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May 31st 2012
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My names are Elisabeth Jones and i am from Portland Oregon. I basically love to travel. i just hope I won’t succumb to all the traveling sicknesses that people suffer from when they travel for long hours, either by air, sea, or road. I have never understood why people suffer from these illneses; surprisingly top athletes never suffer from these travelling sicknesses. Or is it because they used to travelling, I mean almost every week their jobs require they go to different destinations around the country. Let me use the example of a team like the Chicago bulls who play in the National Basketball Association Eastern conference, every week they cross the country via road and air to play opponents like the Boston Celtics who just like their name suggests play in Boston. Sometimes they even travel outside the US to play in Canada. Like just a few years ago I remember watching them play against the Toronto raptors in Toronto Canada. And funny thing is I didn’t see any one of the players complaining about these traveling sicknesses that most people complain about. Or is because their bodies have adapted to suddenly changing environments? Am no doctor but this is one question I would like answered.

I have been told that one of the causes of these travelling sicknesses is somebody being confined to a small space like say the seat of a bus or plane for a very long time. This in turn causes the body to rebel since its used to being mobile, I have been told that the normal functioning of the body like food digestion is interfered with when one stays put for a long time. This could be a journey across the Atlantic from America to Europe which takes approximately 24 hours or more. Or it could be a journey across the sea on a small boat. Other major causes of these travelling sicknesses are altitude and pressure if on a plane, pressure from the water if on the ocean and also the sudden movement of the boat because of sea waves. When travelling on the road the sickness can result from car exhaust when fuel is burned as the vehicle is in motion. Some of the common travelling sicknesses are head aches, vomiting, ulcers just to mention but a few. I would like to get your opinions about these travelling diseases so reply by commenting or by getting in touch with me via my contacts.


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