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May 23rd 2008
Published: May 23rd 2008
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Well I thought I should write and tell everyone about my exciting last couple of weeks.
First of is I found a job... that means I'm about to enter the world of responsibility... how scary.
Now the good news, my first assignment is to take summer vacation. My job doesn't start until September. I am going to be a full time instructor at Portland Community College. I am going to be teaching about the equivalent freshman and sophomore circuits and EE classes. Should bring back good memories. (Pogue I think there is a joke here for you to write)

So now I have summer vacation to deal with. I guess now I'm bragging because I have a month long road trip planned and then 2+ weeks kayaking the Grand Canyon.
I guess it is good to be the king.

As far as what is going on here.
Lots of water because it was really warm, and that means lots of snow melting. But I've been getting back out on the water and getting some skills back.

Ok, well that is just a short update. I thought I had more to say, but I really don't.
I sort of agree with my sis. Now that I'm semi-settled, it seems sort of anti-climatic to continue to write blogs.... but I will probably still write them because I can.


23rd May 2008

Teaching Wilhelm
You spent 4 years teaching Wilhelm Freshman circuits, I guess teaching these kids should be a piece of cake. Are the kids going to call you Mr. Larreff. Pogue

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