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January 6th 2010
Published: January 7th 2010
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The Suitcases Are Packed!The Suitcases Are Packed!The Suitcases Are Packed!

Our proud work...although the red one has too much in it to stand up on its own...
So today was my last day at home...for five months! I can't believe that the semester that I've dreamed about since high school is finally here! Today was filled with packing...weighing the suitcase...repacking, reweighing, and repeat. Luckily good ol' St. Nick was good to me this year and brought me a sweet suitcase weigh-er thing that I just hook onto my suitcase and pick up, and it tells me exactly how much stuff needs to be taken out of my suitcase...much better than coal. I took a break from the packing for a fabulous steak dinner with crab salad that my mom made for me (apparently the family I'm staying with doesn't eat meat for dinner very often). She also made a three layer chocolate cake with marshmallow-ish frosting in honor of my departure, which was delicious.

And, of course, it wouldn't be a significant departure if Allison didn't come by 😊 Before I left for college freshman year, Allison surprised me at home, early before my flight left, with a rose wishing me well at Bucknell. Ever since then she has always been wonderful to see me off before significant departures. So she came over and helped stuff everything I need into ONE suitcase to check, ONE carry on suitcase, and a backpack. Pretty impressive, if you ask me. I can't believe I'm managing with that.

So hopefully I'll be keeping you all (as in anyone who is reading this) updated about my semester in France! I leave my house tomorrow at 5:50 am (yeah, like 6 hours...sweet...) then I'll be at Newark around 4, meet up with other Bucknell en France people and our flight leaves for Paris at 8:45! yay! We should be getting there around 10 am, and going straight to Tours to meet our families! The next time I get internet I'll let you know how that goes and probably have culture shock stories for you!

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7th January 2010

tata for now
HOORAY!!! I am praying for you! And totally have subscribed to your blog. you should feel honored :P
8th January 2010

>>>So hopefully I'll be keeping you all (as in anyone who is reading this) updated about my semester in France! Me!
8th January 2010

I enjoy reading updates about my life two days ago... haha look forward to updates about TA VIE (get it? its french, how appropriate?) i miss you.
10th January 2010

Nice work on packing into two suitcases. You needed more than that room for 4 days in Sunriver. I hope you are having a great time. -Dad

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