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North America » United States » Oregon June 30th 2013

Well, stopped at place unknown to the travel blog. Great trip down 101 in Sunday traffic. We were not the only people who decided to use this road by a long shot. Needless to say there were a lot of motorhomes & trailers going home after the weekend. Local LEOS were out in force, I would guess practicing for July 4th. We stopped for the night at the Battle Rock Motel. Nice enough and the nice Korean lady collected sales tax on the room. Somehow I thought Oregon had NO sales tax.I would guess if you are the only game in town you can make up your own rules. I am always amazed to see cyclists peddling up hill with full packs on front and back fork tubes. I did 1523 miles but with a motor! ... read more
Rocks at Port Orford
Green Rock

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland June 29th 2013

Can't believe it has been a year since our trip to Paris. It only seems like yesterday when we were being serenaded on the steps of Sacre' Coeur, Basilica of Montmartre. This year we decided to keep our adventure state side...continuing on a Pacific coast tour that Mary & Mom began several years back. While we are going to meet up in Portland, we will pick up where they stopped, Florence Oregon. We will then continue down the coast to the Redwood Forests in California. On our way back up, we will tour through the mountain and lava fields of central Oregon, and then end our trip along the Lewis & Clark Trail at Mt. Hood. Planes, Trains, and Automobile. That is how our adventure begins. Nancy & Mom fly from Michigan. Mary takes the train ... read more
Oregon Trip
Nancy & Mom

North America » United States » Oregon » Springfield June 17th 2013

Greetings! Once I knew I was moving to China, I often debated when I should write my first entry. Should I start 100 days 'til I leave? 88 days sounds lucky. Eventually, I determined that 46 days was appropriate since it's the day I graduate from the University of Oregon (Home of the Ducks). Graduation is the time the ducklings finally spread their wings and attempt to leave the nest and view the world. Since, I left high school, I haven't seen much of the world (beyond Western Canada, Florida, Hawaii and the Western United States). I longed to study abroad in the UK or China, yet never had the funds to support such a goal. It wasn't until recently, I learned that I could get paid to teach abroad. It was that very idea that ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend June 5th 2013

$300 later and fingers crossed, I think we have a fixed bike. Bodged anyway with a bit of welding. The rear wheel drive gearbox had stripped a spline, ideally requiring a new assembly, but that was too expensive with a long wait to get the part. After a short debate, it was agreed that they would take the rear wheel out, take the shaft assembly out and disassemble the gearbox and weld a sleeve onto the spline. They tested it and it seems good - but time will tell. So we leave North Bend tomorrow bound for the big Redwoods. I quite enjoyed the pampering of hot showers, use of hairdryers, coffee machines, internet etc etc., not to mention a bit of shopping (more glasses!), but have missed being out there on the bikes, the best ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » North Bend June 4th 2013

After spending the morning in the library, we set off in the sunshine towards Mitchell on route 26. It has become obvious to us that Oregon was designed purely to ride motorcycles, they are the best roads yet and we did the best days riding you could possibly ever hope to do. We took a detour of around 30 odd miles and found a lovely campsite by the John Day River, again right by the river, it really doesn't get much better. Out for a meal a walk away. Its generally excepted not to travel after dusk, a lot of the land is 'open range' and the animals tend to wander more in the early morning and at dusk, and obviously they are difficult to see. There are also young ones around now, we had to ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford June 1st 2013

We are having the time of our lives. We went to Crater Lake today and needed our snow gear. It had been snowing all week but today was absolutely perfect, clear skies, no wind and unbelievable scenery. I don't think even photos could do it justice, it is such an amazing place. It is about 2 hours or so from Hollie and Mikes but the trip was so lovely with lots of stops on the way. We came across some guys fishing in the Rogue River just outside of Shady Cove and one of them had a gun on his hip....can you believe that. It seemed the most natural thing for him to was a glock hand gun in a holster. Made me feel a bit naked without my gun....ha ha! They were after the ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Ontario May 31st 2013

Another good run through Idaho, dry this time, though still a little windy. More good roads over vast expanses with stunning views of sand dunes, mountains, rivers and ranches and arrived in Ontario, Oregon early afternoon. Located our booked motel. They're getting worse, Earle Hickey would turn his nose up at this place! Spent a frustrating couple of hours trying to upload photographs from the camera onto the Nexus in the local library, only to find that because it is government run, their computers will not accept external tablets. The suggestion was to use the motel's reception desk computer, hmm...not this motel! Tried to find a lead that will go from the camera to the Nexus in the big Staples store, but apparently that doesn't exist. Did however, manage to buy a pair of reading glasses ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Portland May 27th 2013

Well you all know me - I love a good deal... and this has to be the best. The public transport system of Portland - you can take the MAX metro train, streetcar and busses all for $2 a day - if you are an HONOURED CITIZEN - in other words a senior !!!! "What's in a name" - to quote someone famous ( Shakespeare , was it?) - well from now on I am an honoured citizen and not a senior.The last 2 days on the Oregon coast were wet and misty - but I still got out and about and the weather made for some dramatic photo shoots. I made a visit to Cannon Beach which is famous for its magnificent Haystack Rock towering on the is another one of these arty towns ... read more
Rainy days Oregon Coast (7)
Rainy days Oregon Coast (10)
Rainy days Oregon Coast (14)

North America » United States » Oregon » Medford May 25th 2013

Hello from beautiful Oregon. It is cool at night and the days are just perfect. There is snow on Crater Lake today so we won't be going there til it warms up a little. We went and had a look around the local area and then went to one of Hollie and Mike's friends for dinner and didn't get home til late into the night. So it is late start day today. Hawaii was fantastic and very warm, LA was very busy and San Fran was very hilly and our leg muscle got such a work out but we have seen everything in each place that we had listed so even though it was very tiring it has been so wonderful. Hollie and Mike give us the royal treatment and every morning from the window there ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » McMinnville May 23rd 2013

Another exciting day.. Did some laundry and then headed over to a huge RV show. We found our next RV, Tradition 385RSS by Double Day. If we plan to do more trips like this one, we have decided we need something just a little bit bigger. The salesman almost had Joe sold on a new truck and 5th wheel. I would have loved to have a bigger rig for this trip, but didn't want the cost that came along with it right now... Rent or sell our house maybe..... Tomorrow it's off to a small RV park right by Mount St. Helen. Going to lay low for the Memorial Day weekend.... read more

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