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April 18th 2006
Published: May 6th 2006
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If you were to conduct a quick search on the internet to learn more about Riddle, Oregon, chances are, very little would come up.

At least, that was my experience. Usually I can find some small tidbit of information to inform me before visiting a new place. My searches returned nothing but empty pages, and the southern Oregon tourism website doesn’t even acknowledge its existence.

As I was leaving town, I took this photograph from my car window. And as I look at it now, I realize that it alone depicts a fairly accurate picture of Riddle.

The fact that the sign itself is carved out of wood is apropos for a town with several lumber mills. And even the small re-forested hills in the background signal what is the predominant industry in this part of the county: timber. No need to note the population of around 1,000 citizens on the sign. Not much changes around here.

The local high school student body is known as the "Irish," hence the shamrock and green arrow. The 2006 Miss Junior Rodeo Queen, Alicia, lives here. She’s been riding horses since she was seven, and is a barrel racer.


6th May 2006

I love your one and only picture of Riddle. Doesn't it tell it all, though! You have a wonderful knack of catching so much in each picture you take. Great job, Kait!
25th December 2006

Sawdust Jubilee
I grew up in Riddle during the 1970/80 time. The biggest event for the town is the yearly Sawdust Jubilee held around July 4th. Riddle has a huge display of fireworks on this day as well. National Geographic society could have a great article on the simple life here with the hard working men and women of this town in the timber business.
17th March 2009

more info
Don't forget that though this town is populated by barely a thousand, it is surrounded by somewhat larger towns. Riddle is a part of TriCity, and though many work at the lumber mills (only two local ones left, if I remember right), more and more people are being forced to look elsewhere for a job, either at one of the few mom and pop shops all clustered on a single street, or at the ever expanding 7 Feathers Casino. This town is populated by many retired people, just simply enjoying their time left in a quiet, small city. Each year, about 30-40 students graduate, pointing out the fact there aren't many young lings here. If it isn't raining here, then it's pretty much always just the right weather and temperature for a nice picnic at the park, located just next to the small police station and library. I myself visit Riddle very often, every other weekend to see my dad, who works for Umpqua Reseach, and half the Summer. It's the absolute perfect place to spend some time alone walking along the small trails along Cow Creek, or listen to the humorous quiet conversations at the only coffee shop. Being half and hour away from Roseburg, and an hour and a half from Medford, I strongly suggest you spend some time here if you ever pass through.

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