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North America » United States » Oregon » Rainier September 4th 2009

Transition Time We had a 26 day gap between the end of our house rental in NE Portland and our younger son Lucien's flight back to Australia. During this time we luckily hunkered down in an A-frame chalet on a large property on a ridge in Deer Island, about an hour north of Portland—yes, there is life beyond Scappoose and St Helens. After all these years, we finally got ot live in an A-frame. We had a majestic view down across the Columbia River Valley and on the rare days unsheathed by clouds, mists, rain or smoke we could see Mt. Hood, with its ever-shrinking snow patches. For the first week I was very busy checking the proofs of the last chapters of my book on video production, then we began in earnest with the field ... read more

North America » United States » Oregon » Rainier May 21st 2006

Some called it history in the making, to others it was mere spectacle. But whatever your view, I must admit there is some magnetic pull toward witnessing demolition. I had mixed sentiments about the implosion of the Trojan cooling tower, which I wrote about earlier in . But in the end, I had to witness it for myself. I knew the best viewing position would most likely be from the Washington side of the Columbia River. So I drove north to Woodland the evening before the event, and then woke up at 5:30 am on Sunday morning to jockey for a position at the Kalama Marina. The press was well established along the riverfront footpath, already queuing up people with stories and perspectives to tell. I wondered what the crowd reaction would be. Would there be ... read more
Looking out across the river
Dust cloud
Media trucks

North America » United States » Oregon » Rainier April 12th 2006

In the early morning hours of 21 May 2006, the cooling tower of the Trojan Nuclear Plant is scheduled to be demolished by Controlled Demolition, Inc. This is the same company that imploded the Seattle Superdome in 2000. I write about this impending event not to spark any sort of environmental debate, but rather to reflect on the role Trojan had as a symbol associated with the small town I grew up in: Rainier, Oregon. Last fall, when I first heard that PGE was planning on having the tower demolished, I was surprised. Trojan had closed nearly 20 years early in January 1993. I graduated from high school a few months later and left Oregon so attend college in another state. Five years later, my parents retired and relocated to Idaho, so I hadn’t realized that ... read more
Trojan tower and cooling ponds

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