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North America » United States » Oregon October 26th 2018

Wow! I can hardly believe that my life has taken this's been an emotional rollercoaster. I have made the choice. I am ready. I am no longer afraid. I am excited. I am returning to my first love once For those of you who have known me a long time you are likely to have some understanding of why I am making this decision--perhaps, perhaps not. You may also mourn what I have chosen to let go of. I understand. I too have mourned. I have created many lasting memories with the man I have shared my life with over the last decade. We have been both teacher and student for one another on our journey together. The lessons he has taught me will forever be a part of me. There is a special ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland October 11th 2018

Woke at 2:00am Dublin time, left our B&B at 3:00am in order to drop off the rental car. At the gate for our flight to Amsterdam all checked in. Now breathe. Ended up with lots of room on this flight, too. When looking at seating charts last night, only the last row — the VERY last row by the bathrooms and the galley — was available. Thought we were going to be sardined for the 10-hour flight, the two middle seats of the middle section of four. But no! The two seats to the outside of us never did fill, so we moved out and both of us have an aisle and lots of personal space. Woo hoo! Simple pleasures and reasons to rejoice at the end of a long 12-day vacation. Just watched an HBO ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Brookings October 8th 2018

Saturday October 6 We left at 4:30 in the morning with the intent of eating at Waffle House and still getting to the airport an hour early. Unfortunately, it took longer at the Waffle House than I expected and when we got to the airport all the parking lots were full. We finally found a parking space and made it to the shuttle pick-up place, but the shuttle didn't come for another 10 minutes. By the time we made it to check in, we were late. They would not check in our bags and made us take them through security. Of course we had stuff in them that was prohibited to go through security and Rob ended up losing his Swiss Army knife. Even though we rushed as fast as we could we still missed our ... read more
Our Deck
My Rock

North America » United States » Oregon October 6th 2018

Astoria, Oregon Saturday, October 6 How many of you knew Astoria was named for John Astor? Don't answer that - rhetorical. So - here we are in Astoria after what can only be described as one heck of a ride last night! It seems those 40 knot winds along with 15 to 20 ft seas really, REALLY get you rocking; and not in a good way. I had some strange dreams which included rocking in several iterations - and that's all I'll say about the dreams. Sleep did not come easy, and I found myself nursing a rather nasty headache. Not a migraine, thankfully- but darned close. I've a feeling it has to do with pressure change and exposure to some allergan, Oh well. Noone wants to hear about that, and I don't want to talk ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Tillamook September 28th 2018

While on our trip out west earlier this year, my husband and I made a point to stop and visit Tillamook, Oregon then travel on a little southward to Myers Flat, California. We selected the former because we love to go on factory tours and we had heard about the Tillamook Cheese Factory nearby. Though many of the tours that we have gone on since our honeymoon have been brief and short, this one was impressively thorough. We met at the gift shop as the tour group assembled, where we were invited to sample all different kinds of cheeses created and sold by Tillamook. The white cheddar was one of our favorites, as was the creamy spread served with hot pepper jelly and crackers. Once everyone had arrived, we moved into a small amphitheater, where we ... read more
Hidden Beach on Oregon Coast
Myers Flat, California
Oregon Coast

North America » United States » Oregon » Winchester Bay September 25th 2018

Winchester Bay, OR. Tried to drive from Cape Disappointment, WA via Tillamook Cheese Factory to Cape Blanco. 6pm and the sun getting low, it was time to settle in. The picture of a stream is from Stamp River Provincal Park, Vancouver Island, BC. There were falls and we could watch the salmon resting in pools below the falls before attempting (and jumping) to the fish ladder. Amazing commitment in the face of so much rushing water. The beach rock is not Morro Rock but a rock off Ruby's Beach, Kalaloch, WA. The collection of drift wood is enormous but of course, you cannot collect any of it. The little grotto is part of a Large Leaf Maple trail in the Lake Quinault part of the Olympic NF. The colors are indescribable yellows and deep green mosses. ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 21st 2018

Oregon 2018 Portland Resting and overview. A lie in at last with an 8am breakfast. A route march then to catch the tram into town. After several false turns we managed to catch the tram to Down Town Portland at $2.50 for the geriatrics. A deal. A slope around town into various shops and then a cycling shop where I bought some padded cycling fingerless gloves . These are the first I have found since Jackson Wyoming 4 yrs ago. Then a look around the largest bookshop in the world, Powell’s, and it is massive with a great selection of books in about 8 large rooms. Bill and myself found a sew-on badge here for our saddlebags after trawling the whole of Portland. We called at the Pendleton Woollen shop, since Richard W bought his Pendleton ... read more
Portland hire bikes
Powell’s book store.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland September 20th 2018

Oregon 2018. Portland last ride Well today was certainly an interesting one with no one locked up in Multnomah County Jail. The Sheriff was quite polite once he had got over his serious warning bit and threats of a $280 fine. These British cyclists take some controlling. The day started badly as soon as we had done our crossing of the ’Bridge if God’ over the Columbia River into Washington State. We attempted to go down the cycle route starting at the bridge only to be accosted by a guy in a yellow jacket jumping out of his car and telling us the route was closed but did not offer any further explanation. As cyclists do we went 400 metres down the road and jumped the concrete barrier. Several miles later we were accosted by another ... read more
Bridge if the Gods. Washington end
Bonneville Dam and Lock.

North America » United States » Oregon September 19th 2018

Oregon 2018 Cascade Locks. The Dalles Hotel was nice and the meal at Baldwin’s Saloon, although expensive compared to previous establishments, was good too. As we ate we saw a goods train go past with approximately 130 carriages on, which could equate to 3000 tonnes -serious stuff. Away at 8am into brilliant sunshine again in 12 degrees of heat taking the cycle way heading west along the river for 6 miles or so. This was the perfect time to travel west as the sun was on the hills across the Columbia creating the most amazing shadows. The cycle track was in very good condition with sweeping bends and smooth tarmac passing the International Garden (which was just in front of a tarmacadam plant which you will all have been pleased to see, of course). It ended ... read more
The Big River .
International Garden

North America » United States » Oregon » The Dalles September 18th 2018

Oregon 2018. The Dalles. Cool start at 9 degrees in the shade along the Deschutes river for 9 miles to the bridge and past the white waterfall where people were fishing. We saw three deer watching us from the railway line across the river and several ground squirrels rushing across the road. Over the bridge and a 2 mile climb only to descend again over arable land. A quick call at the White River Falls, where there was a hydroelectric generator until 1963. Two deer trotted across the road in front of me and gently jumped the fence as only deer can - magic. Upon meeting the The Dalles- California Highway we had an 8% climb for 7 miles during which my posterior went to sleep unless I got up on my pedals and wobbled my ... read more
more Deschutes
White River Falls

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