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North America » United States » Oregon September 3rd 2020

Oregon 2020 8 Oregon Coast, Oregon 2020-8 Oregon Cavern national monument 2020-8 Portland Riot, Oregon 2020 8 Marine Garden 8-22-2020 Gold Beach, Brookings, Natural Bridge, Tillamook, Oregon Toi di den Gold beach chay doc theo Oregon Coast rat dep , khac han voi cac coast khac vi cu nhieu vuc cao va nhieu hon da cao nhoai khoi. Dac biec vung Oregobn Coast cat mau den cho biet rang vung nay ngay xua duoc tao thanh boi nui lua. Gold Beach khong co gi dac biec ngoai bai bien den dai nen toi tiep tuc di va ngung lai nhung noi dep ben le duong. Cho dung ke tiep la Brookings noi co Samuel Bo... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Klamath June 18th 2020

Colleen and Paul are staying at Fort Klamath. The campground at Crater Lake National Park, Mazama Campground, hasn't opened yet for the season. Unfortunately, that means the drive to see them (or their drive to see us) is a little over half an hour. Fortunately, they are staying at an adorable resort (Crater Lake Resort) with a lot of activities for families. It seemed like a great place to spend part of our day. The kids enjoyed a quiet morning with their grandparents. They ate breakfast, played Exploding Kittens, and had a bit of screen time. Andrew and I did a little laundry, and then we decided to check out the canoes with the kids. The canoe holds three people, so I bowed out at the last minute. Colleen and I watched from the shore as ... read more
Colleen is watch and cheering Andrew and the kids from the shore
Canoeing Back Through the Resort
Oliver on the Floating Bridge at Crater Lake Resort

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 17th 2020

We woke up to a much more promising day at Crater Lake National Park. Now that the snow has stopped and the fog has lifted, the view from our lodge room is stunning. We can see Wizard Island from our window! Crater Lake used to be a large mountain. Actually, scratch that, it was (and is) a large volcano! After it erupted a few thousand years ago, it collapsed into a crater. It was still active, and one of the resulting cinder cones is what we now see as Wizard Island. The crater filled with fresh water from the rain and snow, and that water is actually extraordinarily deep. One of the signs we read said that Crater Lake is the deepest lake in all of North America! One of the cinder cones is tall enough ... read more
Sasquatch got Oliver!
From the patio at Crater Lake Lodge
Adding Yak Tracks to our Shoes

North America » United States » Oregon » Crater Lake June 16th 2020

We’re at Crater Lake! The national park greeted us with fog and snow. It’s cold (there is a high of 37 degrees), and the fog became so thick that we could only see about 30 feet in front of us while we drive. There’s no hope of seeing the lake today, I’m afraid! That said, the snow-covered trees are beautiful. We’re staying at Crater Lake Lodge, and it looks picturesque, like it belongs on a Christmas card. The problem with that is that it’s June, not December! When I read the forecast for the national park before we left, Crater Lake National Park was supposed to have highs in the 60s and low 70s. The nights looked cold, and I knew some of the park was still under snow, so I packed snow boots, snow pants, ... read more
Crater Lake National Park Lodge
Great Views of the Fog!
Our Family at (foggy) Crater Lake

North America » United States » Oregon » Klamath Falls June 15th 2020

The travel and drive to Klamath Falls, Oregon felt long and tedious, even with stunning scenery. We’re used to taking our time when we travel, stopping and seeing road-side sights, and trying new places to eat. Instead, with COVID-19, we felt uncomfortable just stopping for the bathroom. So, we barely stopped. The kids normally love road trips, but they were feeling cranky and ready to be done with this trip. I felt the same way. Northern California and southern Oregon are scenic with the mountains, pines, sage, and small bodies of water. The homes and towns we passed were interesting. Some are eclectic or kitschy with roadside signs displayed on fences and numerous lawn ornaments, but most are mobile homes or pre-fab homes. Everything seems a little poor, but then I’d remember we were in California ... read more
Our Cabin in Klamath Falls
Not a bad setup!

North America » United States » Oregon » Burns April 22nd 2020

THE GREAT SPACE ALIEN MICROBE CONSPIRACY It remains a mystery how space alien microbes arrived on the planet. It seems likely that they may have hitched a ride on cosmic radio waves. Rotation of the planet as it revolves on its axis and orbits around the sun, and as the solar system falls through the galaxy assured that the microbes were delivered worldwide. They are pervasive across the planet and are highly intelligent little beasts. Rainfall induces them to divide and thrive in the soil until they find a plant host to dominate. In dry conditions they remain in dormancy. They can thrive in any lifeform because they are adaptable, but plants are preferred because they are simpler and they live longer than animals do. The plant kingdom is also the foundation for the entire food ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon October 17th 2019

We had planned to travel the Pacific Coast from Washington coast down to California this trip but early snow in northern Washington closed some of our intended routes so we decided to skip the Washington coast this trip but keep it in the bucket for a future adventure. We departed our summer camp hosting gig at Liberty Lake Park Campground the first week of October 2019 and headed southwest toward the Cloumbia River then follow it west to the Pacific.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Oregon City September 27th 2019

We told kids that we’d only stay for a day and true to our word we left in the morning, after a filling a breakfast that included roasted green chilis. This was another morning, another day of driving, working our way north. The next stop was Oregon City. Clayton and Jen’s house was a 7-hour drive but since we had our RV along, we drove straight to a county RV park close to their house. We arrived too late to visit them that night so made our own dinner and had some nice wine. Jen had asked if we wanted to watch the 2 big kids participate in their jog-a-thon and of course, we said yes. We got to the park just in time to see Zoey walk into the park with her class. Each grade ... read more
Fynn running
Babies love to swing

North America » United States » Oregon » Hood River September 13th 2019

Perfect weather today! Drove along the Columbia River Gorge, stopped at a few waterfalls then did a wine tasting at AniChe Winery in Washington. Great dinner at 3 Rivers Grill.... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Columbia River Gorge September 13th 2019

Started off overcast and misting. Hiked Multnomah Falls, Wahkeena falls and many smaller ones along the trail. Turned into a nice sunny day.... read more

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