehmen. Angefangen haben wir mit den 3 Kaps Cape Meares, Cape Lookout und Cape Kiwanda. Cape Meares besitzt einen sehr charmanten kleinen Leuchtturm und hat mit tollen, nebelverhangenen Ausblicken auf die Bucht geglänzt. Das Cape Lookout Vom Mt. St. Helens sind wir in die Columbia River Gorge weitergefahren. Der Columbia River stellt die Grenze zwischen Washington und Oregon dar, und die Schlucht ist auch wirklich sehr hübsch anzusehen. Allerdings führen 2 Highways und 2 Bahntrassen hindurch, und der Lärm trübt deutlich die Idylle. Daher: weg ... read more
Wo ist denn das Ende?
Erste Übungen mit dem Boogie-Board
Jens hat mir Blumen geschenkt!

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake September 12th 2014

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA ROAD TRIP / Part 1. My 3-week adventure begins!! The plan was for me to take 2 weeks to drive down to Santa Cruz on my own, see places I've never seen before, then I would pick David up at the San Jose airport, we'd spend the weekend at his family reunion in Santa Cruz, and then take a week to drive back home together. A LOT of preparation went into this trip. I had to hire someone to clean my guesthouse, which is like a B&B without the hot breakfast, and this person would need to be available for situations that were sure to arise for the guesthouse while I was gone. Fall happens to be an extremely busy time for bookings, so she would be pretty busy while I was gone. As ... read more
The hike down to the boat
Cute chipmunk
Down at the lake

North America » United States » Oregon » Reedsport September 7th 2014

Most people that know us are very aware that trying local food plays a large part in our enjoyment of travel, and this trip has been no exception. Over the last few days in Oregon, we've especially enjoyed all of the fresh, local seafood and although I try to do tripadvisor reviews when I have time, I thought I'd mention a few of our enjoyable restaurant experiences here. In Rockaway, Oregon we ate at the Beach Bite right on Highway 101 about half way through town on the east side of the road at the corner of N. 2nd. Ave. Actually, this family restaurant is connected with a Mexican Bar & Grill called Dos Rocas, and we ate on that side. We both had the Halibut fish tacos and they were fantastic as was the Salmon ... read more
Fresh Sea Food at the Luna Sea
Harbour Light Foil Bake
Char-Grilled Salmon Salad

North America » United States » Oregon » Reedsport September 7th 2014

Yesterday, Friday, September 5, was breaking heat records, into the 90's fahrenheit. And the outlook was for more of the same on Saturday. But, the day started very foggy, misty and COLD and we didn't climb up past 55 degrees; nearly 40 degrees cooler than forecast! So the Miata kept her top on all day today. Our first stop today was Cape Foulweather with a 360-degree coastal panorama view. Unfortunately, the weather really was foul; so foggy we couldn't see much but I did get a few shots of a beautiful beach, hundreds of feet below us, fading off into the fog in the distance. We drove on to the Devil's Punchbowl from here, which is a rock formation on the coast that is like a huge bowl with tunnels at the bottom letting in the ... read more
Cape Foulweather
Sea Otter feeding
Tufted Puffin

North America » United States » Oregon » Depoe Bay September 5th 2014

This morning we picked up our free coffee and danishes and fruit then chose a bench on "The Prom" to eat breakfast in the morning sun by the ocean. After a short walk across the sand to the water, we returned to quickly load up the car and head out down the coastline again. We are sure enjoying all of the roly-poly, narrow winding roads going in and out of all the state parks, under the heavy tunnel-like canopy of trees. Even Hwy. 101 is a great curvy little highway that the Miata just seems to purr along on. And the convertible is perfect for the spectacular heat wave we're having here on the coast. It's supposed to be up into the 90's fahrenheit today and tomorrow. Our first stop today was Ecola State Park to ... read more
Cannon Beach
Surfer on Cannon Beach
Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

North America » United States » Oregon » Seaside September 4th 2014

Our stay at the Tokeland Hotel really was great. The atmosphere is kind of a mix between a historic hotel, B&B, and Grandpa's cottage. The whole place is very eclectic with a variety of old wooden tables and chairs in the dining area, with cloth placemats and all the lounge seating areas around the hotel have a real hodge podge mix of chairs and couches with cushions and blankets and piles of books and board games everywhere. All of the staff and the owners are very friendly and attentive and even Fat Cat and Pixie the old Golden Retriever were very welcoming. The meals were all excellent from the oysters and scallops to the eggs, cranberry sausages and coffee. The Tokeland is a VERY warm and homey place and I would strongly recommend that you do ... read more
Long Beach, WA
World's Largest Frying Pan
Cape Disappointment

North America » United States » Oregon August 30th 2014

23 août Nous sommes partis de Cap Blanco pour se rendre à Gold Beach soit 36,5 miles (58,4 km ). Hier de Bandon à Cap Blanco, nous avons fait 29,5 miles soit 45,6 km. Hier (22 août) était la première journée où nous n'avons pas enlevé nos patins en raison de la qualité de la route ou des pentes. Aujourd'hui, nous avons enlevé nos patins dans une descente mais la qualité du pavage laisse toujours à désirer pour une partie du trajet. Le pavage était beau jusqu'à 7 miles avant Gold Beach. Notre technique et notre habileté commence à s'améliorer. Benoit est aussi tombé en haut d'une côté (sur le pavage de mauvaise qualité) et a de nouveau blessé son coude droit, le même que la première journée. Aujourd'hui nous avons vraiment suivi la côte et ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Gold Beach August 24th 2014

Départ de Cape Blanco vers 9:30 ce matin. On sait désormais d'où vient le nom... C'était tellement blanc de brouillard qu'on ne voyait même pas le phare à quelques centaines de mètres de nous... Déjeuner avec un café et pain frais du marché de Port Orfford et de la confiture achetée la veille (la sorte suivra bientôt... je dois vérifier le nom du fruit ;) ). Nous avons fait 59,4km aujourd'hui et n'avons enlevé nos patins qu'une seule fois pour descendre une côte trop abrupte. Autant c'était froid ce matin, autant nous avons eu chaud en pm. Magnifiques paysages de bord de mer et de récifs toute la journée ... C'est le repaire des Rochers Percés ici; il y en a plus d'un à tous les coins de plages et de caps. Le nôtre doit être ... read more

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