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North America » United States » Oregon July 4th 2019

Medford We left Sacramento on the 2nd of July and with stops for gas and food, we were driving into Costco gas station in Medford when Terri and Lu’s tow car locked up. So we had to change the timing of moving on to Chehalis , Washington by one day. The tow car needs a new transmission, so it is being left behind and will be picked up on the way home in 2 months. Mom always says that things happen for a reason, so I’ll have to accept that. I am learning to ride shotgun, but the big trucks on the highway still scare me. But I like it when the window is down. I have a seatbelt, so Mom feels that I am safe. So many new smells and lots of walks. I just ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Sunriver June 28th 2019

We made the best of our weekend in Seven Feathers swimming at the pool, taking walks along the stream behind our RV and walking down to the casino store to buy ice cream. The playground wasn’t much to write about and we didn’t spend much time there. Emilio was so anxious to get to Fynn but he did well with our stop. On Monday morning we got a call, the shop found that a fuse had gone out and the truck was ready to go. We couldn’t believe it, such a simple fix. Clayton and Jen left Lost Lake that morning as there were no hookups. Their fridge had lost power when the battery went out, they ran out of water and needed showers badly. We all drove straight to Sun River. Sun River is a ... read more
Twins love the swings
Kayak time
Bumper Cars

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 23rd 2019

Langsam muss ich vom Urlaub mal Urlaub machen. Heute habe ich nach dem Frühstück (leider gab es keine Pancakes) etwas World of Warcraft gespielt, bevor ich meinen Spaziergang gestartet habe. Dabei bin ich zuerst zum Pioneer Courthouse Square, laut Lonely Planet eine der wichtigsten Sehenswürdigkeiten. Aufgrund der kühleren Temperaturen habe ich keinen Frappuccino, sondern einen heißen Mocca Venti getrunken. Seit Los Angeles liegt meine Jacke auf dem Rücksitz des Mietwagens und vielleicht werde ich sie noch brauchen. Dann bin ich etwas weiter und habe in einem Seven Eleven meinen Getränke-Vorrat aufgefüllt. Von dort bin ich ans Ufer des Willamette Rivers, wo sich der Tom McCall Waterfront Park befindet. Viel mehr gibt es in der Stadt aber nicht zu sehen. Nach Chinatown bin ich nicht, weil ich dort erst in San Francisco war und außerdem ist das ... read more
Pioneer Courthouse Square.
Tom McCall Waterfront Park.
Pioneer Courthouse Square.

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 22nd 2019

Für gestern hatte ich die längste Etappe dieser Reise eingeplant. Knapp 600 Kilometer von Mount Shasta nach Portland. Nach dem Frühstück ging es wieder los und es war eine lange Fahrt über Berge und durch Wälder. Ich machte zwei Wasserpausen und einen Trinkstopp und musste zum Glück nicht auf die Toilette. In Portland habe ich mein zentrales Hotel gut gefunden. An diesem Tag habe ich meinen Bargeldvorrat und meinen Wasservorrat weiter abgebaut und möchte beides bis zum Ende der Reise natürlich auf Null bringen. In meinem Hotel gibt es kein Restaurant, aber nachdem ich auf Google in Laufweite ein Fonduerestaurant gefunden habe, wusste ich wohin ich gehen will. Es gab ein 4-Gänge-Menü mit Käse-, Fleisch- und Schokoladenfondue und Salat. Das war sehr lecker, kommt aber nicht an die Käsefondues in der Schweiz heran. Im Hotel bin ... read more
Der berühmte Mount Shasta.
Der berühmte Mount Shasta.
Erste Wasserpause.

North America » United States » Oregon » Oregon City June 21st 2019

Having worked all winter and spring we made plans for a trip with the Jag and an elaborate plan for grandkids trips. Note the plural! We had a great plan to include a trip with our 6-year old grandsons to the Oregon coast and 1 for the 10 and 9-year-old granddaughters to Yellowstone National Park. Our 12 and 10-year-old grandsons would be busy this summer with swimming and a visit to their mom’s so we would need to figure out another trip for them at a later date. We even had a little trip planned for our 4-year old grandson to San Francisco. Our plan was to drive to Northern California and pick up 1 grandson, Emilio, then drive to Oregon City and pick up the 2nd one, Fynn. We’d take them to a Safari Park ... read more
Mt. Shasta
At the 1st shop
Truck is being towed

North America » United States » Oregon » Lincoln City June 20th 2019

Today was another one of our rest days. These days have become a day when Joanne gets to relax at the trailer and the rest of us go hiking in the area. This works great for everybody. Our hike today was to the Devils Thumb. About 5 miles round trip with 500 ft of elevation gain. Some great views with very few people. Tomorrow we drive to Cresent City and the California Redwoods.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » McMinnville June 18th 2019

Hi All, We are now in Lincoln City Oregon. Close to the coast in a small KOA campground. Yesterday we spent the day in McMinnville about 50 miles from Lincoln City. We spent most of the day at the Evergreen Aviation Museum, the home of the Spruce Goose. Story of the Goose is amazing. Built by Howard Hughes as a transport aircraft for the government towards the end of WW II. Total flight distance ever flow was about 1 mile and 70 ft above the water. Cost was about $25M, about 7 of that was Howard Hughes own money. A real expensive 1 mile flight. Besides the Goose the museum has a great collection of aircraft and space vehicles. There was an SR-71 and several high altitude drones from the 70’s used for doing surveillance over ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Lincoln City June 18th 2019

Well today was another great day of exploring and good weather. The temperatures have been in the 60s along the cost and warming up to 80s inland. Rather cool by our St George standards, but we aren’t complaining. Our first stop today was the Tillamook Creamer. We took the self guided tour which surprisingly was very well done and informative. After the tour we bought lots of cheese not like you can’t get the same stuff at any grocery store. So we came back to the trailer with more stuff we can’t get into the refrigerator. After Tillamook we started on the Three Capes Scenic tour. Our first stop was the Cape Meares and the Cape Mears light house. We did a little hiking and toured the light house. It is the shortest light house on ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon May 31st 2019

The Oregon coast is filled with cities where life is easy and time appears to slow down. It famous for wildlife viewing, the lighthouses, fish joints, and coffee culture. You may find plenty of chances to get outdoors if biking, hiking, boating, or beach. Be watching for roosevelt elk bald eagles, and whales . Below is a collection for road! For most, road is a must-do. This is why you ought to add your street tripping bucket listing and this stretch of sidewalk! 1. Cave Junction Look at driving border As soon as you've reached the finish of your Oregon coast road trip. It is worth the drive to Have the Ability to Keep in a treehouse in the Out 'n' About Treehouse Treesort! Additionally you won't need to miss a visit to the Oregon Caves ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland January 15th 2019

Well here goes my first foray into the world of blogs. Thus far Amy and I ars getting stuff done relatively well. We've gone through about 6 iterations of bags. Finding the right combination of weight, size, and comfort is the challenge. I can't wait to get this show on the road, metaphorically and literally.... read more

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